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  1. 1 hour ago, J.T. Marlin said:

    Butler's a pretty big d-bag for acting this way and the Wolves are morons for not getting a trade done already.  They should have made the deal with Miami for Richardson and Bam.  Also, pretty crazy that HOU turned down a deal for Butler because they didn't want to give up PJ Tucker....


    Bottom-line for fantasy value is that I think Butler's a nice guy to target.  He's a proven top 15 guy and you're likely going to get a discount because of all the drama and uncertainty.  He will produce wherever he goes.

    Butler wants a max deal next season and Houston simply can't afford it. 3 40-Mil players on one team is crazy.

  2. 4 hours ago, markus85 said:


    Can he earn minutes anywhere other than PG?

    Lou 6'1" Beverly 6'1" Bradley 6'2", this guy is 6'6" with 7' wingspan. I think he will play more as SG with Bradley struggles badly after his Boston era. Plus, Beverly (and Galinari) is injury prone and the Clippers is unlikely to make the Playoffs, his minutes will be trending up towards the end of season.

  3. 5 hours ago, BLUHMINATOR said:

    I'm in a 12-team roto league and Yahoo's pre-draft rankings are wacked. John Collins at #36 and John Wall at #49. D'Angelo Russel is at 193. Jabari Parker is 55 spots below Larry Nance JR. Dennis Smith Jr. at 165. I could go on.  

    Rankings based on gut-feeling and pure numbers could be totally different. 


    FB-Ninja's Projection:

    Collins -44

    Wall - 29

    Russell - 156

    Nance - 53

    Parker- 75

    Smith- 162


    My Projection (also based on calculations):

    Collins -38

    Wall - 45

    Russell - 119

    Nance - 65

    Parker- 117

    Smith- 174


    E.g. FB-Ninja projects Nance only plays 23.5min (mine 24) yet he ranks much higher than J. Parker (FB-Ninja projects 30 min, mine 28). It's simply because Nance provides significant values at FG%, Reb, Stl and TO already while Parker only gives you Pt.

  4. 3 hours ago, Trench Mob said:


    I would be unhappy too if I had to play with these tin mans. 


    Butler didn't have to sneak diss them though with those defensive drills he posted on his IG. But Wiggins's brother shouldn't be saying anything. 


    More people need to admit KAT and Wiggins are not that good. Especially KAT. He's a glorified Jahlil Okafor. 


    The result is:


    Sources: Karl-Anthony Towns agrees to $190M super-max deal with Wolves


    Thib will be the next one to go.

  5. 4 hours ago, jay14bay said:


    Holy hyperbole



    I understand the point you are trying to make, but I do not know if this is the best choice of words given that derozan has openly admitted to his mental health issues just this past season. 

    DeMar is mad at Toronto but that doesn't mean he hate to play for the Spurs. This is two different matters. On the contrary, he has more incentive to prove the Raptors wrong.