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  1. 50 minutes ago, Dreams And Dwightmares said:


    I think you can wait on Chubb and be solid, I respect your opinion though.  I just think Chubb getting criminally underrated coming out.  

    I know that dynasty mock shows him at 1.05, but I'm pretty sure he's going to drop to late 1 maybe even 2 before Dynasty Drafts happen.  


    He's going to get screwed over in the pre-draft process I bet and when Dynasty Mock Drafters catch up to this they will drop him dramatically.  


    He's currently #7 RB coming out on CBS Sports.  Walter Football reports many scouts think he will be drafted after his teammate Sony Michel.  Chubb stock is going to drop foolishly and that will make it's way over sooner than later.


    I would be ecstatic to see Chubb fall. I have him as my RB3 this year behind Barkley and Guice; without knowing fit they all grade out similarly for me. Michel is going to be solid too, I hope that he doesn't rise like Walter Football has him graded. 


    It is a deep RB class for sure. 

    Saquon Barkley, Penn State

    Derrius Guice, LSU

    Nick Chubb, Georgia

    Ronald Jones, USC

    Sony Michel, Georgia

    Kerryon Johnson, Auburn

    Rashaad Penny, San Diego St.

    Bryce Love, Stanford

    Royce Freeman, Oregon

    to name a few.

  2. 1 hour ago, DerrickHenrysCleats said:


    Where is da Oklahoma guy who just put 200 on UGA?


    As others have said, he is staying another year. However, this list is draft eligible guys. I have Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma in the 21-25 range.


    As we get closer to the draft I expect the list to become guys who are declared.

  3. I wanted to start a conversation regarding the 2018 RB Class; I have no scout skills and so I've come to this list by eyeballing players after I had read perspectives from just about every site I could get to.

    Additionally, it is obvious that I talked myself into moving players up/down. Ronald Jones feels high and Bryce Love as RB7? That is why I'm asking for help.

    I know, outside of Barkley, I might be totally off my rocker; that's why I am enlisting help.


    1) Saquon Barkley, Penn State

    2) Derrius Guice, LSU

    3) Nick Chubb, Georgia

    4) Ronald Jones, USC

    5) Sony Michel, Georgia

    6) Rashaad Penny, San Diego St.

    7) Bryce Love, Stanford

    8) Kerryon Johnson, Auburn

    9) Royce Freeman, Oregon

    10) Damien Harris, Alabama

    11) Lavon Coleman, Washington

    12) Kalen Ballage, Arizona St.

    13) Josh Adams, Notre Dame

    14) Myles Gaskin, Washington

    15) Bo Scarbrough, Alabama

    16) Akrum Wadley, Iowa

    17) Nyheim Hines, NC State

    18) John Kelly, Tennessee

    19) Richie James, Middle Tennessee St

    20) Mark Walton, Miami

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  4. 18 hours ago, DaBirds12 said:

    Jiffy Jeff I have 1.02 also... Any thought taking Sutton over Guice or is Guice your guy?


    Guice is the best option for the next 4 years (at least). The fit will make a big difference, look at JuJu in Pittsburgh. It is much easier for a player to be productive out of the backfield. You know they'll get 10-20 touches.


    If you are early on in a rebuild Sutton could be your guy. This is a deep RB class and it could be good to grab one of the 3 stud WRs (James Washington, Calvin Ridley, Sutton -- in that order) this year and feast on the depth at RB in later rounds. 


    Imo it is risky to pass on Guice. He compares favorably to Marshawn Lynch. 

  5. Obviously, fit matters a lot. I did some recent looking and it seems that if you are looking for immediate impact RB is the best way to go, WR isn't TE on wait for the production status but it is pretty close. There are a lot of intriguing options at RB. Early rookie drafts leave room for sleepers. I usually draft right after the NFL draft and Hunt went 1.09 and Kamara went 2.12 in a 16 team IDP league. (I remember Kamara getting picked and wondering, "how was he available?")


    There is no way to know where to go if your draft is in August. If it is before June, then stick with the RBs. 

