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  1. If ESPN can't get this guy a headshot 5 weeks into the season there's no way you're getting another position tag.
  2. Anything to see here? He has been putting up great numbers in solid minutes the past three games.
  3. No thread for Tyus yet. Jimmy Buckets is apparently holding out now and Teague is out with a knee. What's the outlook for Tyus ROS?
  4. Both have upside. Who do you want on your roster?
  5. This seems like a bad idea. Draft the best players possible for your team so you are in playoff contention at least, then maybe around ASB make some trades for guys with more favorable playoff schedules, if you must.
  6. How do I get more assists?

    You don't need assists with that kind of roster. Easy punt and cruise to the championship right there.
  7. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    This might not be the ideal place for this question but... For leagues with an IR spot how are you guys factoring in guys like Boogie when trying to build a specific team like punt assists, etc?
  8. 2018-2019 Yahoo! Pre-Draft Rankings

    Please team name Novak JokicVic
  9. RoCo vs Saric

    Which guy would you rather have on your team... and WHY?
  10. Trading Antonio Brown

    Thanks all for the great advice! Going to stick with AB.
  11. Trading Antonio Brown

    I think I'm thinner on RB. Behind AB I have G Tate and Hogan (Sanders/Edelman bench). And I have Dalvin and Lamar Miller at RB (C Carson on bench).
  12. Thinking about trading AB for McCaffrey and Brandin Cooks. 10 team PPR league. Deal or no deal?
  13. Rudy Gay 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Anyone stashing? Back after ASB.