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  1. What about Fournette in his previous 2 games
  2. I like him alot because he's their one true 'big' receiver. All of them will see redzone looks, but he may see sone extra just because of his size and particular skillset.
  3. If he were going off, people would be like, 'someone's gotta get all those targets lol at benching MVS'
  4. I was actually pretty encouraged. I was forced into starting Davis with Diggs' injury and byes, and wasn't looking forward to him in a bad matchup with a lot of Byron Jones. But Mariota's finally healthy and it showed. Corey got 10 targets and a rush. I think you have to throw out most of this season so far because his QB has been playing without being able to grip the ball properly. I'd buy Davis all day, warts of the clock-eating Titan offense and all.
  5. I think he wants to hang the specter out there that he'll show up unexpectedly, sign the tender and lead to some unrest in the locker room. I think Bell, more than anything, would like a trade at this point, and giving the Steelers so much uncertainty might lead to some kind of move. It's pretty clear that even if he returns and is "welcomed" back, trust isn't completely there on either side of this equation. Pittsburgh doesn't know if Bell will approach these games with maximum effort, as he's made his current priority clear, and Bell can't know that Pittsburgh won't send a message to anyone else who would dare try this with how they use him. It's not a traditional holdout since AFAIK Pitt can't extend him now anyway, so it's not like the secrecy is helping his leverage.
  6. We're probably arguing semantics, then. If Silva, etc., were barking like Jones getting a split was inevitable, that was getting too far ahead of things and I'd agree with you.
  7. LOL ok man. You're right, after the fact hindsight and results-based thinking FTW. Nice spot start of Hines.
  8. You're assuming your perception of what was causing Barber to have a low YPC is any more valid than mine or anyone else's. It was an ineffective running game. Would Koetter blame Barber? The OL? The game script? You didn't know and neither did I. But one of those could have resulted in a change. It doesn't surprise me that Barber came out and played well. That was always possible.
  9. Well, Barber came into the game averaging 3 yards a carry. I won't sit here and say you're wrong ... your reasoning as to why the number is low might be correct. But I think if someone is speculating on a potential change at RB in the NFL, a 3 YPC is as much an indicator as anything. Jones was a good spec pickup based on that and his draft pedigree. Anyone starting him or assuming he had a starting position in hand handled things poorly.
  10. I also think it would be fair to assume Jones could have indeed gotten a lot of work today if Barber had struggled to find room, as in the first few weeks. But if the vet is running well they're not gonna sub him.. If people were assuming Jones was starting or was named starter, that's on them.
  11. So people made you afraid to start Barber bc Jones could take his carries, pushing you to start ... Hines, who was 100 percent losing carries to Mack?
  12. I imagine he'll play this week. Coming off a blowout win of the Pats, sure, why not, give him time to rest. Now you lost and scored six points, so he'll be back.
  13. He said he needed 1,200 yards to move into third place all time in rushing.
  14. Not bad for them to pick up two ex-first round WRs for a smattering of mid and late rounders.
  15. He's done this for two straight seasons. He should be fine ... for whatever reason he's just been a very slow starter.