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  1. I could not find a dynasty league to my liking so I made my own. The league is on ESPN and is free. This is just for fun and bragging rights. It would be hard to find someone to pay for a team that could be a wreck in a few years. League: 16 teams,1 division, 7 teams make playoffs, #1 seed gets first round playoff bye week Scoring: 1 PPR, notable scoring changes are 6 points per passing TD and team defenses have been tamed down to prevent negative scoring. Rosters: 21 rosters spots, (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, D/ST, K) 18 keepers per year, 2 IR spots. Draft: The inaugural draft will take place tonight at 9pm central. There will be a 3 round off-line draft each year before the upcoming season for incoming rookies and free agents. If you are interested please let me know by leaving your contact info below. This is not a first come first serve. Even though this is a free league I would still like to get committed, quality owners who enjoy football and want to take on the next step in fantasy and try to be a dynasty. The Dynasty War Room...do you have what it takes?
  2. Best QB available is Josh Allen. I have talked to other owners and they only want to deal if zeke is in it. Obviously not doing that.
  3. My QB situation could not get any worse, I have Trubisky and Darnold and after last night I have no hope for that Bears O. I've been offered Russell Wilson for Melvin Gordon. Would you gamble on Gordon coming back to have a RB group of Zeke, Devonta F, and Gordon or get something out of him now (since we don't know for sure if he will play at all) since my QB's are so weak?
  4. $50 buy in on ESPN - looking to expand to 14 teams this season. Payouts are as follows, 1st - $400 2nd - $200 Side pot #1 -$50 (most points season) Side pot #2 -$50 (most points weekly) Notable info and settings, -Draft is on 9-2-19 @ 8:30pm central -No keepers, redraft each year. -13 roster spots, 8 starters (QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, DST) -1 point PPR -No trade review -Roster restrictions by position -7 teams make playoffs -#1 playoff seed gets bye week in round 1 -Pay via Pay Pal or cash This is not a first come first served. I am looking for educated, seasoned owners with plenty of knowledge on fantasy football. Thanks, Wabbit2k