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  1. 5 minutes ago, ItsOjMang said:


    Everyone, look at the diagram below and think about those numbers before you hop back on your Gonzo with Lonzo BS. He has improved in every shooting category by a mile. 


    7% in FG%

     9% in 3pt%

     10% in FT %


    Yes, he's playing 7 less minutes a game so his averages are down. But look at who the Lakers frekin added this summer !!! I mean are you kidding me? What do you expect? If you think he is going to have better accumulative stats while playing less minutes, then maybe its you we should be discussing when we are talking about things that suck. I mean c'mon man, there isn't any logic to your expectations.


    The numbers speak for themselves. And if you disagree than you are terrible at analyzing numerical data and I would not even want you to count my change out at the gas station. And no, not because I'll probably lose it anyways, but because you suck at counting.


    His MIN down 20%, but his REB, AST, STL, BLK drop 40%+. The biggest problem is I don't see his passion. He looks so indifferent.