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  1. I mean nobody owns Dunn due to points right with the current Bulls team? You hope for the 10-0.7-4-7-2-0.5 and ofc punt TO
  2. As much as I love Jrue.. you take KAT.... if its 12 team or above.
  3. He is such a beast! I just wish he would get back to decent FT.... 75%.. cmon Jrue, you were 79% last season (Same with Wall, who I also own )
  4. Fully agree! In H2H when u need to win weeks, he is mehh... but in Roto there is nobody better honestly!
  5. I would not make either of the trades. I am an Ayton and JRich owner... and I would rather have JRich over Ayton (unless Ayton was my first big)
  6. Lillard, especially in your team! Its not a buy low, so the marginal gain is not worth the risk!
  7. Towns is the problem. But hey he still is a 1st round guy. He is just not a week winner like Harden, AD, Curry, Giannis. But he is reasonably efficient even in his struggles.
  8. My exact problem is being solver by The Rooster. 2 bubblewraps to go please!
  9. I tend to trust a month worth of games. So for example now, I am willing to believe that Nurkic will be a 70% FT shooter for the season on average. I do not believe the near 80% he is on, but I think the 65% he had last season improves to 72-75%.
  10. drop turner and accept the trade. Enjoy the championship
  11. Brogdon > Turner. I am staying away from Turner all of this season
  12. At least one thing is good.... Fantasy is not real-life basketball..... if his actual basketball value would reflect his fantasy value he would be a fringe 10 team player . But in Fantasy even when he sucks he gets you end of 1st round value.
  13. That is exactly my logic as well! Like I love what he is doing, absolutely love it... but 1 foul less a game and he gets 27 min a night... its so close, I can feel it
  14. As an Ayton owner, I would not accept anything below top 40 value in 8-cat (I autopunt TOs)
  15. Why you guys complaining... He is a Rook, he has great games and then so-so games... Safe 4th round value if not better! You dont draft him to win blocks guys !