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  1. I couldn't find my source on that one, I've dug a little more on outside analysis and think i might move him up. It does seem he may depend on fit. He could be like his predecessor pomphrey. RB Rashaad Penny SD ST "Good Vision ********Just looks average all around. Lacks lateral quickness and agility.****** | Mel Kiper: ""I think Penny could go in the second round, though he doesn't have the all-around game of Hunt. Penny is going to test well."" | DRAFT BLASTER: ""He checks off all of the boxes for what teams are looking for in a running back- size, speed, pass catching ability, pass protection and not only contributes but excels on special teams. He will most likely drop as teams could label him as a system guy."" | Josh Norris ROTOWORLD Jan 22: ""At his best, Penny is a one cut, hit the seam and go runner. His long speed is great for his size, and that frequently popped up on long runs. It is difficult for running backs to show their contact balance at all-star games, since defenders are not attempting to take ball carriers to the ground. However, that is my question with Penny, as is his reaction to well-defended fronts. Will he pick up what is blocked, create more, or lose yards by trying to do too much? And possibly most importantly, how is his pass protection?"" |"
  2. Landing spot will matter a lot after Guice. I truly think that Ballage is a complete back and that he has more tread on hoods tires than the other guys. This isn't my list of where i think guys will be drafted. Chubb could hold up like Gurley has, his tape pre injury is different from post injury. That could change. His vision is what makes him great and a knee injury doesn't affect that. I'll continually be adjusting my list. Walton and Coleman both look like complete backs. Johnson is small and injury prone. I'm just not sold on Penny. We haven't been through the combine or draft so this is still a cap shoot. I do have reasoning for where guys are and I'm just a little fluid early on in evaluation. I'm excited to watch more tape, especially on Freeman. He had nice vision and can change direction nicely which compensates for his average athleticism.
  3. I'm a little worried about Johnson's durability. Otherwise I'd be higher on him. I read mixed things on Penny, but a few have said he just looks average. I'm currently high on Ballage. I'm resisting the urge to go all in on Michel because i think he'll be good not great. My updated ratings: RB Saquon Barkley Penn State RB Derrius Guice LSU RB Kalen Ballage Arizona State RB Royce Freeman Oregon RB Ronald Jones USC RB Nick Chubb Georgia RB Mark Walton Miami RB Lavon Coleman Washington RB Sony Michel Georgia RB John Kelly Tennesse RB josh adams Notre Dame RB Kerryon Johnson Auburn RB Nyheim Hines NC State RB Rashaad Penny SD ST RB Akrum Wadley Iowa RB Ty Johnson Maryland RB Larry Rose III New Mexico St RB Darrel Williams LSU
  4. You make an interesting point. If Mitch can make the Goff jump this would be a good spot. CHI certainly needs a WR1. He could have an interest there; why would Alshon want to go to Philly last year?
  5. Yeah, they say that year four is the bump year for the system. According to Smith was top 5 in 2017. The issue I see with Mahomes beyond just learning the system is that he will turn the ball over more than Smith (almost everybody turns it over more than he does). Will there be enough production to make Mahomes worthwhile this year? I think he might still be stash guy.
  6. I'd love to see him in a stable QB situation. I don't think that is Baltimore. I don't know cap situations. Is there a favorable team he could land with? #LandryandCousinstoCleveland
  7. First, Alex Smith should be gone since Bob Sutton is back, right? Can't imagine they keep a coordinator like that and not give him some fresh blood on that side of the ball. Dropping $17mil is probably the easiest way to get young vets in there. Second, IF PMII starts what kind of production are we looking at FF wise? QB8-12 production? Is he a low-end starter in 1-QB leagues? I'm assuming not much changes with that young offense. Those receivers, Kelce, hunt (probably ware too?) should all be the same. The only place I see that they should improve on that side of the ball is the O-Line.
  8. That rotoworld report is wrong, it wasn't John Kelly. It's Todd Kelly.
  9. Fit makes a huge difference. I also assume that those taken in the first three rounds will fall into decent fits. Many dynasty leagues draft soon after the NFL. I like getting input along the process. Hopefully, no one is locked in on their rookie draft in January. Many of us have been working on this draft since our 2017 rookie drafts. #trusttheprocess
  10. I'm pretty excited about him too. I'm going too grab him in the 22-27 range. Good speed and catching ability.
  11. As others have said, he is staying another year. However, this list is draft eligible guys. I have Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma in the 21-25 range. As we get closer to the draft I expect the list to become guys who are declared.
  12. I wanted to start a conversation regarding the 2018 RB Class; I have no scout skills and so I've come to this list by eyeballing players after I had read perspectives from just about every site I could get to. Additionally, it is obvious that I talked myself into moving players up/down. Ronald Jones feels high and Bryce Love as RB7? That is why I'm asking for help. I know, outside of Barkley, I might be totally off my rocker; that's why I am enlisting help. 1) Saquon Barkley, Penn State 2) Derrius Guice, LSU 3) Nick Chubb, Georgia 4) Ronald Jones, USC 5) Sony Michel, Georgia 6) Rashaad Penny, San Diego St. 7) Bryce Love, Stanford 8) Kerryon Johnson, Auburn 9) Royce Freeman, Oregon 10) Damien Harris, Alabama 11) Lavon Coleman, Washington 12) Kalen Ballage, Arizona St. 13) Josh Adams, Notre Dame 14) Myles Gaskin, Washington 15) Bo Scarbrough, Alabama 16) Akrum Wadley, Iowa 17) Nyheim Hines, NC State 18) John Kelly, Tennessee 19) Richie James, Middle Tennessee St 20) Mark Walton, Miami
  13. I really wish that Burton could land in SF. You're right, there is not a high chance of them spending $5mil on a guy when they are high on Kittles and have Celek for a couple more years. I just agree with the comparisons to Delanie Walker and would love the production for Jimmy G. Grabbing Gathers would be smart for dynasty GMs. I think he'd be a great upgrade over Anderson in Houston; Watson could use a TE target to go with Fuller and Hopkins. They'd have space if they cut Miller.