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  1. To keep Lindor, or not to keep Lindor

    I would definitely drop Lindor because it affords you lots of flexibility as others have said before. Especially if it's snake, where you can grab Lindor/Bregman second round
  2. I would go for India as well. You seem pretty set with Correa and Torres in MI.
  3. None that I know of, but I would advise going through ESPN's (or whatever platform your playing on) RP pool and then filtering by QS.
  4. Help with big deal

    Not the second one, but I'm not sure if I would take the first one either to be honest. Hiura looks to be a pretty complete bat, just too young to promote. Rodon is young enough to figure it all out and maybe even become 2019's Snell. And you know exactly what you're getting out of Gallo -- 40 HRs, 90 RBIs, but then .200 BA.
  5. Lindor Trade?

    Thanks for all the input! @sngehl01 Lots of great advice! -I get the feeling the other owner is already at his limit with Snell and Torres but maybe I can pull off something in a 3 for 2. Maybe even a draft pick. -I think Mikolas will age pretty well considering how deep his repertoire is but I agree that his K/9 numbers need some work. Definitely some better options available. -Can Vlad Jr. really get that much on the trade market??? Wow. I have gotten a lot more interest in Chapman, but I'll have the other for depth. I will definitely throw some offers around! @TrueShoe My thoughts exactly. I seem to be a year or two from competing anyways. Snell seems like a top dynasty option for years to come and Torres is similarly quite valuable.
  6. Peralta and Haniger. Ozuna never struck me as a patient OBP guy.
  7. Lindor Trade?

    Oops! It's actually 14 keepers. Anyways, I am Team A. I am still trying to figure out keepers and I suppose that is part of the problem. However, here's what I have so far. Locks: -Gordon -Lindor -Matt Chapman -Vlad Jr. -Eddie Rosario -Benintendi -Mallex Smith -Mikolas -Kimbrel Maybe: -Jeffress -Stripling -Hendricks -Gurriel -Bichette -Wendle -De Leon -Vizcaino -Eovaldi -Seranthony Dominguez The league favors strikeouts, as it includes K/9 and K/BB as one of many categories. I finished in the bottom third of every pitching category, so it's safe to say I need quality pitching. Traditionally, I am against trading elite first round talent like Lindor, but I have never initiated a rebuild and losing Lindor for less than he's worth would be a grave mistake. I'm not sure if it's possible for Lindor to get any better but he's so young that anything is possible. I expect Snell to regress a little bit and I'm not sure about Torres. Team B has Nola, Glasnow, Heaney, Salazar, and Corbin so he's in a good spot anyways.
  8. Lindor Trade?

    H2H Cats-Keep 12 Team A gives up: Lindor Team B gives up: Snell Gleyber Who wins and by how much?
  9. Trea Turner Bregman trade, whir

    I would pass. Bregman has 3B/SS eligibility and seems to be getting more and more acclimated to big league pitching. Turner is still a tremendous talent, but speed doesn't age well traditionally and I have my doubts of Turner getting back to hitting .300.
  10. WHIR - Ideas for my offseason

    If everyone was to keep as many keepers possible, 64 players would be on rosters before the draft. Those top 64 are "keeper-worthy". In dynasty, are any of them top 64 to you? I believe Chapman has a chance to creep into that top 64 with another good season, but you probably could find managers willing to take on a mid-30s ace (Verlander) and/or a 30 yr old elite bounce-back candidate (Gordon) for picks. Maybe even young(er) talent. This team probably won't compete this year so I would play with the idea of packaging up a player and a pick for a Severino/Bellinger type. It's definitely a tough task to determine how much picks are worth in each dynasty league so be vigilant too.
  11. Super super tempting. I would do it. Robles might not have the raw hitting ability Acuna has, but I think he'll be a more consistent source of SBs while keeping a decent .270 - .280 AVG. Adding Thor and Rizzo for the slight, slight difference between Robles and Acuna does it for me.
  12. Early talk for my Keepers

    I would select Seager, Aguilar, Bieber, and Sheffield. While I don't believe Aguilar will be able to replicate last season, I think he'll come pretty close. Plus, 1B is getting even tougher and tougher to fill in recent seasons. Bieber will get even better since his command is already pretty spot-on. For him, it'll come down to limiting runs. Honestly, I'm not too sure when it comes down to the Minor Leaguers -- I just think Sheffield will have the best shot at starts.
  13. Chris Sale Dynasty deal

    Definitely do better! I wouldn't even consider trading Sale unless you can get an even younger star like Betts/Trout/Lindor! Sale is only 29 and has plenty of phenomenal years ahead of him. He looks to be leading in the new era of Nola/DeGrom/Snell as Kershaw/Kluber/Scherzer are getting older and/or dealing with injuries. Blackmon is no longer the five-category stud he was in 2015 nor is he hitting over .300 like in 2016 and 2017. Ray is alright...but simply alright. His ceiling isn't nearly high enough to justify this trade.
  14. Who to drop? NL only league

    Agreed. Rodriguez is on a nice roll right now and Smith hit a little bump, but I have more faith in his stuff rebounding than Godley’s.