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  1. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 14

    Houston players should get a bit of a bump on Thursday/Saturday with fallout of Rockets/Clippers locker room incident (Green and Ariza suspended 2 games). I'm seeing PJ Tucker to be the best pickup.
  2. Just to clarify, it is because of injury concerns. if a guy is on and off with injuries than I think that makes him a inconsistent player to own. Yes Rubio has been a disappointment but at least he plays every game. That is the reason Rubio is on most rosters and Milos is not.
  3. I wouldn't think so. Rubio will give you steals and more consistency as Milos will be on and off with injuries. It'll be interesting though to see how it progresses as both are in similarly bad positions where they are good PG's that are playing more of a SG/PG role with Mitchell and Rivers playing more of the alpha ball handler role. Lucky the guy did come over though it never seemed like he was in the slightest interested, I highly suspect his actress/model girlfriend wanting to live in LA had ALOT to do with it.
  4. Dragan Bender's 2017-2018 Fantasy Outlook

    Much better shot blocker than Markannen. I'd say more in the mould of Porizingis.
  5. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 13

    Few different dates thrown around I was just going off one of the original articles
  6. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 13

    Just based on his original 6 week prognosis
  7. Julius Randle 2017-2018 Outlook

    Yes probably a bit optimistic but still these are the only per 36 minute players that have put up at least 20 points, 10 boards and 1 block this season (20 game minimum). Randle definitely has a ceiling that is worth chasing. Boogie 26.1 pts, 12.6 boards, 1.6 blocks A.Davis 26.3 pts, 10.6 boards 2.1 blocks Embiid 27.4 pts, 12.5 boards, 2.3 blocks KAT 20.4 pts, 12 boards, 1.6 blocks Vucevic 20.9 pts, 11.2 boards, 1.3 blocks Randle 21.1 pts, 11 boards, 1.1 blocks
  8. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 13

    Some of the possible WW options I've explored. I'm definitely looking at taking Delon Wright for ROS. Think he should get 20-25min a night and put up all round stats and not hurt in any cats. Dewayne Dedmon is back in action and is probably the best centre in ATL so go get him. If your not hot on Dedmon have a 2nd look at Ghost face killa Ersan Ilyasova. Great scorer but those board numbers are clearly trending up. The more I think about the more I think Rjax is cooked for the season and will probably only return to a bench role so I'm not considering Ish Smith a streaming option anymore. Just a serviceable ROS guard. Jordan Bell may not be gone just yet so keep an eye on him. Has been heavily dropped. The popular opinion is Milos Teodosic is gone for the year but indication is this was all expected to happen and he hasn't been anything more than DTD. I'd be seriously looking to add him again as an elite assist option. Tristan Thompson showing signs of life. Could possibly find his feet again as a DD guy. Dragen Bender is 100% worth the add for Friday and Sunday to see if he can carry on with his form. This guy has all-star potential and the Suns looked seriously deadly with him at center. It makes so much sense to have him in there. Bogdan Bogdanovic is looking really nice lately. Should continue to improve as the season goes on. Markieff Morris looks to have finally shaken off his lingering injury concerns and is putting up nice lines. Also in other stash news if you don't follow the other feeds all that closely Millsap has his cast off, Fultz should be back soon, Glassinari is supposed to be back this week but who really knows, THJr is hopefully back by the end of this week, Teague is probably back within the next week. All good stash candidates if dropped.
  9. Trade for Blake Griffin

    Go all in for the chip. Get Blake and hope for the best
  10. Which side comes out on top? Whir

    I'd take Cp3/beal. Safer production and under the radar breakout season for beal
  11. Try trade a F to get a G. Might be able to get something alright for Kuzma, maybe a DSJ type
  12. Dynasty Trade Offer - WHIR

    Win now? as in this week or this season? I'd go with Myles and Denzel. Myles is still projected to go off and Denzel should keep maintaining value as Lavine comes along slowly
  13. I'd try offer Hield and Biyombo for a minor ROS piece and add Millsap
  14. I think i'd go Jokic + Tyreke. Better multi cat production and higher ceiling