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  1. 8 team 9 cat double double league PG: Conley, Bledsoe, Delon SG: Jrue, Luka, Shai SF: Warren, Oubre, Hunter PF: Draymond, Jaren, Isaac 😄 Towns, Hassan, Bam might drop delon for sato lemme know what you guys think. WHIR
  2. I don't think it would make much sense to start the season with that lineup. Hopefully its something they're just testing out during preseason
  3. I think the lack of defensive stats had more to do with Virginia's system. His defensive capabilities should be on full display in Atlanta. I could see like 1.4 steals & .6 blocks
  4. What about aldridge being rested tho? & the same way I can hope that rubio plays better after the break, couldn't it be the same thing for jarret ?
  5. 9 cat league with double doubles. What you guys think ?
  6. 9 cat double double league picked up vonleh last night to stream today. planned on dropping him tonight. what you guys think ?
  7. I would trade whiteside and keep nurkic. I personally rather have the player that's better all around than have a specialist.
  8. 9 cat league with double doubles should I make this trade ?
  9. I think otto will get his s--- together sooner or later What you guys think ?
  10. was able to get collins & markkanen for love & conley
  11. I don't think it's time to worry yet. The 2 duds were against the bucks & raptors. Both teams in the top 10 in defensive rating. He should bounce back against the twolves tomorrow.
  12. He's been improving every year tho. What's your reasoning as to why he can't breakout & why you see his minutes decreasing from 28mpg ?
  13. john collins & wendell catrter jr. for k love or markkanen & wendell carter jr. for k love ? I tried to get both collins and markkanen but he wasnt budging. What you guys think ?