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  1. Felipe 'The Jesus' Vazquez? ALL PLAYER NEWS FELIPE VAZQUEZRP, PITTSBURGH PIRATES Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez has been arrested on charges of computer pornography, solicitation of a child, and one count of providing obscene material to minors. SOURCE: CBS Pittsburgh Sep 17, 2019, 12:29 PM ET
  2. He had already pitched the 7th and they scored a run to make lead 4
  3. The guy that’s just had his a** on pine for 5-6 days is running away with the MVP? Lol
  4. ADAM DUVALLOF, ATLANTA BRAVES Adam Duvall is not in the Braves' lineup Tuesday against the Mets. The slumping outfield will sit against right-hander Zack Greinke. Matt Joyce will start in left field while Ender Inciarte plays center. SOURCE: Grant McAuley on Twitter Aug 13, 2019, 1:54 PM ET
  5. Get out of here with this. In 4 games against MIN this year he's 2-0 and held them to a .683 OPS.
  6. Anyone with an iota of baseball sense, that saw that AB against Chatwood, thought the same thing. Chatwood's a hack and it wasn't pretty. Didn't stop me from taking a flyer on the guy, thank god, but nothing wrong about what abs posted
  7. You a rotoworld blurb writer by chance?
  8. Mine do too. 20 week H2H season, overwhelming majority play in a football league together and try to avoid the overlap.
  9. Have you looked at their roster? Peraza's had his chance and done nothing with it, Iglesias is a one year guy that the team owes nothing to. The only 'vets' on the team are Suarez, Votto, Barnhart. This falls more in line with him, and likely the org as a whole, being an idiot than trying to do the right thing.
  10. Seriously. You people are awful at what you do in the first place. Stop making it worse
  11. How about a little consistency in here?
  12. Not even starting against a RHP now. Who'd this guy piss off?
  13. Vargas Meatball special devoured by Abreu
  14. Won't Baez be out of the 2B pool next year?
  15. I'm sure he had input in what needs he thought the team had, but who they actually went out and got, probably very little.
  16. Cash put Aguilar on the team? Fascinating.
  17. Yet you just read a post, mine,that said that almost verbatim. Stop trolling the board.
  18. Was this not just explained to you? As a matter of fact, it was... and you even said that you agree with it. So how do we get back to asking how the offense has something to do with it?
  19. This whole post just reeks of ignorance to the nuances of the game. First and foremost, as of now the Dbacks have arguably the best defensive team in the game. That alone is a + in ERA and WHIP Also, if the team he's pitching for is leading, which sure as hell wasn't happening often in MIA, he's more likely to stay in the game, not get pinch hit for. Staying in the game longer creates more opportunities for QS, K. Is there a potential downside there to other cats, such as ERA, because batters are getting more looks at him, sure. But I'll take that chance. Its as big of a win on paper for Gallen as your post is just fundamentally wrong.
  20. Anytime Chapman wants to get his head out of his a**, that would be great