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  1. Rudy Gay 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Anyone stashing? Back after ASB.
  2. Actually watching this game vs. Utah. He sprints away any rebounding opportunity and posts up in the corner on offense not trying to get involved at all.
  3. Depends on your league standings and playoff settings. I would think worth a hold for any team above .500
  4. DSJ & Jaylen for Dunn & Jingles

    DSJ and Jaylen just because Lavine could take some of the shine away from Dunn
  5. If you had to go with one over the other... which do you scoop and why? 10 team points league
  6. Jonathon Isaac 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Just scooped for my 48-team league where I'm punting ejections and building around +/-
  7. Dropping for a streaming spot unless someone can legitimately convince me to ride it out
  8. Dude gets 35 minutes a night and can hardly put up bench stats. Lamb is on the wire and is about to get a good run without Batum. Drop AB for Lamb?? 12 team points league
  9. Batum or Gallinari pickup

    Batum ROS
  10. Gordon way better option ROS
  11. Drops for Gallinari?

    Drop Danilo