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  1. But this is just a facade. Like I said, not complaining, I'll take it. But he reminds of Tyreke Evans on bad teams. Reke will ball out on bad teams. Put him on a team that has winning goals and other good players and Reke does a magic trick and disappear. Same goes for Payton. Ride Payton til the wheels fall off!
  2. Makes you wonder why he bounces around teams huh? And complaining, got him on two teams and Jrue is out indef. What were the Suns thinking?
  3. If you didn't pick him up by now, it's probably too late. He's crushing it!
  4. If you don't know, now you know. This didn't just start tonight. With a 4 game slate next week, go get this dude if he is you on your wire.
  5. Barnes is a must own right now. Hield, Fox, and Barnes in that order. WCS next.
  6. Crazy ain't it! People asking questions about Bam. The dude has taken Whiteside spot and putting up good numbers. Splitting time, but you grab and hold onto Bam for the foreseeable future. His FG% and FT% is what does it. Fantasy and reality. Folks not looking at the sched and planning for the future.
  7. Dodged one there! I don't care if he plays this game or not. Just the fact he's a game time is everything!
  8. Agree. Why I try to target him every year. There is no replacement for him. He carries a fantasy team. Him missing a game or two, maybe 3 is alright by me. Gotta bye in one of my leagues anyway. That'll give me time..
  9. Waiting impatiently. My chip is on the line with this coming news.
  10. IMO, I wouldn't worry about Johnson this year. He never got it going. Had ample opportunity and fizzled. Insert Olynyk and Bam..presto! Different results. Heat was on a losing skid prior to these insertions.
  11. Bad season for Harris. Barton too. All due to injuries. We know what both can do. Like both and the team, but if they don't turn it around before the end of the season, they may get bounced in the 1st round. Dropped Barton and I can't say I trust him at this point and that's with a nice playoff sched.
  12. Oh no, not judging him on sitting, I know what he can do, but Harris where ever he goes he balls out. He not shut down like Kahwi, but "50x better", c'mon or "way better".
  13. Beast Master! KAT takes me to a chip every year..
  14. Yup, just a bit worried about his ROS. Targeting him next year for sure.
  15. Dropped Barton this week. Rolling now just when I dropped his arse! Hopefully no one is paying attention. LOL, I own Jokic on that team as well and was trying to strategize for the playoffs, but Barton was killing me.
  16. Wouldn't say way better, but he is better. His defense is what makes him better. Though Harris is no slouch on the boards either.
  17. Agree. Big mouth Jimmy Buckets. Liked him Chi say 3 seasons ago, but he has wore his welcome out everywhere trying to get paid. Be interesting to see what Philly does with him in the off season. Like I stated before, he's like the 4th cog there now.
  18. Wonder if he regrets leaving Utah? Things have not gone well since his first game there in Boston. Imagine him in Ingles spot with D-Mitch. Hayward took me to several championships when he was with Utah, he balled out there and wasn't afraid to take it took the rack either.
  19. What a blast! Who said he's boring. Skills there somewhere. Look, I picked up Zeller and R. Lopez on a team that was already nice for this week. That team scored 211 pts in a H2H in one night. Don't know how long this last though. Wait til and if the wheels fall off. H2H/9Cat/12 Team/1st Place PG: De'Aaron Fox, Donovan Mitchell, Luka Doncic, Tyler Johnson, Elfrid Payton SG: Bojan Bogdanovic, Luka Doncic, Donovan Mitchell, Wesley Matthews SF: Tobias Harris, Bojan Bogdanovic, Luka Doncic, Wesley Matthews PF: Jarrett Allen, Tobias Harris, Cody Zeller 😄 Karl-Anthony Towns, Steven Adams, Robin Lopez, Cody Zeller, Jarrett Allen IL: Jaren Jackson Jr.
  20. Well, we can what the pecking order is now and Butler is like 4th in line. Interesting. And we thought T. Harris value would drop.. Not!
  21. Trust me, he's not gonna win that battle. Some coaches have that say, others just follow what the front office wants.. Gotta' be frustrating as coach. IMO Bagley should be starting and why not.