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  1. Lefty on lefty matchup. Smh.
  2. Fuk this guy. Destroyed my FG% shooting 2 for 15. Stop shooting you idiot.
  3. Go F yourself tough guy. Does it look like i am watching the game?
  4. Only played 5 min with no Whiteside. Is he injured?
  5. Few pages back some dude was all high and mighty about Bledsoe...
  6. CJ miles got alot of burn today..also OG was on fire. Pascal just dint get into a groove. Plus he picked up 2 quick ticky tack fouls. Credit Washington tho. They made sure Siakam din't leak out. Still if this is his floor 7-8-3 with 1 Blk and 1 3p....Bledsoe who?
  7. Shakestreet prob picked Bell first overall. Had the opportunity to get Conner. Passed. Now can't make fantasy playoffs. Must hurt.
  8. Lol all these sad Bell owners who were too slow to pick up a stud RB in Conner.
  9. Paskal also defending the best player . Last game it was AD and today he got Blake. And he still shooting 6/9. Becoming a 2 way player.
  10. Yep. Number 1 waiver now that KoBert is out for the year.