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  1. Good KC lost. Damien had 1 carry for 8 yards and never heard from again. Wtf is that bull crap
  2. Hopkins 10 targets 29 yrds rec.. smh. Dint even fight for that int.
  3. Tine to sell Nuk. Dropped pass inside the 5 yard and the second one he dint even challenge for that int.
  4. Maybe they finally gave the "Fuller role" to Nuk. And the "Nuk role" to Fuller.
  5. Lol Thielen was open too on that TD play. I thought Kirk was going to him.
  6. So Fuller has 5 deep targets. He missed 3 that hit his hands and 1 with double coverage. Nuk gets dump offs. Smh.
  7. What happened to Damien? Had 1 carry for 8 yrds. A rec TD. Then nothing?