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  1. The only issue I've really seen with his technique is a tendency to trap the ball rather than catch it and a tendency to depend on his awesome frame instead of jumping and high pointing the ball. Sometimes when catching, rather than trapping, he'll try to one hand it when he could put two of those mitts on it.
  2. I think that a team offering 90 million over 3 years with 75 fully guaranteed is interesting. Cousins seems to thrive on betting on himself.
  3. For NFL I like your list. Truly there are only for guys i take seriously for fantasy. Fit matters a lot for fantasy.
  4. This post is intended for the scope of Dynasty. Superflex and 2QB owners will have the most interest here. 1) This class isn't particularly strong or weak. 2) Ranking for fantasy is a little different from NFL rankings. 3) Fit matters regardless of position 4) Next week the combine begins; there is going to be a lot of movement. This is not an expert/definitive list. 5) I want this to be an open conversation. #1 - Baker Mayfield #2 - Sam Darnold #3 - Lamar Jackson #4 - Josh Rosen #5 - Josh Allen #6/7 - Luke Falk/Mason Rudolph #8/9 - Kyle Lauletta/Mike White
  5. Washington and Tate have me excited.
  6. I've heard the Matthew Stafford to Josh Allen comp from a lot of people, particularly from Mel Kiper. Jackson seems like a better comp than Allen. Kiper made an "Allen doesn't throw bubble screens because Jackson plays in a power conference" argument of why Allen is better than Jackson as a prospect; right before comping Allen to Stafford. Who knows if Jackson is an NFL QB. I like his release, his pocket presence, his ability to look off defenders and read coverage, I LOVE his playmaking as a runner, I think he has narrow feet. Wentz had to get fixed in the feet. Jackson has the arm and has improved accuracy. Stafford took nearly a half-decade in the NFL to become a competent passer accuracy wise. Jackson has a high ceiling in the NFL and in Fantasy. I think he is safe in picks 10-20 because of his athleticism. IF he doesn't pan out he will be a fine receiver.
  7. He is a bad cap hit in my contract league (I traded a bad contract I inherited on Eifert for him). The guy who had Eifert just took the cap hit and cut him. I might be doing the same. At some point, a guy is not worth having on the roster.
  8. I hope that he gets drafted in a situation similar to Tyreek Hill. He could be a bigger version. Note: not many people knew Hill would be able to catch the way he has.
  9. I think that the point about fantasy is legit, landing spot means a lot this year. Ridley and Washington should be solid contributors regardless of the landing spot. There have been very few transcendent players Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, etc will get their's regardless of fit and it was fairly obvious. I personally love Auden Tate in this class (needs some major development). It will make sense to me if Washington or Ridley go in the first round. As far as players who don't deserve to get drafted in the first round, based on scouting (obviously someone from this class will breakout), no WR was drafted in the first round of the 2008 draft. Those are NFL minds passing in the first and a guy like Jordy probably doesn't succeed like he did everywhere. 2008 Draft: 2.02 - Donnie Avery 2.03 - Devin Thomas 2.04 - Jordy Nelson 2.09 - James Hardy 2.10 - Eddie Royal 2.14 - Jerome Simpson 2.17 - DeSean Jackson 2.19 - Malcolm Kelly 2.21 - Limas Sweed 2.26 - Dexter Jackson Other Notables: Mario Manningham 95ovr, Piere Garcon 205ovr, Sometimes top talent doesn't turn out like the 2012 Draft: 1.05 Justin Blackmon 1.13 Michael Floyd 1.20 Kendall Wright 1.30 AJ Jenkins 2.01 Brian Quick 2.11 Stephen Hill 2.13 Alshon Jeffery 2.22 Ryan Broyles 2.31 Reuben Randle I agree, going into the draft this seems like it is in the back half of the last 10 years from a prospect perspective. We'll know what the League thinks in April and that will give more context to the discussion. That '08 class looked rough; the '12 class turned out rough (note: Sanu went 83ovr, ty hilton went 92ovr, travis benjamin went 100ovr, marvin jones 166ovr, Rishard Matthews 227ovr. I think this class is 6-8 overall in the last 10 classes prospect wise. I think we'll see it in the 4-6 range in final production, it feels deep. Next year should overshadow it from a historical perspective.
