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  1. Cousins could flourish in Cleveland. I think getting a proven QB who isn't A, past his prime or B, injured is brilliant. Spend the 1.01 and 1.04 on upgrading the roster worth best available, or trade 1.01 for more capital. This would be the one time it would make sense to trade back. Chubb on the line with another defensive stud at 1.04 would be nice and then one of the quality RB prospects at 2.01.
  2. He'll be in a better situation next year than Smith was this year. Hunt is proven now. Hill has one year as a wr1. They will have some good opportunities to draft in day 2. Two competent corners. That front office will have some money to play with once Tamba is cut. And Derrick Johnson needs to rework his contract or be cut. Now to address that line.
  3. WOAH!!!! That is crazy! I wonder what the picks will be.
  4. What feels like a good order here based on skill and talent? Why? RB Nick Chubb Georgia RB Ronald Jones USC RB Kerryon Johnson Auburn RB Mark Walton Miami
  5. They could contend - if they are in win-now mode. First, I'm not a huge Shurmur fan – very open to being won over. I like the job he did in Minnesota, that was a tough situation. Second, I think they will draft a QB at 1.02. Which is fine; it doesn't scream win now. Third, I expect them to be transitioning from their expensive-aging contracts on offense and defense this year and next. They went all in a few years ago. It seems like a good transition year. I don't think they are going to be picking in the top 5 again anytime soon. But the #.02 picks this year and the teens next year could really do wonders for them. (so could a win-now trade back - as has been discussed in detail). They have great offensive firepower at WR1, WR-Slot, and TE. My recent track record isn't great with predicting doom. I didn’t expect the Chiefs to contend in 2017. I was really shocked at their 5-0 start. 10-6 was overachieving IMO. So, Eli could have another solid year in him and make a final run in New York. I just don’t expect it. Not in that division. I think that they go 2-4 at best in the division next year. The good news is, they should have a favorable schedule beyond that.
  6. I laughed at this because Jerry Jones is a Razorback.
  7. Agreed. Walton looks fluid. I'm thrown off by big backs. I hate watching Derrick Henry run, yet, he has high skill. I've read that Adams runs like Eric Dickerson (wasn't a compliment when I read it). Clearly, guys can make any style work. Thanks for the input.
  8. I'd like to see the Cowboys get Rico Gathers healthy, I still think he can be something. draft a WR strengthen the secondary, maybe get a 2nd LB I think they will be challenging for the division and will be a 5 or 6 seed for sure assuming the Zeke is on the field. Depending on schedule they should be 10-14 wins. Especially if Washington continues to disintegrate. I don't think NYG contend next year. Obviously, the Eagles are for real. It should be a fun division to watch.
  9. This is where I'm leaning. What is your reasoning?
  10. Based upon skillset and talent, Josh Adams or Mark Walton?
  11. I'm interested to see where he tests and where he lands. Is it appropriate to say that Chubb has elite level vision? I still think that he will continue to improve athletically. I just want to see that he is still improving; Gurley had a potential "career-ending" injury right?
  12. "agility, acceleration, vision, and receiving ability" are common words I hear regarding Walton. Currently, without knowing fit, I've seen him projected as a second to third round FF option. In the four mocks i've been part of he has gone: 48, 43, 40, and 25. All were full PPR - that's where the value is. More than one Hurricane fan has encouraged people not to draft him (I'm always interested to hear what people have to say who are rooting for a player to help their college team win). I've heard other FF pundits say not to let him slip through your hands; especially if you need a high floor guy to help compete right away. I think that I'd be happy with him in the 40's right now. Seems to be a tough kid. SEASON ATT YDS AVG LNG TD REC YDS AVG LNG TD 2017 56 428 7.6 82 3 7 91 13 39 0 2016 209 1117 5.3 80 14 27 240 8.9 30 1 2015 129 450 3.5 27 9 22 293 13.3 41 1 9/29/2017 - Miami vs Duke [the #48 Rush Defense/#21 Overall Defense] Carries: 17 YDS: 51 (3.0 avg) Rush TDS: 0 Receptions: 4 YDS: 79 (19.8) Receving TDS: 0 The line looked poor in this game. He missed one or two blocks himself. There was a drop there. He does a decent job of making some plays and seems to have good hips. 10/7/2017 - Miami @ Florida State [the #31 Rush Defense/#18 Total Defense] Carries: 12 YDS: 25 (2.1 avg) Rush TDS: 0 Receptions: 0 YDS: 0 Receving TDS: 0 The numbers aren't great but there was only one read that was really awful. That protection looks porous.
  13. Would you add IND to the list? I can't remember what McDaniels did at RB in DEN. They already have Mack but i could see him building a committee. Additionally, I've been burned by picking up DEN backs in the past. No consistency. I'm interested too see what the chiefs do. They should focus on OL and Defense; if Ware isn't right i could see them using a mid round pick, hunt needs a second back.
  14. I'm talking about FF purposes. I would have two solid young backs if i was in charge of player personnel. To me this is like playing IDP and saying the chiefs stupidly drop Justin Houston back into coverage. It fits their scheme but hurts fantasy owners. NO with Kamara and Mark Ingram feels like an outlier. But feel free to get upset.
  15. You nailed it. Everyone is looking to hit on the nest whoever. I'll move Freeman back, pay of the predraft evaluation is hearing perspectives. I like Penny even though I posted about what i perceive to be growing edges and limitations to his game. For any player it is easy to fall in love with the highlights and ignore the other 80% of the tape. I'm really interested to see where Michel lands.
