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  1. On 12/1/2018 at 9:11 PM, FantasyBallFan said:

    His skillset isnt useless in the NBA he just isnt in their future. A big that can run the floor and is quick enough to switch onto guards is not useless in todays NBA lol. If they trade him its because they have no itentions of paying him

    Running up and down does not necessarily make him a good player. His block and rebound doesn't match his athleticism. He has no range or passing skill which are essential in the current NBA. You can find a dozen of such centers just sitting on the bench for other teams.

  2. On 11/30/2018 at 1:40 AM, VaTerp said:


    I don't disagree that their intentions are pretty clear that he's not going to be resigned in Orlando. 


    And while I agree with the consensus that Bamba has DPOY potential and Isaac is intriguing as well, its not like they are "heavily invested" due to rookie contract structure.  We see NBA teams move on from high draft picks all the time.  Like Orlando did with Dipo- drafted higher than both- after just 3 seasons.


    I guess I'm just questioning their overall plan.  I get they want to get something for him in the last year of his deal but if they want to trade their best player, who is playing at a bargain, while still in playoff contention for a draft pick they are likely to screw up later, so be it. 




    No doubt Orlando always make questionable management decisions. They are definitely not contender, and I think their playoffs chance is less than 30%. If they will find their position skidding during mid-season, those Vuc trade calls will come again.


    Now Vuc, Gordon, Issac and Bamba are in a 4-men-2-positions lockjam. With Ayton, Doncic, JJJ and even Bagley getting more and more playing time, why waste time for a false playoffs hope. The best they can get is a first round exit. Don't tell me they can upset Toronto, Philadelphia 

    or Milwaukee.

  3. 4 hours ago, VaTerp said:


    How are they heavily invested in Issac or Bamba?  And how is Vuc's presence detrimental to anyone's minutes or development other than Mamba?


    I have no idea what the Magic's gameplan actually is and whatever they think it is, it hasnt been very effective for the last decade. 


    But I don't see how trading their most effective player while still contending for a playoff spot fits whatever plan they have moving forward.  And if keeping your most effective player, who also happens to be only the 4th highest paid player on your team and 25th highest paid at his position, is completely against your plan............. maybe you need a new plan.

    I think it is quite clear they don't plan to resign him and drafted consecutive bigs accordingly.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, fabrar said:

    There's a chance but it's looking less and less likely by the day as Orlando is playing pretty well, winning games and staying in the playoff race.

    But this is completely against their own game plan. They have already invested heavily in Issac, Gordon and Bamba, resigning Vuc will definitely hit their development. And most importantly, they know they are no contender, even in the East, no matter how well Vuc plays.