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  1. Sexton ross Huerter if you were on your last pick, who would you draft ?
  2. Oops I’m sorry y’all, he was 5/7 when I posted that. Still a good line nevertheless. #10teamer #mustown
  3. Anyone have this guys shot chart ? Can’t believe this is sustainable
  4. every year I doubt him he crushes his adp and now he finally makes use of his playmaking ?? definition of a fantasy gem. 4-4-4 🤫
  5. I feel bad whenever he gets a second foul n the first qtr. U can see his despair
  6. 14/18?? As josh Lloyd would say, “unsustainable”
  7. Who’s the better man C going forward ? much thanks !
  8. Is he taking less 3pters??? It would explain his good fg so far. You pick ur poison, bad fg or bad 3’s and I’m liking his good fg as 3pters are easier to find somewhere else
  9. It seems to me Hayward’s ceiling looks much like brogdons stats. Should I accept for brogdon? Thank you
  10. How in the world did his owned % decrease in yahoo leagues ?? Crazy. He’s a must own player.
  11. he’s proven he can provide useful stats across the board multiple times. He really just has to be consistent at this point. I’m giving him till end of January to come through(5 week span)