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  1. in before he injures his ankles again.
  2. it's a good question and I presume people have answered it before. I don't think anybody thinks he will actually become a worse player. Just seems unlikely he will get that extra playing time as he would need to dramatically change his game to become less foul prone (which would probably mean less blocks) and they have stocked up big time in the front court. Those new guys likely also take some of his value away. Personal opinion is I think it's to much of a risk to put a top pick into a fringe player and it's likely he will get drafted way too close to his ceiling in most cases. Would rather take safe bets for first half of draft and then target value picks after that. Guys like mitch rob, JV, thomas bryant, Nance, Lopez, Powell, brogdon, Isaac, Delon wright, rozier, Dedmon, Derrick White come to mind.
  3. An old favourite sleeper. Thon Maker Buried behind Drummond and Griffin but with Drummond's expiring contract and Griffin never seeming overly happy in Detroit it seems like sooner or later we will see more Thon. Still only 22 years old, declined to play in world cup so he could work on his game, Pistons seem like they legitimately believe in him and he has a great team around him. One to watch in my book.
  4. I don't know a heap about Lonnie Walker & Nickeil Alexander-Walker. But don't sleep on OG, while he probably won't be a fantasy star he certainly plays the eye test and projects to be a good starter for years to come. If a guy plays big minutes the numbers will come.
  5. I don't know man, shows they are putting in work and trying to improve. The opposite was true of John Wall last year.
  6. clark or garland and then doumbouya as a upside pick (assuming you will hold him for a while)
  7. Great after ASB but it wasn't like he was top 75 in that time either. I don't disagree with you on the stats and the modest improvements but where do you see that stat line ranking him though?
  8. I traded my Mitchell for Ayton late last season in dynasty but I think they are pretty even in terms of value with the edge given to Ayton. Probably makes more sense to have Mitchell in your team though.
  9. It would take a massive breakout year for JJJ to be a sizeable upgrade to the others though.
  10. oh okay. in that case I'd keep Chris Paul, D. Russell and then Lord. You could make a case for Love for the 4th keeper but I think you already have other good FT anchors and rebounds aren't too hard to find. I'd take the good Lord's stocks every day.
  11. In a dynasty I would pass on Chris Paul unless you really want to go push hard on winning this year. 1. JJJ 2. Fox 3. Russell 4. Lord 5. Love 6. Paul.
  12. Not this year. But I'd be willing to swoop at about pick 75
  13. Big John Collins fan here but Irving side is much better.
  14. I'm happy to not reach on KP this year. My main concern is all between the ears. He has never been a very physical player and he's had to deal with some pretty big accusations. At a decent risk of becoming a 'never been the same since the injury' player.
  15. I'd go with Mitch. Right now he is far more valuable. You will likely be able to draft Allen or Lowry with your 1st or 2nd pick. Mitch will likely get picked very early.