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  1. Our league tends to value and perhaps overvalue RBs so I will lean there most likely. I'm not yet sure what I think of Sutton. I could see a number of other WRs being more productive. Haven't watched much of anyone yet so I'm sure my rankings will change a ton especially after the Draft.
  2. I like your picks. If you can walk away with Barkley/Guice, you will be in great position. I have picks 1.02, 1.04, 1.11 and 1.12 in a 12-team, 40-man roster dynasty league (I had a bunch of injuries -- Luck, Odell, Zeke, Edelman, etc. that caused me to trade into this year). We use standard scoring and QBs and RBs tend to be at a premium over WRs. My thinking is that, if I can't trade up to snag Barkley, I'll try for: 1.02 Guice 1.04 Chubb or Love. I'm also curious about Damien Williams and Sony Michel. Michel especially seems underrated and may even be a better RB than Chubb (especially considering injury history). But I'm not sure. Would love some thoughts from you and the board on the best way to go at my picks.