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  1. Scooped him up and playing him over McLaurin. Crossing my fingers.
  2. This guy cost me a week 1 win while I watched Lamar balled out for my opponent.
  3. Nope. I needed WR help so I scooped him up. I’m starting him next week tho
  4. Added him at 12:59 today right before games locked in
  5. Out Tomorrow smh. I'm losing in the semi because of Simmons missing 1 game and now Luka missing 1 game. Not fun going against the #1 seed team who is stack with players. Luka was suppose to be the guy Tomorrow who save the day.
  6. AD was probable yesterday so there's still hope
  7. I made the add last night just because i’m looking for a homerun so I rather take that gamble instead of having anyone else from my wire. His G League amd summer league stats are great. I don’t see AD playing tomorrow or Sunday.
  8. Christian Wood for Thursday and Sunday I made the add. I’m already down big in the semi why not roll the dice a home run. G League stats of the chain for him. I have a feeling AD sitting out the rest of the week.
  9. I was going to drop to open a streaming spot for the rest of the week but after last night’s line I don’t have the gut to make the move.
  10. I figured out how to add the player back to the person's team then gave him a warning that next time he will get kick out the league
  11. I'm the LM for my league and someone that's out of the playoff just dropped Siakam and myself and other owners believe Siakam was dropped for another owner who is high on the waiver. As the LM how do I deal with this? Is it possible to put Siakam back to the owner's team on ESPN?
  12. I regret not scooping this guy up when he was hurt.
  13. This dude killed me tonight man oh man I don’t want to be going against him.