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  1. Final Keeper Help.

    Gary Harris
  2. Whiteside for #9 and Taurean

    I would jump off Whiteside but not for that deal.
  3. Dynasty - Pick 1 out of 3 - WHIR

    Zeller pretty comfortably. Dwight hurts him but doesn't stay in one place long.
  4. think in 3 keeper leagues it's best to think of quality over age. I'd 100% keep Brow + Curry and then go with Wall due to superior assists and hope his knee stays good. if you can flip any combination of Curry, Wall and Dipo into Westbrook that is a steal in 3 keepers.
  5. Dropping I.Thomas?

    I'd go with J.Green over Isiah Thomas pretty comfortably.
  6. Dynasty Pick-One

    For sure he is rosterable. I'd probably take him over all the others you mentioned in dynasty.
  7. Waiver Wire Touts - Playoffs

    Alan Williams probably plays today looks ready to soak up some bench minutes. Averaged 16.0 points on 46.8 percent shooting plus 9.3 rebounds and 2.0 blocks in 23.4 minutes in last 3 games of G League. Importantly has a 4 game week with no back to backs.
  8. Dynasty Pick-One

    I think it's best to get the player you believe in rather than the situation. Just takes one trade/injury and his value goes through the roof (Valanciunas is far from a lock). Even then he isn't in a terrible situation currently, still plays every night sometimes in more in blowouts and doesn't get injured. True some of the others may give better value short term but they will likely continue bounce on and off waivers for seasons to come.
  9. Dynasty Pick-One

    Jakob Poeltl and it's not close
  10. Deep League Pick Ups for Next Year

    it's tough to predict as so many players fantasy relevance is purely situational. But I'll put a couple of names forward that I think could make a big jump next year. Kelly Oubre Jarrett Allen Marquese Chriss Nerlens Noel Skal Dante Exum Alan Williams
  11. Waiver Wire Touts - Playoffs

    Yea I'm liking the idea of streaming some lesser names from OKC for Monday-Tuesday. Coming up against SAC and ATL they could be blowouts and minutes come to guys like Grant, Huestis, Brewer and maybe Ferguson.
  12. Looks good on paper. Just remember Dennis was on the trade block and he isn't loved by the coach so possibly things could turn sour before the season ends.
  13. Nwaba. Would be crazy to drop Green when he is currently the only healthy big in Memphis.
  14. All come with risks. Upside wise I'd go RHJ, Collins, Nance, Prince.