  16. You're probably right about Freeman. I tend to fall in love with one trait. He does a great job of being patient and moving through holes. That change of direction melts me.
  17. I like the concept of drafting Johnson, investing in the O-Line and drafting defense. It wouldn't be a bad idea to draft a guy like Michael Gallup and pick up a cheap vet for depth. This TE group is deep. They should look to add someone on the other side from Kittle; especially if they can block.
  18. The conversation fell away from this question. I think that Ballard is the perfect compliment to McDaniels from the personnel side and Luck is a great compliment to McDaniels on the field side. IF (as has been established, a big if) Luck is healthy I'm actually excited about this pairing. The colts do have lots of holes and play in a brutal division (Jacksonville and Houston have good defenses); they have some firepower and some nice pieces on defense. They could end up relying on takeaways and great offense. I think of Payton and Brees as the ceiling for what they are capable of. That 2010 NO team had an opportunistic D and great QB play.
  19. They could conceivably trade back. I don't believe Dorsey at this point; we've heard that he loves Mike White and Mayfield. Seems like classic misdirection. This is a good spot to move back, regardless of what Cleveland does. There are some high-upside QBs in this draft and someone might be willing to move to number three for any one of them... especially after the combine. Personally, I think Chubb is the pick here. They were able to do a lot when it was Manning and Freeney tearing things up on their side of the ball. There is very little elite talent in the NFL. There doesn't seem to be a great O-Line option unless they move back (which makes a strong argument for moving back).
  20. There is a lot of depth in this class. In a vacuum, it is difficult to decide for sure where guys should go. To me the top two are given, the only way Guice lands in a bad position is if someone stupidly drafts him when they already have a top back (feels like something Jerry would do). 3-8 is really hard for me. I like the skills of all of them. Given the right situation they all could rise to the top spot in this tier. I'm sure that some might break this tier into two groups. I'm not sold on Michel even though I've moved him back up. He's bigger than I thought he was. He moves like someone who is smaller. There is something about Royce Freeman that I really like. I've dropped Ballage, 1) I think he might be switching position 2) it had been too long since I saw his tape; the senior bowl brought back the nightmares. He has great measurables; hopefully, he can develop into a T. Hill type player. I've plummetted Coleman. I love his 2016 stuff, sometimes love clouds good judgment. His 2017 sucked. I'm super intrigued by Jaylen Samuels. What do you guys think of this updated list? Name School +-200lbs 1 RB Saquon Barkley Penn State + 2 RB Derrius Guice LSU + 3 RB Sony Michel Georgia + 4 RB Royce Freeman Oregon + 5 RB Rashaad Penny SD ST + 6 RB Nick Chubb Georgia + 7 RB Ronald Jones USC + 8 RB Kerryon Johnson Auburn + 9 RB Mark Walton Miami + 10 RB Josh Adams Notre Dame + 11 RB John Kelly Tennesse + 12 RB/WR Kalen Ballage Arizona State + 13 TE/RB Jaylen Samuels North Carolina St + 14 RB Akrum Wadley Iowa - 15 RB Nyheim Hines NC State - 16 RB Ty Johnson Maryland + 17 RB Ito Smith Southern Miss - 18 RB Kamryn Pettway Auburn + 19 RB Bo Scarbrough Alabama + 20 RB Kyle Hicks TCU + 21 RB Justin Jackson Northwestern - 22 RB Larry Rose New Mexico St - 23 RB Lavon Coleman Washington +
  21. That is true. I don't want it to sound like I hate Penny. I think that, especially in the right situation. Chances are I end up drafting him high. I'm posting my list periodically as I change my opinion about different prospects. For example, Ballage had risen to 3 on my RB list (admittedly high) I'll adjust. After seeing him more I agree with those who pontificate that he ought to be moved to WR. I think he is a bigger version of Tyreke Hill (loose comp here). As for Penny, I will definitely be moving him up. I overreacted to my study of his 3 toughest games; that Boise tape is rough. He tends to get caught at the line a lot. However, that doesn't mean he won't excel. Look at those numbers (not just last year as the premier back but in 2016 when he was the RB2). He definitely has great skill in some areas. I don't know if we have seen the LeBron James of football yet, it is hard to have a complete player. Seeing limitations for a player doesn't mean they won't be great. Brady doesn't have elite arm strength or mobility... pretty sure he turned out okay as well. If the fit is right I will definitely take Penny early (first two rounds). However, this isn't about my specific needs but rather evaluating and ranking players based on how we think they will perform for FF in general. I'm definitely moving him back up my board. I'm thankful for this feed for helping me find placement. Hopefully, we will all find benefit for our individual boards by having an open conversation regarding the strengths and limitations of each player.
  22. He's good at creating space but doesn't have the ability to capitalize on that space like some players. There are guys that, once they are loose, will be good for a td. Penny isn't one of them, can can take it to the house like he did on that td reception but he can't do it regularly. It's something you can see in the film from his play against the three top defenses he played. He's faster than some of the defense, not all of the defense.
  23. Rashaad Penny sure showed out at the senior bowl. I think we saw his limitations for sure; hey also did enough to demonstrate his vision and agility. Just no elite breakaway speed.
  24. Just saw this tweet from roster watch. I've been intrigued by Jaylen Samuels. He has shown great straight line speed. Maybe i should have him on my list.
  25. I'm not reacting to the championship game. I stayed this post with Chubb at 3. As I look at players I truly see more fantasy potential in other players. Regarding your assertion that I've overvalued Ballage. I truly think he'll have an immediate impact and have longevity. Just a couple tweets from senior bowl: