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  1. I had that thought about Chicago as well. The 'narrow window' imo for Cleveland is in that 3rd down territory. I could see them going with a Hyde/Michel backfield. Local papers say that Johnson is being shopped. That's what I had him listed as a ?.
  2. Where are we on the WR prospects in this class based on talent? Where, without knowing landing spot, does it make sense to start grabbing WRs? My gut says 1.08/1.09 (a little later in superflex).
  3. I keep trying to talk myself out of drafting Mayfield in my Superflex. A lot of pods have him as a safe pick and of course PFF wants to have his babies. Can he be trusted? Where are you guys with Baker?
  4. Totally agree that this is going to be a great year for Dynasty Rookies. Some of those 18 windows are more narrow than others (Browns-Hyde/Johnson?; Jets-Crowell; Panthers-McCaffrey; 49ers-McKinnon/Breida; Ravens-Collins?; Dolphins-Drake?; Packers-Jones/Williams; Pats-Where Running Backs go to die[for FF]). I can't figure out Washington, hopefully, Smith brings stability. Giants (Gallman?), Eagles (Clement?) , Lions (Abdullah?/Blount?), Seahawks (Carson?), Bucs (Barber?) , Raiders (Lynch?) , Broncos (Anderson?/Booker?), Texans (What is foreman?), and Colts (Mack?). Seem to be wider windows than the other 8. I could see the Rams as a possibility for one of the high flyers, feels like a sneaking spot for someone with great hands. Surprised that the Bills didn't make your list of places for immediate impact. I think Shady's days as a solo back are numbered and with the right fit could be done. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing for his FF career. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chiefs draft someone to compliment Hunt, who knows what is going on with Spencer Ware. @Lord_Varys I appreciate you bringing some clarity to the ambiguous "landing spot matters". We don't know where guys are going to land; I appreciate having a lay of the land. Many of my drafts are within weeks of the NFL draft. It is good to identify what kind of back a prospect is and what kind of openings are available in different landing spots [2down/3down/3rd-down/etc].
  5. I love that Kelly tested poorly. I'm going to be able to draft him now. I'm RB poor on all my leagues. I intentionally grabbed extra picks for this class.
  6. I think my high regard for Nick Chubb is due to his universal skill set. My guess is that he will be a 1000 yard 10 td guy for 3-4 seasons regardless of where he lands. There aren't a loot of backs who fill the first two downs as well as he will. I expect him to get jumped when we see landing spot for some of these pass catching backs. Johnson will depend on fit as will Freeman. If those guys get behind a solid line, watch out. I think Kelly has real potential but could get buried with a later round selection to a bad fit. I'm hoping he lands somewhere like Kansas City where he can be a compliment (it won't be KC). I view Penny like Chubb but with more upside. If like to see more fluidity in his hips and of course that pass protection needs work. But he has a lot of potential. Penny and Chubb both have room to grow as natural catchers.
  7. I think that Landry will be just fine Fantasy-wise because of the Tyrod effect. Definitely the best QB Landry has played with, especially with Coleman and Gordon there and decent TE play. I think people forget that Tyrod did a lot in Buffalo 43-22 is difficult to do. Very underrated QB. The Browns definitely win as many games next season as they have in the last two seasons combined.
  8. Yeah, I don't think Dorsey makes the same mistake he did in KC. 1) he didn't hire a coach that could force him out 2) he will get his franchise QB now before he has to draft up for him.
  9. They don't have a good pick to grab him with; but Cleveland is my new favorite landing place for Jackson. I think Haley is the perfect OC for him and that a risk adverse QB like Taylor is a great mentor. Two years there would be great; like what the Chiefs did with Smith and Mahomes.
  10. Taylor is basically Alex Smith. Dorsey id's basically repeating what he did in KC but with better pieces around the QB. I'd be shocked if Barkley isn't a Brown. Too bad Jackson isn't Andy Reid.
  11. I'll probably cross post this. Los Angeles Chargers seems like an intriguing landing place for Jackson. Wisenhunt has groomed young quarterbacks before. Rivers probably plays two more years.
  12. Was that from one of the combine interviews? I thought he said he hadn't had a chance to call Deshaun Watson back. Regardless, it doesn't concern me at all. If anything his throws at the combine showed me that he is trying too hard. Truly, having an agent would have helped him know how to prepare properly. I'm convinced that he is going to be an amazing QB if he can land behind one of the aging superstars. I'd love to see him in NE or NO. That release and pocket presence is special. McDaniels and Payton are both capable of fixing the mechanics; especially if he is working alongside guys like Brees or Brady. If Rodgers was a little older I'd say Green Bay but he is only entering his year 36 year. I imagine he'll try to play until at least 40. I think Jackson would benefit most from two years of development. I'd feel better about Pittsburgh if Haley was still there. I really hope he doesn't land with Arizona, Miami, or Buffalo where he'd have to start right away.
  13. That is fair regarding Walton. I'm also concerned about his injury history. I guess it is important to note that I prefer to play 16 team leagues so when I think of him in the second to third I'm thinking picks 28-44. Few RB1 or RB2s. I'm looking for occasional flex contributors there. Someone I can flip for picks or include as a throw-in for a RB1/WR1.
