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  1. Trade DSJ for LMA? WHIR

    Yeah if not a dynasty move, its robbery! Get your LMA
  2. Mario Hezonja 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Oh, you most definitely can... Like for example Prime Pau Gasol is THE BETTER basketball player than Prime Blake Griffin or IT.... However.... as a first option I would take BG or IT over Pau.... while you are definitely winning more with Pau as the 2nd option vs BG... Also if you actually read my response... it states that Hez is better under certain conditions... and is an overall better player... but he is nowhere near assertive/aggressive enough to fill a 1st (and probably 2nd) man role...
  3. Mario Hezonja 2017-18 Season Outlook

    I think he is, in terms of being a third option in the future on a championship team. But if he would have to carry the team (and not win anything, both cases)... I give AG the edge. 2nd option, then it depends, probably still AG.
  4. drunk trade

    My bad, did not read the follow up, relied on the first post. In a points league its probably a 6.
  5. Hmm, legit offer. My CP3 for his Butler

    CP3, Minnesota sched is bad
  6. drunk trade

    DUDE, you got the better deal.... Like... By a considerable margin... Booker = BG, Gallo >> Warren (especially with Gallo's schedule). You only lost if you punt 3s and FT
  7. Blockbuster trade!! Whir

    take KAT and SImmons
  8. If you stash you go for potential, so thats Bam Bam. Skal has a higher floor tho.
  9. Aldridge trade

    Miro + Cap for sure
  10. How would you rank THJ/DSJ/D'AF

    DSJ for me, SO DSJ, THJ, Fox
  11. Mario Hezonja 2017-18 Season Outlook

    I agree, just that Fournier plays the 2 and Hez plays the 3. Fournier does not play the 3
  12. Dynasty blockbuster

    The point is that you are just giving up a lot. Like 3 stars for 3 potential guys with only Jokic having PG or WB potential value. If the guy is going in for the chip then I would retain PG. Cuz Jokic and WB are similar for the next 2-3 years for dynasty. But PG> DSJ (and I like the dude... But PG is a top 15 guy) BG = G Harris (harris better this season tbh). So then you could do something on the level of taking PG out and telling him to take either DSJ or GHarris out. OR let him switch Corey with DLO.
  13. Dynasty blockbuster

    I would ask for someone better than Corey Joseph for sure, not move Kaminsky and Mack and maybe a 2019 1st round rookie pick too. Cuz those 4 you give up WB, PG, BG, Wes are just so much better for this year (obvs), next year and it might equalise only in year 3.... and year 4 onwards you get better... So I would ask for more potential at least, even if your team is old and you are missing PO this year. With this trade... the dude will probably lock up the title this year.
  14. Mario Hezonja 2017-18 Season Outlook

    There is no way he forces Fournier to be the 6th man (and it wont benefit him as Fournier plays SG). But Owners SHOULD hope that Magic wake up, get some commitments from Hez and they move J Simmons to be the 6th man. So Hez can start at the 3, play back-up 4. Or that Magic play AG back-up 5 minutes, when he starts at he 4, so Hez would get all the minutes from back-up 3 and 4... but Hez has 35 min a night atm due to 4 rotation players missing... 2 are starters... so I am hoping for the confidence to continue and 25 min, anything above is a fairytale (last month 25.7m, last 2 weeks 31min last month per game rank in top 70. )