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  1. Anyone interested? We are in around 3 and I have an owner who due to time constraints would like to step away. It’s still $40 his two picks are Nolan Arenado and Aaron Nola
  2. Responded to you on the forum. 1) Yes 2) Yes it will if the draft slows down 3) League vote can fix that
  3. Salaries match real life for players drafted. Any player that is not drafted will be bid on Free Agency. Then there contract will correlate to that bid. Draft format is a snake draft here is some info: Snake Draft 12 Hours per pick All players major and minor are available You inherit the real life contract but any player making over 25m reverts to 25m Draft Order done randomly After you pick please reply to the group email notify everyone who is up Players will be added to Fantrax team once picked Google Doc will contain all players contracts prior to the draft
  4. Draft and Free Agency will be done at Salaries will be kept on a Google Doc where the whole league has easy access using both web browser and Google sheets app for smart phones
  5. Draft Order will be randomly done using You input everyone's email and team into FFtoolbox and they will email the whole league a totally random draft order.