  6. 5 hours ago, thebrowns said:







    Chiefs over Titans 24-20


    Rams over Falcons 35-28


    Saints over Panthers 31-17


    Bills over Jags 16-13



    Steelers over Chiefs 24-21


    Patriots over Bills 38-16


    Rams over Eagles 42-17


    Saints over Vikings 28-24



    Steelers over Patriots 27-21


    Saints over Rams 31-27



    Saints over Steelers 38-34


    As was pointed out by Devastater I totally screwed the pooch. Saints are the 4 seed. So, I amend this to:


    Rams over Vikings 33-24

    Saints over Eagles 42-24



    Saints over Rams 31-27


    Recap My Road to 11-0:

    Wildcard: Chiefs, Bills,  Rams, Saints

    Divisional: Steelers, Patriots, Rams, Saints

    Conference: Steelers, Saints

    Super Bowl: Saints

  7. On 1/2/2018 at 11:04 AM, Gohawks said:

    Chiefs Rams Bills Saints


    22 hours ago, lolcopter said:

    Chiefs have to get one before they’re done


    Bills — feel good pick of the weekend



    17 hours ago, jvmillion83 said:

    Chiefs 27 Titans 23-  The Titans looked vanilla all year but I think Mariota steps up in his first playoff game with a good performance.  Ultimately I think the Chiefs get a few big plays including a big ST return for a TD.


    Rams 35  Falcons 17- If the Falcons keep this close, I love Atlanta to win the battle of clutch field goals and their playoff experience.  They'll need to play a 17-14 type of game to win but I don't see that from their defense.  I also don't see the Falcons keeping up in a track meet.


    Bills 15  Jags 13-  If the Bills keep this close, I love Buffalo to win the battle of clutch field goals with the old Seahawks kicker and their playoff experienced coaches who came from Carolina.  This one will not be close to a track meet by any means.   The Jags have had it easy against some poor defenses all year at opportune times.  I think they're in for a rude awakening against a Bills' defense that plays extremely tough and can kick you in the mouth in these type of games.  When it comes down to a close game, I'm not sure the Jags have the composure or experience in these moments.


    Saints 34  Panthers 23-  Teams rarely go 3-0 against one team in a season but the Saints had had the Panthers' number all year.  Carolina has yet to get hot but they've seemed beat up all year.  Cam's an incredible athlete but he'll need to be excellent throwing the ball and just not seeing it.





    Chiefs over Titans 24-20


    Rams over Falcons 35-28


    Saints over Panthers 31-17


    Bills over Jags 16-13



    Steelers over Chiefs 24-21


    Patriots over Bills 38-16


    Rams over Eagles 42-17


    Saints over Vikings 28-24



    Steelers over Patriots 27-21


    Saints over Rams 31-27



    Saints over Steelers 38-34

  8. 23 hours ago, milesberg said:


    Cowboys have Rico Gathers, Bears have Adam Shaheen, and 49ers have George Kittle.  So you can take those 3 off of the list.  But the rest of the list looks pretty accurate.  I would definitely add the Patriots to the list though, I have a strong feeling that he ends up there.


    I really wish that Burton could land in SF. You're right, there is not a high chance of them spending $5mil on a guy when they are high on Kittles and have Celek for a couple more years. I just agree with the comparisons to Delanie Walker and would love the production for Jimmy G. Grabbing Gathers would be smart for dynasty GMs.


    I think he'd be a great upgrade over Anderson in Houston; Watson could use a TE target to go with Fuller and Hopkins. They'd have space if they cut Miller.

  9. On 12/29/2017 at 12:15 PM, jcedwards said:

    12 team .5 PPR dynasty league.


    I have the #1 pick in the upcoming rookie/ FA draft. It will be Barkley at that pick.  I am just wondering if it is a no brainer to take Barkley or if I should look into trading that pick? And if so, what type of return should I be looking to get?




    In your case (because of your roster) you don't need depth so grab Barkley and don't look back. If you didn't have the roster you do I'd say:



    If you can move back 2-4 spots you can get a stud RB or WR and should command at least on more #1. If you can't get two 1s in return including a high 2018 pick it isn't worth it. But Chubb, Michal, and Guice (not in that order) will all be top tier RBs. Also depends on when your draft is. Kamara was a second round guy in a lot of my early draft leagues and a first round guy in my later drafts. I think Fournette was behind both of those guys in production (he still seems like the best long-term option).

    -I like Ridley's hands and Sutton's potential at WR.

    -This is another deep RB draft.

    -Put out feelers and see what 1.02, 1.03, and 1.04 are thinking. 

  10. On 12/30/2017 at 8:19 PM, Rolling Thunder said:

    The NFL draft is still 4 months away, but I will go on record right now that the most significant fantasy sleepers of 2018 will be  members of this upcoming RB draft class. It is the deepest group I've ever seen, especially of RBs that also have pass chops.  I bet there will be more than one Day Two or Day Three guy who goes into the season planted on the bench behind some JAG or plodder but who shines when his door to opportunity opens.  These rookie back ups are going to be on a different level than the rookie back ups we are all used to.  Maybe it belongs in the bold prediction thread, but I'm saying right now that championship teams in 2018 will be littered with more rookie RBs than we have ever seen.



