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  1. Yeah just dropped him too. Been holding on to him all season hoping for the best but nope...Hes proved he's trash this season.
  2. Dropping Fournier for the dragon. Risk/reward.
  3. Thank you both for putting that to light. Ridiculous in my opinion he doesn't have the tag already. Dipos was done right after noon today. Both Injured on the same day. What intrigues me is yahoo (& other sources) have already clarified hes out 2-3 weeks...
  4. Seriously, no one else wants to vote for that inj tag? Very frustrating. Only 7 more votes fellas if what I'm told is correct.
  5. Not sure about Teague but no way does Kawhi sit after all-star break imo. Raptors need the #1 seed/home-court advantage.
  6. Seems like they're not you're friend, budday. Or not you're budday, guy! May be your fault guy, sounds like they may not be your friend(s).
  7. How do you email/get in touch with them? Its obviously up to date on the blurbs but not when it comes to the player. Would be nice if yahoo would take this seriously
  8. I don't get it... says hes out for 2-3 weeks on yahoo, yet there's no INJ tag for him on yahoo... weird.
  9. Does adding this dude make any sense in a 10 team league? 9 cat.
  10. Why is this dude getting added like crazy from the wire?? Am I missing something? Thought he wasn't playing this year.
  11. 14 teamer... sony and McCoy on byes. I agree though was a bad call
  12. Yep, same feeling. It's a shame I started Ito over him...smh
  13. Just took Hayward and RJH for Teague... hope I made the right move
  14. This dude is still a year or two away from being a legit fantasy bball player. Yes... I know he gets blocks... nothing else though
  15. Did I? As a black man who loves history and gets my facts through books and not right/left leaning websites, I felt the need to present the correct facts. I was just implying, that man should not be idolized. I was not "telling" people to do anything. C'mon now
  16. Guess I'm bitter about the Che Robinson hype. I'm doing well in blocks in my league, was hoping for more boards, and minutes.