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  1. Strengths: literally every muscle in his body
  2. F that guy lmao. Throwing shade at America.
  3. Kyle guy is the best player in this class and he won’t get drafted
  4. For example, when it’s comes to rebounding, Myles Turner is a jag
  5. Yeah but his prediction that Myles Turner will be top 20 is more than bold
  6. I came for the embiid crying memes
  7. I’ve been thinking all year that the raptors were the best looking team in the east and I’ve seen them twice this year in person and they look great. I hope we get bucks/raptors that really will be a good conference final and the east needs that.
  8. Def Rondo. He was on pretty much every active team this year
  9. Everyone. I’d say about 80% of my team has given up or is only playing 1 game a week.
  10. I’ve got both. It’s the only way to not be entirely disappointed.