    What is your ranking of the RB prospect?

  11. Mike Davis probably won't get a lot of work compared to Lewis and Westbrook. The issue is that he has the highest floor. 


    Lewis is a back for the Patriots, that means feast or famine.

    Westbrook is catching from Bortles and probably won't be in a shootout.


    Lewis would be the pick if you need an HR. Davis is your safe pick.


    With your line-up (because you don't know what to expect from your QB I'm assuming it isn't Hundley), I'd probably roll out Lewis. Last I saw Vegas has the Pats by a field goal. That is promising for Lewis.


    Hope it helps

  12. Like others, I think this is a split. Thomas will get his. The question is if they will be in the spots that equal as much production as Baldwin. Russ is going to be getting the ball out quick and Baldwin will HAVE to score. Anyone thinking that Thomas is going to be playing inspired? I don't. Players who have something to play for usually ball out. 


    Remember that both teams are favorites to win (Sea by 2.5; Den by 3). Who is going to have to score more points to win?

    Can't go wrong, but I'd pick Baldwin. 

  13. 7 minutes ago, Jibbajabba72 said:

    I know everyone is saying to start Green, but just a word of caution... I'm guessing Xavier "Rhodes Closed" will be assigned to him all day.  He's a beast shutdown corner, even against good receivers.


    If what you said about the Bengals secondary being banged up is true, then I think Diggs might be a better option.  They're also coming off a loss against Carolina, so they may try to make this a statement game at home.


    I know benching Green is a bold move, but I'm just throwing out some food for thought.



    This is a good word of warning. 


    RB: For sure play Hyde, he is the safest option among your RBs. Burkhead is a swing for the fences kind of a guy. He's either going to perform or he'll leave you smashing your head against the wall.

    Flex and WR: I would pick two of your WRs. I'm wary of guys who have huge games the next week so I'd probably pass on Kupp. The Xavier Rhodes argument is solid. That leaves Goodwin who is on fire with Jimmy G and Diggs. Then you just hope you don't regret it. This is the same reasoning that resulted in benching Fornette in favor of Drake last week... that paid off. It might not this week.



    WR: Diggs

    RB: Hyde

    Flex: Goodwin

    And a deal with the devil.


    Wow! That is a promising roster. You definitely had a loaded draft last year and should dominate with your sophomores. You definitely can't pass on [Barkley]. You are right four will be tricky. I would go WR WR with your 1.4 and 2.1. Not sure your league's qb situation but it could be wise to nab one of the top QB's to pair with PMII. If they both end up being monsters you can trade one of them for a haul. 



    • -I think that [Auden Tate] from FSU would be a solid fit for you there, depending on who his team is; put the Independence Bowl (Dec 27) on your calendar.  His ceiling is Calvin Johnson (probably won't get there, but he should be a red zone monster)
    • -Consider [James Washington] from Ok. St. as well. Not as big as tate but should be in for some acrobatic catches on Sundays. Definitely able to keep two feet in. He'll thrive on the sidelines, WR1 potential. Put the camping world bowl on your calendar (Dec 28).
    • -[Ridley], depending on landing place, should be your main target. Receivers with great hands, great fundamentals, and ability to separate are special. He's a definite WR1 (maybe not next year, but for sure by year two) For sure watch him on New Years Day night against Clemson. Just watch him move.



    • -[Michael Gallup], Colorado St. He'll probably be a top 14 pick by the time your draft rolls around. Expect him to shine in the draft process. I've seen him ranked as the 6th WR in this class. He's going to be a star. Tune into the New Mexico Bowl this Saturday, December 16 to watch #4. 
    • -Auburn's [Kerryon Johnson] is someone to watch too. He's a RB who is heralded for his hard running, he has great hands too. He might not play against UCF on January 1 in the Peach Bowl. Watch his status and if he plays watch his pass catching. That's what makes him preferable even to Guice IMO. 
    • -A lot of people are down on [Deon Cain] of Clemson. Watch both offenses when you scout Ridley on New Year's Day. You could see two of your draftees. Keep in mind the Josh Gordon effect of Cain being suspended a few years ago for substance abuse.
    • -Watch the Tax Slayer bowl on December 30. Watch Louisville's [Lamar Jackson] and [Jaylen Smith]. If he gets in the right situation, Jackson is going to be a 30pt a game player. How would Brett Hundley from this past Sunday look on your squad EVERY week. 


    Hope this helps get you pointed in a good direction. You have a great squad to build off of. Cincinnati has not been kind to RB, if you can get a good deal you might consider off-loading Mixon... but don't sell low.