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  1. Not worth the headache so works for me. Josh is out too @Aquaman90 I'd advise you to leave on your own accord. None of this is on the up and up.
  2. Can I ask why only you guys are posting in this thread? Are none of your league members on this site? If so maybe we should be doing this draft on ESPN or something. I'm a little uncomfortable about the way this is being handled especially with keepers, and if it was a money league there's 0 percent chance I'd be participating. It's wierd to do a keeper only draft in December with only four members of the actual league posting picks. The best way to handle this would have been to. Make an initial post saying you wanna do a keeper startup and want new members, explain the rules and invite people to the league but have the draft date in like July, and then tell people that they were going to keep four of the players they drafted from there. Doing it now heavily weights this past seasons success, screws over anyone who may join the league later (I feel like there will at least be a couple) and isn't necessary. Also what even are the keeper rules for this league? Do we just keep four every year? Are there any restrictions? These are things that should be discussed. You guys wanted to start the draft last night when Ajae didn't even know we started? Who else doesn't know we started? Also I don't like that you randomized the draft order and posted it with no time stamps or anything, there are random number generator sites that would do this for you. How the draft order was going to be determined wasn't even discussed before hand. I'm not trying to be mean I think you just need to slow down and think things through. I vote we pause the draft and figure everything out with everyone present before we continue. Keeper leagues need to be handled delicately or are doomed to fail.
  3. 1.01 Team Gamez Leveon Bell 1.02 I am your father Todd Gurley 1.03 Chula Vista Trey Day Kareem Hunt 1.04 Team G Ezekiel Elliott 1.05 Team Sparks Leonard Fournette 1.06 Team Cyril David Johnson 1.07 Team Nantkes Antonio Brown 1.08 San Diego Sharks Odell Beckham Jr. 1.09 Pittsburgh All the Way 1.10 Itzda Cops 2.01 Itzda Cops 2.02 Pittsburgh All the Way 2.03 San Diego Sharks 2.04 Team Nantkes 2.05 Team Cyril 2.06 Team Sparks 2.07 Team G 2.08 Chula Vista Trey Day 2.09 I am your father 2.10 Team Gamez 3.01 Team Gamez 3.02 I am your father 3.03 Chula Vista Trey Day 3.04 Team G 3.05 Team Sparks 3.06 Team Cyril 3.07 Team Nantkes 3.08 San Diego Sharks 3.09 Pittsburgh All the Way 3.10 Itzda Cops 4.01 Itzda Cops 4.02 Pittsburgh All the Way 4.03 San Diego Shark 4.04 Team Nantkes 4.05 Team Cyril 4.06 Team Sparks 4.07 Team G 4.08 Chula Vista Trey Day 4.09 I am your father 4.10 Team Gamez
  4. k, give me Odell Beckham Jr.
  5. Who did he pick? I need a list of players drafted so far. Thanks.
  6. These are his keepers for a long time so it's important that he gets who he wants. Give @Aquaman90 some time. Pm or tag me when it's my turn to pick. Thanks.
  7. @Aquaman90 when you see this you are up to pick.
  8. If you don't tag its worthless man
  9. Roethlisberger Foles Zeke Hunt Mccaffrey Keelan Cole Aghor Demaryius Clay demarcus lawrence, cam heyward, joe schobert, chandler jones, wesley woodyard, xavien howard, jalen ramsey, trae waynes, jordan lewis.
  10. Why don't you try mentioning people so they get a notification. Would probably help.
  11. So should i post joshs pick or nah? He gave me it
  12. Nah the keeper things fine its just wierd lol