  14. [Hate putting a disclaimer; Landing Spot Matters] I'm hoping that Chubb will be available at 5-7 with Sutton and a few others having a strong combine. Goedert had a great showing and someone will inevitably see Evan Engram in him. Running back is so hard to hit on that it obviously is the position to throw the most darts at. I'd be ecstatic with getting Chubb and Penny in picks 1.06-1.10. ATM it is possible. No way Michel drops past 1.03 unless he has an awful landing spot... but no team is drafting him to sit behind a stud RB. I think that Walton is going to be available for a lot of teams in the late 2nd and early 3rd rounds of dynasty drafts. He is going to be one of my favorite sleepers this year; the combine fools a lot of people. I think that Ronald Jones is a mid second. Someone will pick him up in the mid first. Which is awesome, same with Ballage. I want zero shares of those guys. I saw someone refer to Ballage as the Josh Allen of RBs. Raw athletic traits with undeveloped skill. If a WR is taken in the first it probably should be Moore or Washington. I'd wait on Washington because most people are going to let him fall due to his "slow" 40. His film is great, don't let the 40 peel you off; just sit back for the value. I try not to double count combine scores (that is how players get over-drafted; see Ballage, Kalen). I liked Royce Freeman because of his vision and patience. Turns out he is a decent athlete in his underwear. I really think he has potential to put together two-three solid seasons at the start of his career. If I can get him at 11-16 I am. I'll capitalize on his 2018 production to my team and then flip him for a 2019 or 2020 first rounder.
  15. @SharkSwimmer FTW Thanks for making my Thursday.
  16. that sounds phenomenal. I'd like info on chase Edmonds from Fordham too. These small school guys could be great value due to the depth this year.
  17. I love Moore. I just prefer guys like Washington and Gallup who have film skills that back up their production. The combine is one of my favorite parts of the year because it helps me see where I will get value. I think that Washington could be available outside of the first round in most dynasty drafts which makes him a value pick.
  18. You are right. Allen's main issue is between the ears. He tends to give up quickly on progressions. It feels like he is more comfortable on the run. That is what worries me; I'd be happier if it was a technique issue. How do you coach someone up to change their instincts? I'm not saying it can't be done; I just know that I still jump when I see the water hose in the grass. Sometimes people just never get past their subconscious.
  19. I completely agree... since James Washington is built like a RB. IMO Washington is the only top 16 dynasty pick WR-wise in this draft. I think this class ends up being deep in flex WRs. This is a great year for me in my RSO league. Lot's of opportunities for cheap contributors, just not at WR.
  20. That was a fun thread on Twitter. Matt is gifted and classy.
  21. I'm taking a ton of liberty here. I think NE is a landing place because of the potential that mcdaniels is the next coach. He's the guy who drafted Tebow. Allen and Jackson are better than the Met.
  22. Yeah, i saw you say that earlier. Thanks for sharing the Reddit feed. I've said this, but if anyone in this class comps to Stafford it is Jackson. shows that year by year improvement. But i wouldn't bet on Allen or Jackson or Alan Jackson.
  23. You miss read my post/didn't do enough reading of the thread. The argument was that none had been successful with a completion percentage below 58.5. Stafford had a career completion percentage under that and two of the seasons under that. I called Stafford an outlier and that i never bet on the outlier. Nice slam on the mountain West. But i didn't say they were the same. Although Stafford is an example of the shall percentage of qbs who can overcome early accuracy issues. In this class Jackson has a better shot at being Stafford than Allen does. (I'm not saying that he will be)
  24. After a less than stellar combine it seems like Lamar Jackson is in a great position to slip into the second round. Which means that almost every team will have 1-2 shots to draft him. I was thinking of the best fits for him and decided that it would be interesting for us to comment on where we think the best fits for all of these players might be; ignoring the reality that few if any will make it to the ideal fit. All of these guys appear to be in position to benefit from sitting for a year, IMO. I thought I'd start with listing aging veterans. (2018 age) NE - Tom Brady (41) NO - Drew Brees (39) NYG - Eli Manning (37) LAC - Phillip Rivers (36/37) [born in december] PIT - Big Ben (36) GB - Aaron Rogers (34/35) [born in december] WAS - Alex Smith (34) BAL - Joe Flacco (33) ATL - Matt Ryan (33) I'm not sure where to start; except that I think Jackson and Allen would be good fits for PIT, LAC, and NE (Josh McDaniels factor).
  25. I never bet on the outlier and I have Allen as the 4-7th QB in this draft depending what I feel about potential any given moment. I'm assuming you're utilizing the final season for you 58.5% completion percentage. Matthew Stafford was 57.1% career average coming out of Georgia. Look at Stafford's NFL career he went from the 50s his first few years in the NFL to the mid-60s the last few. Career 564 987 57.1 7731 7.8 7.4 51 33 133.3 2006 Georgia SEC FR QB 13 135 256 52.7% 1749yds 6.8 5.1 7tds 13int 109.0 2007 Georgia SEC SO QB 13 194 348 55.7% 2523yds 7.3 7.0 19tds 10int 128.9 2008 Georgia SEC JR QB 13 235 383 61.4% 3459yds 9.0 9.2 25tds 10int 153.5