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  1. Hi bud, if the grand rapids drive team is available i would like to take it. Thanks. My email is mikomillares@gmail.com
  2. Already accepted the invite. Thanks btw Lol about the league name bud. Haha
  3. I'm interested to join my email is mikomillares@gmail.com
  4. Maybe you should create the league bud then lets invite the remaining 5.lol
  5. I'm in. Between h2h points or h2h cats i prefer h2h cats. Anyway hope to have enough people to form a league.
  6. Im down. Lol. Which is better h2h points or h2h cats league?
  7. Im interested in taking the team. My email add is mikomillares@gmail.com
  8. If it's still available I'll get team 2. Thanks. My email is mikomillares@gmail.com
  9. Thanks. Already accepted the invite. I don't how to remove the other owner. Lol.
  10. Is this still available? I'm interested to get the team. mikomillares@gmail.com