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  1. Dynasty Drop Help

    Gasol, Ariza, Green all seem like reasonable drops. Adding Brandon Knight would be a good small risk/high reward add. Good to do at the start of season as it makes it a easier call to go to the WW if it doesn't work out.
  2. Okay, interesting I'll admit I didn't know that.....but this isn't about the 'average player' as it is completely irrelevant to talk about players who are brought in for attributes unrelated to height. This is about the guys who are designated to pull down boards. Fact is 19 of the tallest 25 players in NBA history played in the last 20 years (only 1 of these was in the 60's or 70's) and last year 19 of the top 25 rebounders were 6'10 and above so clearly height matters... alot. This figure should pretty clearly show that the upper echelon of height has increased with time.
  3. Why are we comparing heights of best rebounders throughout history? The height of NBA players has dramatically increased over time. i.e. When Bill Russell was playing he was one of the tallest in the league. Historical references to physical attributes need to be put in context. Good basketball rebounders usually have great height/wingspan (no they are not all basically 6'6), the strength to box out, a sense of positioning, or leaping ability including a sense of timing. When it comes to Myles Turner he has the height/wingspan to be a elite rebounder and if all else was equal he would be, currently lacks the other fundamentals although these can be developed and naturally should with age.
  4. I'm not sure what your point is? So best deal he can get is in LA (but only if they are playing well/if he ever plays there)? So does how much money you get from apparel companies depend on team performance or the location of the team? With all due respect unless you have facts it would be better to leave speculation on petty topics elsewhere...
  5. Pretty much whatever strategy you want as he is strong in most categories. Mainly though he puts up a good number of assists, 3's, stls for a big so you can probably afford to draft 1 less guard then you otherwise would and go after other 'bigs' stats.
  6. Firmly on DND list. Everybody avoid
  7. 1 D. Booker 2. L.Ball 3. J. Tatum 4. D. Russell 5. J.Jackson Jr 6. G. Harris 7. T. Young 8. A. Wiggins 9. K.Dunn 10. K.Kuzma 11. M.Bamba
  8. Not that it matters but that is pretty standard for elite athletes to look like that at end of season/start of season. Pre-season is the opportunity to get fitness levels and strength as high as possible so they end up looking alot more 'athletic' for game 1. During season is mostly about maintaining the level of fitness and strength, staying on the court and keeping skills up (hardly any 'intense' training outside of games), so they end up not in as good shape as start of season.
  9. Keepers help needed

    WCS and Conley for me
  10. Dynasty. Drop 4 players, help!

    Young, Levert, Hart, Bender.
  11. Kyrie or Wall

    Depends on team needs/settings but I'd Wall as he gives a huge boost in assists/steals/blocks.
  12. Last keeper spots

    J.Allen you probably won't get a 2nd look at him if you drop now
  13. Boogie or Tyreke as a keeper? WHIR

    This. If it is going to be an ongoing 3 keeper league then Boogie is still very valuable. Whereas Tyreke likely won't be able to replicate last season again (injury likelihood/ new team) I'd advise to keep Boogie and then when he comes back sell for a kings ransom to somebody who is out of finals contention and wants a good keeper for the following year.
  14. Thon Maker 'part man part kangaroo' drafting early next year.
  15. Whiteside for #9 and Taurean

    Just think Prince at best will be mediocre and after maybe #5 it's usually a crapshoot. Unless your desperate to sell and rebuild i'd keep as he is still is a top 50 player.