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  1. 1 hour ago, vnmslsrbms said:

    Hard to decide whether he is 3rd or second wheel.  I think he is just being careful now but the real Jimmy will come out sooner than later and be the alpha or beta behind Embiid.  Honestly come playoff time it has to be him as the second guy.  Simmons just gets schemed the heck out of the game too easily.  

    Sometimes his usage is lower than JJ Reddick before the fourth quarter.

  2. 1 hour ago, Trench Mob said:

    A dynasty team going through meaningless games in early November; another grind of a whole season. They're just bored.


    But I wouldn't be shocked if they're really tired of each other at this point and just want to be by themselves / keys to their own team. 


    If anyone needs to kick rocks first, it's KD. The Warriors were already a championship team before he got there. He just bandwagoned. Even the Warriors owner basically told him that during the parade. It was meant to come across as a joke, but nah. It cut deep and you saw the reactions and awkward silence from everyone. It was embarrassing.

    It was GM Bob Myers:


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  3. If their relationship get sourer, I won't be surprised KD ask for a trade.


    Suppose KD leaves, KT will eat up most of his salary cap, the Warriors still have difficulty signing a good FA. Not to say Green's extension will kick in after next season. They still have SC, KT and Green but this team won't be as dominated as before, especially AI and Livingston in obvious decline.

  4. 2 hours ago, csklmf said:

    They don't have any issues having him as PG for such a long time. And all of a sudden there is issue today. Doesn't make sense. 


    I don't mind if jamal Murray is able to bring similar number with higher efficiency but I highly doubt it. 

    Nothing wrong with him because he is playing JJ Reddick's role in Philly. Actually I don't mind him playing the sixth man role where he can shoot at will.

  5. 1 hour ago, youngrice said:

    As a Warrior fan that lives in the bay area. The overall feeling is KD will leave in the offseason.  Hope it doesn't happen but sure looks that way at this point.  Plus he knows they can't keep all 4 unless KD, Dray and Klay all take less then the max.  I don't see that happening for any of them.  


    Green still has one more year but both KD and KT are in contract year, GSW has to make the decision very soon. I don't think they will trade any of them before trade deadline.


    1. Let either KD or KT go for nothing?
    2. Sign both max deal and let Green go after playing out next season? Then will Green ask for a trade like Bulter?
    3. Sign all three and pay hefty luxury tax?