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  1. 12+ teams H2H most cats No keepers <$50
  2. Why is the draft manually entered instead of random?
  3. I am interested but have never used league safe. How do the payouts work?
  4. Year to year redraft leagues or small keeper leagues? 95% of the leagues I see posted are either dynasty or salary cap. I am looking for a pay 12-16 team year to year or small keeper league on ESPN...anything out there? I will not join a Fantrax league or pro boards based so please don't ask.
  5. Yes, I'm always looking ahead and trying to maximize value.
  6. Keep 1 Gurley, Chubb, or Conner I could trade Gurley for the 2nd overall pick in next years draft (after 24 keepers) and keep either Chubb or Conner. I would have Hopkins and either Chubb or Conner along with 2 first round picks going into 2019. Or keep Hopkins and Gurley, have 1 first round pick and send Chubb and Conner back to the draft pool. What would you do?
  7. Ekeler and Ingram. Jags are lost right now and have not shown they will run consistently. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/729816-who
  8. Sheppard ATL D is fantasy friendly. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/729816-who
  9. Ingram in a standard league, White in 1 PPR