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  1. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    I honestly hope that he pays Rotoworld to post his content and it's not the other way around.
  2. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    I hope he isn't in LA.
  3. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    In comparison to what?
  4. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Wait? You're telling me that Moose should cost less than Machado?
  5. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    Love to see some sort of link to justify this mindset, because the idea that other teams are buying into it is rather ridiculous.
  6. Washington Nationals 2018 Outlook

    So the players can fail at their job, but a manager can't? Quite an odd take.
  7. Madison Bumgarner 2018 Outlook

    Sorry, but when MadBum leaves them full with no outs, I'm not blaming the BP for giving up 2 runs and 'costing' MadBum a win. I will blame Brandon Crawford for getting him saddled with a loss though.
  8. Lucas Giolito 2018 Outlook

    ....and as soon as I type that BOOM!
  9. Lucas Giolito 2018 Outlook

    It seems that my threats may have worked.
  10. Tom Murphy 2018 Outlook

    That's because they're led by god
  11. Lucas Giolito 2018 Outlook

    And, as shown by 3 1st inning walks this afternoon, nothing has really changed in a month's time. In this day and age, where TB has deployed "the opener" rather successfully, you're not pigeonholed into having a 5 man rotation and doing what everyone else is doing. Send him the hell down, improvise with your staff to fill in the gap of a missing SP, and tell him he's not coming back until his BB/9 is under 3.
  12. Carlos Correa 2018 Outlook

    This is what I had typed up, but got sidetracked How is he a borderline top 25 offensive fantasy player? In my points league he's like 42nd over all and 8th at SS. In 6 cats he ranks, emphasis on the word 'ranks' BA - 79th OBP - 56th HR - t47th R - t-28th RBI - t-23rd SB - t-103rd No one drafted him to be 2nd-3rd tier at his position. Even if an owner had an above average draft, he's probably the biggest influence when it comes to a team's success or failure
  13. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Anyone know how Austin was doing before they called up Bird?
  14. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    And there’s no reason for it today when the weekend series against Boston is all v LHP. Assuming he has options, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him sent down before that starts.
  15. Rotoworld Blurb Mistake/Argument Thread

    And the awfulness continues Matt Kemp - OF - Dodgers Matt Kemp will serve his one-game suspension on Wednesday against the Cubs. Kemp's suspension comes as he was ejected for arguing a called third strike against the Cubs last Tuesday. He'll be unavailable for Wednesday's game, but will return on Thursday against Chicago. This is not why Kemp is suspended.