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  1. Who to drop? NL only league

    Agreed. Rodriguez is on a nice roll right now and Smith hit a little bump, but I have more faith in his stuff rebounding than Godley’s.
  2. Move Carlos Martinez?

    Been shopping CMart around and the trade rumors swirling around him are not helping at all. It is an NL only league so I lose him if he gets traded. I would love to get something back at the very least. One owner is extremely interested. I’m thinking CMart for Pham and Freeland, but here’s the roster if anyone has better ideas. C-Molina 1B-Jose Ramirez 2B-Hanson SS-Story 3B-Shaw OF-Pham OF-Dickerson OF-Kemp UT-Souza Zimmerman LeMahieu SP-Gio SP-Hill SP-Quintana SP-Taillon SP-Freeland SP-Enyel De Los Santos SP-Poncedeleon RP-Ottavino RP-Boxberger RP-Bradley RP-Watson RP-Doolittle
  3. Move Carlos Martinez?

    Thanks all. Just declined the trade. The waiver wire is incredibly thin as Barnes is the best 2B remaining on there and there are no remaining pitchers getting regular starts either.
  4. Streamer for tomorrow WHIR

    Leake! Barria might throw up more Ks but Leake has been going much deeper into his starts by not allowing many walks or many runs (with the exception of 6/17 vs BOS). Also looks like Trout is playing through a finger injury.
  5. Move Carlos Martinez?

    I SEND: Carlos Martinez I RECEIVE: Kyle Freeland, Starlin Castro, Jimmy Nelson (DL) 15 Team NL League, Up to 9 Keepers, H2H Cats C - Suzuki 1B - Freeman 2B - Reyes SS - Mercer 3B - Rojas OF - Marte OF - Acuna OF - Schebler UTIL - Knapp, Pence, Bruce (DL) DL - Seager, Longoria SP - CMartinez, Stratton, Lauer, Elieser Hernandez (MIA), Lyles (DL) RP - Hughes, Lorenzen, Neshek, Hand, Morrow, Edgar Santana (PIT) My gut is telling me to hold Martinez and his five years of control. Then wait till next year with Seager coming back and Acuna likely becoming more consistent. BUT I am first in my five team division and Freeland has been pitching well. Castro is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade over Reyes. And Nelson teased his ace potential in 2017. Tell me what you think! Thanks!
  6. Meadows or Candelario?

    Agreed. Meadows has much better speed and is hitting well. Despite not starting everyday, I still think he'll outproduce Candelario.
  7. Huge Deal on table for JO RAM... WHIR

    I would turn it down. Even though they are rookies, they have all met or exceeded expectations this season (possibly with the exception of Acuna, but his expectations were sky-high to begin with). While JRam will help a bit in the SB category, I think you'll get similar totals in all of the other categories out of Ozzie and Gleyber. Not sure if you even need SBs with Trea and Trout though. In a shallow 12 team, I think Candelario will be a solid run producer besides his low BA since he gets walks pretty easily. However, Moncada's BA will put a significant hole through your team's BA without any real hope of a breakout like the rookies.
  8. Would u do this trade?

    If you could provide any detail about league scoring and keeper/non-keeper, that would help! Suarez and Lemahieu have been pretty hot and it would be tough to give them up. I think you could ask for more given their recent hitting. Judge would be a nice pickup if its keeper and Trout is probably out of reach.
  9. Maybe go for a 2 for 2? Herrera is certainly very streaky, but when he's hot, he can upgrade any trio of OF. Then you can run with what you got right now when/if he goes cold. I would see if you can go Lowrie for Herrera and then try to swap for a better SP while you're at it.
  10. Been offered Torres for Bellinger?

    Torres! Bellinger is kinda up and down, but as others have mentioned before, Torres fills out your MI nicely and is in a better situation with the Yankees. AND Torres is only 2 HR behind Bellinger with 84 less ABs as of 7/1. Obviously Torres is taking advantage of the short RF porch and went on a tear since his debut, but he'll put up sneaky good power numbers.
  11. Should I shop Vlad Jr.?

    I'm not sure what else Vlad needs to do to prove he needs to get promoted once he's healthy. I like Vlad over Soto long-term too, but I would still try to move him for a surefire keeper like Sale or Betts or JRam. Trea+Trout should win you SB almost every year so I would keep the two of them as well.
  12. What to do about my SPs? -WHIR

    I would move Springer for Greinke and Martinez. While moving Springer is quite short-sighted, I would say that's a pretty good return for a guy in such a deep slump. I like CMart's chances to rebound and Greinke is a big improvement over any of your current SP. Plus, help is on the way with Santana starting to build up his pitch count. Also as you mentioned, it would clear a spot for Soto or maybe even Vlad Jr. ----- Carlos Martinez for Jimmy Nelson, Castro, and my choice of Musgrove or Freeland? (15 team NL Keeper League. Weekly H2H Cats) My SP consists of CMart, Stratton, Lauer, and Elieser Hernandez. My starting 2B is Jose Reyes. I'm first in my 5 team division, but my lead is fading fast. I also have Freeman, Marte, Acuna, Seager, Hand, and Morrow in addition to CMart. My gut is telling me my year is next year so I should hold onto CMart, but I also really like Freeland's consistency, Nelson's ace potential, and not being forced to start Reyes.
  13. Raimel Tapia worth #1 waiver claim? WHIR

    Would not use my #1 on Tapia. While he has shown some power/speed flashes in the past, no way he's going to get a decent share of playing time this season. Plus Dahl will probably be back some time in August, further complicating things.
  14. I am interested! Send me the details!
  15. 30 team AL/NL only

    How will the buy-in be handled? PayPal?