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  1. Taurean Prince 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I will let him on the bench until he comes back with 12 shots / game minimum. I really feel like Atlanta is showcasing Baze to trade him. So I think if you can wait, maybe the better thing is to bench him until a Baze trade, and some added playing time around 35-40.
  2. Choose 1 Free Agent

    Murray !
  3. Trade Conley ?? WHIR 100%

    Try to get some top 70 value, maybe for a Dinwiddie or a Justin Holiday if it is in roto 9 cat.
  4. Kris Middleton For Ben Simmons?

    I prefer Midle if it is in roto 9 cat.
  5. Do i pull the trigger? 100% WHIR

    For me Ibaka is around top 50 and Didi top 70 on the other side White top 30 and J Rich top 60. So I think go for it. Unless you think White eill have knee troubles.
  6. Kanter for Nurk??

    Kanter is better
  7. Maybe the Covington side is better ? Do I have to veto this ?
  8. Try Markannen +Lavine+ Hardaway or just Westbrook
  9. Dinwiddie + Just. Holiday for Russell + Bazemore / Veto this trade? (WHIRL) in roto 9 cat
  10. Jamal Murray 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Time to trade him ? Looks like Jokic will take more shots and Harris is also maybe before him, so only the 3rd offensive solution, or maybe 4th with Barton in the starting 5.
  11. Maybe drop him for Olynik or if you want to gamble,about playing time or trade, try Len or Labissiere
  12. Is it a fair trade in rot 9 cat ?
  13. rate these players ROS 100%

    I would like to drop Hood or Johnson for Chriss who has top 30 upside for a punt ft !!!
  14. Do you think its a fair trade in roto 9 cat ?
  15. Drop Bell for Adebayo? WHIR!

    You can do it. Imo Bell is not going to be effective if he dont plays 20 min and it looks it will not happen. And the Spoelstra comments are encouraging.