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  1. Do you guys think the Hawks will start limiting his minutes later on or is he gonna be 24-25 min rest of season?
  2. can we just get to 'questionable' already?
  3. it saddens me to have to really consider dropping a waiver wire golden child
  4. Its definitely bad for him in terms of minutes. In terms of quality shots? He should get better looks. Problem is right now the guys on the wire are at best marginally better, so can't really drop him unless there's someone worth it. For the guys who dropped him, who did you replace him with? just curious thanks.
  5. I was tempted to drop initially after reading the rotoworld blurb but after giving some more thought.. As mentioned above I don't think the Grizzlies traded for him to ride the bench. They traded for him for his defense and seemingly perfect fit next to the other starters. In my opinion his competition for minutes are slo-mo and garrett (the other guys suck). 3 guys over 2 positions is plenty of minutes. Even when he's not hitting shots its hard to take him off the court because he's solid defending the other teams best players. Coach's rotations/minutes distribution are a bit of a concern but they were losing as it was so lets see if an injection of Holiday changes that. I'm gonna hold and see how this shakes out. If he can get around 32 minutes a game I'll be satisfied.
  6. just waiting for the Barton goes through full practice blurb..
  7. Good observations fellas however my opinion is starting to change a bit. At first I felt like it was a lack of opportunity and teammates ignoring him. The more I watch I feel like its a similar case with Mikal Bridges, Isaac is just passive offensively. Certain guys when they get the ball (like Oubre) you know they're looking to score. Isaac is looking to pass first in most cases. He's only aggressive right after he scores and gets a little bit of confidence. If he misses a shot he tends to just disappear and not look for another shot for a while. You can see the difference even with him and Bamba who gets much less playing time but takes more shots with his touches. This leads me to believe its not necessarily who's on the court with him taking his usage. Its more or less just hope he plays the PF so he gets more rebounds and hope he continues to produce the defensive stats.
  8. Looks like i'll be too busy eating the egg on my face
  9. All the reports prior to the trade stated Phoenix was looking for a PG. Rivers may or may not be that guy, Im sure Melton will have a say in it. But im willing to bet Booker won't be playing much PG from here on out. Just my opinion. (And go Mikal!)
  10. The whole point of them trading for a point guard (Rivers) is so they can play point guard so that Booker doesn't have to. Pretty sure the lineup gonna be fluid for a while until Igor finds rotations he likes. But Oubre will certainly be battling for SF minutes with Mikal and JJ. And Austin getting more PG minutes will mean Booker plays more at shooting guard taking some possible minutes from Mikal as well. Igor has shown that he is still trying to put the best lineups out there, and Mikal starting and getting 28+ minutes is not guaranteed with the addition of two trigger happy players like Oubre and Rivers.
  11. come on buddy get on the court my team needs you!
  12. Played 33 minutes and they won the game great sign. He's shooting 25% from 3pt, he shot 35% last year... if he can just get above 30%