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  1. No joking. 70% Drew will start Frye, 20% Osmen, 5% Nwaba, 3% Korver, 2% Nance.
  2. He shoots once or twice in the 4th quarter. Can't understand this strategy at all.
  3. Glad they lose this one. Hope they eventually understand the Ultimate goal is development.
  4. His MIN down 20%, but his REB, AST, STL, BLK drop 40%+. The biggest problem is I don't see his passion. He looks so indifferent.
  5. Stay put. I don't own him but I think Hart is their best defender and should be started. Kuzma can score but he is a liability on defense.
  6. I saw some chasing blocks and he looks healthier this year. Any 3-D player will thrive in this NBA. Under current NBA pace, a 40%+ 3 pt shooter taking 7-8 3pts per game is not difficult, which means 2.8-3.2 3pts made.
  7. Be patient. He is turning around and he is the only SF in MEM.
  8. Shouldn't have played last night. He hasn't fully recovered.
  9. Drew just follows Lue's game plan as usual. Maybe a new pay cheque to whomever is needed to trigger real change.
  10. Barring hopes that the other two bigs get injured, this dude is droppable.
  11. Harrell + Gortat = 24 mins 2 rebs 9 fouls Boban = 24 mins 11 rebs 4 fouls I think he has played too much and be exhausted.
  12. But he is the only big man who can confront Embiid.
  13. Didn't play down the stretch and TWolves 'steals' this one.
  14. This guy just can't do anything at the crucial moment.