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  1. Waiver Wire Touts - Playoffs

    Yea I'm liking the idea of streaming some lesser names from OKC for Monday-Tuesday. Coming up against SAC and ATL they could be blowouts and minutes come to guys like Grant, Huestis, Brewer and maybe Ferguson.
  2. Looks good on paper. Just remember Dennis was on the trade block and he isn't loved by the coach so possibly things could turn sour before the season ends.
  3. Nwaba. Would be crazy to drop Green when he is currently the only healthy big in Memphis.
  4. All come with risks. Upside wise I'd go RHJ, Collins, Nance, Prince.
  5. Pls. Pick 3? Whir

    Nothing interesting besides Love if you are confident you'll make it deep into playoffs. If I had to pick 3 it'd be Gortat, Hezonja and O'Quinn. Keep Sabonis and don't move on Tyreke til he is done and dusted.
  6. Whos the guy to own ? WHIR !

    Rivers for playoff schedule and daddy reasons
  7. Based on situation and opportunity I'd go Nwaba, all round production doesn't hurt anywhere
  8. Beal/AG for KD - WHIR 110%

    Do it for FG% but not for turnovers. Once John Wall is back Beal will regress in assists and turnovers (less ball handling). For FG% it would be awesome to get rid of both and get Durant. Getting Portis is a good idea.
  9. Dropping Sato advice

    Depending on situation I'd still roll with him. Should remain relevant for another 3-4 weeks, John Wall probably won't come back before timeline and then will be on minute restrictions. Easy drop if something good comes up though
  10. It is a pretty sideways move I think. Both will likely burn you by having a few DNP in final games of season. I prefer Markieff Morris situation personally with Wall out/probable minute restrictions giving him extra usage and Ibaka needing to contend depth/emergence of young bigs in Toronto. Good luck!
  11. Randle or John Collins?

    Numbers point to John Collins having a better career. I'm skeptical though about players who are in awful teams as they can get a big bump in numbers. Julius Randle looks great but will he be affected if Lakers land some stars? Will he go somewhere else? Can he keep up production in a less fantasy friendly system? In a all in rebuild (contending 2020) go John Collins In a contending/eye on the future type team go Randle
  12. Drop Gallinari and Pick up Millsap?

    Easy, can always get Gallo again if Millsap fails. If nobody has picked up Millsap yet I'd doubt they'd be swooping up on Gallo.
  13. Rank Em! Playoff Edition

    Colins RHJ Parker Jackson
  14. KAT for Lowry/Horford? WHIR

    take and run. Lowry- usually racks up a few rest games late in season. Horford- logjam has taken the shine off him recently. KAT- with Butler out he is a great pickup + can't imagine Thibs benching him late in the season.
  15. Boban with the +27 ±rating in just 15 minutes! that'd have to be close to a record. Hopefully they can keep him out there and he can single handedly destroy this whole 'small ball' 'stretch 4 and 5' garbage. Big fella, putting up big stats, getting the team the win (but can't get on the court) aka everyones myplayer on 2k. Til' we see this beast again enjoy the gif entitled 'Boban dunks on Jeremy Evans, gives him the most intimidating hug ever, and then threatens to end everything he ever loved'