  10. I agree with you, Chubb is already free-falling. I expect that he will be a great value somewhere between picks 13 and 24. Things change a lot next week if he gets a major ding medically/testing wise. I also feel that he could rejuvenate his stock (i hope not) with good testing. Bottom Line: Worse prospects will be drafted ahead of him.
  11. Just a point of curiosity, how many classes have you seen?
  12. @JerrBear80 We'll be making changes constantly especially over the next three weeks and then again in a little more than two months. Here is where I am today. I've been convinced that I shouldn't overreact to Washington's height or Ridley's age. RB Saquon Barkley Penn State RB Derrius Guice LSU WR James Washington Oklahoma State WR Calvin Ridley Alabama RB Sony Michel Georgia RB Nick Chubb Georgia RB Ronald Jones USC WR Auden Tate Florida State WR Courtland Sutton SMU WR Michael Gallup Colorado St TE Dallas Goedert South Dakota ST RB Kerryon Johnson Auburn RB John Kelly Tennesse RB Rashaad Penny San Diego St WR Christian Kirk Texas A&M WR KeKe Coutee Texas Tech WR Equanimeous St. Brown Notre Dame WR Deon Cain Clemson TE Mark Andrews Oklahoma WR DJ Moore Maryland WR Anthony Miller Memphis WR Antonio Callaway Florida WR Darren Carrington Utah WR Tre'Quan Smith UCF
  13. I don't expect WRs to have immediate impact like a rookie RB. Carrington is a pick 70-80 for me.
  14. What else do you love about Carrington? Did he frustrate you at times this year? Why?
  15. I despise highlights. I watch every snap against top 50 rush defenses. With 8-10 solid prospects it's hard to find time to do more. I want to see how a back blocks and how they deal with contact at or before the line. Nick Chubb has a great play against Oklahoma where he breaks two tackles and then accelerates for a big gain, I'm sick of seeing it on Twitter, I'm concerned with his inability at times to pick the right hole and to power over defenders. He has good strength and vision, but those aren't always in play. I like Barkley too. He ous a very good prospect but I don't think he's transcendent. Definitely the #1 but he's not guaranteed to be the best of this class. He definitely has a rediculous blend of size, strength, agility, speed, etc with great running and catching instincts. I'm really interested to see where Jones II measures are the end of the month. The dude had shown improvement every year. Kerryon Johnson is a nasty runner with probably the best home run burst we've seen in awhile. Guice rarely gets caught at the line. Sometimes he chooses a 3 year run through a wall instead of breaking on by waiting for a developing hole. Guice doesn't do a great job yet of making a seamless catch, it's hitchy instead of fluid. He is a pure runner. Barkley and Jones are my favorite blockers.
  16. Do you find yourself falling for each guy in this class as you watch this class on film and read analysis? I'm constantly moving guys into my to three. There are like 8 guys in my to 3. Right now I really like Bark, Guice, and Jones II as my top 3. Michel, Chubb, Kerryon, Penny, Freeman, John Kelly. All guys i like.
  17. I'm interested to see where he measures. I've heard natural comps to Delanie Walker. I've also read a Joique Bell comp. So I guess we'll just see. I am super intrigued by him but I'm not sure I'm clamoring to draft him for fantasy.
  18. He's a late round target for me. I'm Hockley intrigued by him. My initial compilation of notes: checks most every box at wide receiver: size, speed, production, strength at point of catch SLEEPER | Anthony Amico ROTOVIZ Jan 31: “J’Mon Moore finished his career at Missouri with back-to-back seasons of at least 1,000 yards and eight TDs. He is on the older side of things, finishing his career at 22.6 years of age, and has no return data to his profile. Moore had one catch for 22 yards in the Senior Bowl.”
  19. Definitely go to war with them. But at what cost?
  20. Not the 11th best. There are 10 players that i would consider before him. I think I'll move him and Washington up two spots. As I've said, if this is about current talent its Ridley all day. But right now, inn a vacuum, i like 1-7 on my list more than Washington and Ridley. We've established that i am underling Washington and Ridley. Where else do you have pushback?
  21. He caught 10 of 15 with Garoppolo. He really looks like a solid player. Not a great player like Bell.
  22. He transferred into Utah right? I'm intrigued to see him test out. Maybe he can land somewhere like KC.