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  1. I’ve got both. It’s the only way to not be entirely disappointed.
  2. Yeah cus he gotta take that ankle bracelet with him 😂
  3. Jeff thanksfordraftingmeimgoingtodeepthroatyouallyear Teague.
  4. I was at the game and he looked great. Everytime Kawhi got the ball you could feel the nervousness in the stadium
  5. Best Pick: Zach LaVine Worst Pick: Lonzo No Trades Best Add: Mudiay Drop you Regret: Dinwiddie
  6. I don’t have him this year. Just had him last year drafted him at like 22
  7. My favorite fantasy players I’ve owned over the last few seasons are:THJ, Andre Drummond, Harden, Lowry. Least favorite: TOWNS, Kyrie, Melo, Conley, TURNER, and brittle Teague is slowly making the list.