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  1. Toronto is the least attractive city among NBA players and Kawhi is the most disgruntled player in NBA history. How high is the chance Kawhi will stay in Toronto? 10%, 20%, 30%? If Toronto takes the route of OKC and fails. The trade will looks like: DeRozan+Poetl+unprotectred 1st round pick for Danny Green.


    Even LBJ admits "there is no magic pill" against GSW. It doesn't matter whether it is Kawhi or DeMar playing in Toronto. Their chance of winning the Champion next season is still zero.


    No one will argue that DeRozan is a better player than Kawhi. But DeRozan is a prolific scorer at his prime. He is physically and mentally stable, just opposite to the current version of Kawhi. 28M pa is at least a fair value, similar to H.Barnes, Wiggins, D.Booker, Hayward, Potter, Love. Especially when you count in the coming inflation in cap space the next two seasons, it will turn out to be a bargain deal.


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  2. As for Capela, his first contract is only 4 yr/$6M,  an offer sheet with less than 5M if he refuses to sign extension. He is asking for 4 yr/100M but he should be satisfied with something like 4 yr/$80M, don't be too greedy. The gamble costs $75M for extra $20M and if he fails, he might not have another chance and his career income will be significantly lower. The first fat pay cheque guarantees him a fairly good living for the whole life.

  3. Spurs still have hope on Kawhi or start tanking?


    I don't get it. 9M for K Anderson (24) is regarded as overpaid while 20M for Lavine (23) is matched by the Bulls. From fantasy standpoint, Anderson is more efficient with rebounds, steals and blocks. Lavine has great athleticism but he use this talent only on dunking, not rebounding or defending. Not to mention Lavine has torn his ACL.

  4. 1 hour ago, Apollo_87 said:

    This is crazy. And since he's a free agent, I don't think the League can even do anything.


    There's no way he wasn't offered more than 5m by some other team. He may not have been offered max, but I'd be surprised if NO didn't at minimum offer 15-20m an year for 3-4 years.


    This is just about the ring. Money isn't a factor here.



    5 All-Stars on the same team. It's literally an 'All-Star' team. Only thing that can stop them is injuries, boredom or internal dysfunction. Not talent or a better team.

    Marc Spears in the video below said Cousins has ZERO offer.


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  5. 40 minutes ago, miasma16 said:

    Yes, absolutely. His supporting staff is miles ahead of where it was last year, you must think the East is the AAU circuit if you think the Lakers aren't the favorites for homecourt in the first round.

    But none of the Lakers right now are better than Love. I don't think this Lakers team (so far) is far better than the Cavs.


    In the past season, Cavs vs West is only 15-15. Utah is 34-18, OKC 28-24, Por 31-21, NO 27-25, SAS 29-23, Min 34-18, Dev 28-24 and LAL is only 19-33. How many more wins can LBJ bring to the Lakers? 10 maybe. I think this new Lakers is at best competitive for the last playoffs spot.


    Stephenson one-year $4.5 million, KCP one-year $12 million, JaVale McGee one-year $2.4M. So many one year deals mean LA is only keeping flexibility for Kawhi next year.

  6. 6 minutes ago, atlantadynasty said:

    This. I can't believe they gave him this much money. Only gets older and more injury prone. So stupid for the rockets. Great for Cp3.

    As for the Thunder. What are you doing? Refused to pay extra 14m to keep Westbrook, Durant and Harden together, but willing to take a 130m tax bill to keep a team that didn't even made it past the first round? smh..

    CP3 40M. Harden will enter his final year and a 40M extension is expected. Capela is supposed to make 15M. Ryan Anderson still has 20M two years left. Tucker+Gordon+Nene=27M. These seven players cost them 142M already. So their payroll will be comparable to the Thunders. CP3 is already 34, their championship window will be very short. Especially Ariza is gone now, his replacement like M&M, Gerald Green and Anderson are just not as good. So Houston is actually weaken on paper.


    As for the Thunder, PG's deal is indeed good in vacuum as he is in the prime during this 3+1 contract. The luxury tax is crazy but the good news is Melo won't be there forever. With Anderson back, they should have a better chance this season.