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  1. @nygiantsfan913I’m very interested in this team. It is a free league correct? Email me at thanks
  2. @ryder18 I’m interested definitely. What team is open????
  3. I’m looking for a free, Espn dynasty or keeper league. Don’t care if the team is bad or not but I’d hope it would be solid. I’m fine with points or cats. I’m very active, will be adding players and checking trades everyday. If you have any openings just drop them here. Thanks
  4. I’m interested and already have group me. I’ll take ric flair. I would like to see the available teams though to see which one I would like. Email me at
  5. I’m still very interested. Check my email ^^^^^
  6. I’m interested if still available. I know this was posted a long time ago so it is fine if it is not. I’m very active and will check daily. My email is
  7. I’m very interested and am a very active owner. Free league? Scoring? Email me at My choices would be 1. Knights 2. Canucks 3. Sharks Thanks
  8. I’m definitely interested if you still need owners
  9. I would definitely be interested
  10. 10 team standard points league redraft not keeper/dynasty Do I drop flaherty for tucker? I have no utility but my starters are still lacking somewhat. Thanks
  11. I’m down I’ll be the rockets