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  1. Brandin Cooks 2018 Outlook

    Browns fan here, off topic but he will probably not be used to his full potential this season but yeah. Either way I think Cooks can potentially finish in the top 8 WRs on the season so that’s why I say you def won. Have you watched any Rams games this season? Cooks looks ELECTRIC with the ball in his hands.
  2. Brandin Cooks 2018 Outlook

    You won that trade BY FAR
  3. 12 team 1pt PPR: My D. Hopkins for his J. Conner and B. Cooks. My other WRs are Hill, Hogan, Tate, Ginn. My RBs are Thompson, Burkhead, TyMont, Hines, Allen, Ingram (kinda rough). I’m leaning towards yes because I think Conner plays all season and Cooks looks like a borderline WR1. What do you think?
  4. I figure this might be a good thread for people with the same playoff format. This is my first year doing fantasy and I don’t watch a ton of basketball. Our league’s championship (which I have lucked my way into) goes from now until April 11th. I foolishly have $4 left to bid on FAs. Any advice on how to maximize this as best I can? Are certain teams going to rest starters down the stretch I should be keeping on eye on to wait for? I have Kevin Love as well and dunno whether to drop him or not. Thanks in advance pals
  5. The stock upside is there but so are headaches over minutes...pursue at your own risk.
  6. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    You’re not wrong, I just think there’s like a 90% chance we take a QB at 1. Agree to disagree though, that’s what makes this time of the year so exciting. After trading for Randall though, he’s going to be playing FS over corner. Don’t know if that effects drafting Fitzy boy (I don’t think it should) but who knows with the new regime.
  7. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    Well now you’re just being a silly boy. But I’ll play along with your timeline. So Browns take Barkley 1, and no QB at all? Or one later? I’d be intrigued by a Barkley/Lamar Jackson draft, would at least make for entertaining backfield...if Jackson has the makings of a franchise QB.
  8. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    D’oh my bad. I just recently started posting more on here instead of lurking and the format on mobile is taking getting used to.
  9. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    I’ve been avoiding jumping into this Hue vs Sashi debate but you’re spot on here. The only thing that can save Hue is Haley at this point. If Hue can be an effective leader of men and stay out of the playcalling side of things then I’ll be...I don’t know if happy is the right word, pleased I guess? Truthfully the day Sashi got canned I just avoided debate and even talking about the situation with fellow fans because it’s pointless to care as long as Haslem sticks his rotten little fingers in everything. Disheartening. At this point I’m just hoping to get lucky and not be too sad on Sundays.
  10. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    My biggest mistake in my post was not clearly stating that I think Hue Jackson is a snake and Todd Haley is the only thing that can save his job. I also don’t know enough about Haley to say whether or not he will be positive for Pryor. You are 100% correct in your analysis but personally I’m going nowhere near Pryor in fantasy, late pick or not. Healthy or not, I feel like he will be one of those players that strings you along half of the season when you could be taking fliers instead. His contributions to the Browns would have more to do with winning games rather than fantasy.
  11. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    Interesting...although I can’t shake the feeling that team is the Pittsburgh Steelers...
  12. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    The problem is that for as man informed Browns fans there are just as many Browns ignorant ones. We are a football town so basically everyone is at least a casual fan, but those strictly casual fans are the ones looking for a splash to make them excited. Cue the drove of people that were super excited for Manziel... Most fans that actually pay attention will tell you the “missing link” has always been, and seemingly always will be (kill me) a franchise QB. However I’m very intrigued by your take as a Giants fan. I’ve been calling Barkley to you guys for awhile now if you stay at your pick but how do you feel about trading down, especially if it’s to bolster your line? Admittedly I don’t pay close attention to the Giants but does Nelson intrigue you? Also realize this is off topic so we don’t need to delve too deeply just curious.
  13. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    Pryor is going to come back to CLE and will be the 3rd or 4th option depending on if we keep Coleman or get another FA WR. Probably will see use as a weird gadget player, Hue will want to use him like he did with Sanu in Cincy. He knows this is the only place he can breathe life back into his career.
  14. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

    Oh boy where to start...respectfully, as a lifelong Browns fan, the amount of misinformation in this thread is dizzying and it’s obvious many of you don’t actually watch our games or pay attention to our roster (which, in all honesty, more power to you because watching Browns games is like pulling teeth). 1. Landry - Yes slot guys are a dime a dozen but the last sure handed slot receiver that was any good we had was Andrew Hawkins. Having Landry is HUGE to complement a player like Gordon. IDGAF about what picks we gave up (which were chump change) or how much it will cost for a longer term deal (I still think this will get done) because we are flush with picks and money. This move alone opens up our offense so much. 2. Tyrod - I was ECSTATIC about this signing. Imagine crawling on your hands and knees through the desert for 20 years, annually fooled by an oasis on the horizon only to find there’s no water to be had. Even if Tyrod Taylor is a goddamned CUP of water I will lose my mind. Kizer will eventually develop but the red zone picks last year single handedly lost us probably close to half the games we played (if not more). Adding a guy that rarely turns the ball over will net us at least 4 wins next year. Yes we gave up a pick that was a little high even for my taste but we haven’t been doing diddly with our picks so I don’t care if it’s used for marginally proven talent on a one year deal (even though I think Tyrod will play well enough to be considered for an extension...maybe). Tyrod is the bridge. Which brings me to my next point... 3. The Browns are NOT taking Barkley at 1. I repeat, they are not taking Barkley at 1. I’m on mobile at work so I can’t pull it up but Dorsey has almost never taken a RB very high and this is not coming from a small sample size. Especially with the gold he struck on Hunt last year, this year has an even deeper RB class, why would that lead him to taking Barkley 1 when there are numerous holes that need to be addressed earlier on? Crow will be gone and we still have Duke, meaning we need a bruiser back will high yardage after contact. I don’t watch enough college ball to tell you who that back will be but it won’t be Barkley at 1. 4. With these trades we’ve made, that adds Buffalo into the mix to trade up to 2 or 3 alongside the other QB needy teams. If Cousins signs with the Vikes then those QB needy teams get even more desperate to trade up into the top 4. So say the first three picks are QBs (although I think it’s more likely two will be QBs), that leaves Chubb/Barkley/Fitz at 4 for the Browns to snag. I will eat a pile of ants if Barkley is drafted first overall. It just doesn’t make sense. 5. Dorsey’s moves makes FAs more likely to sign with us, in theory. I think based on the moves we make there, this will encourage Landry to sign a longer term offer OR we’re seeing who we’ll pay FA-wise first before we offer him a fat deal that eats into our cap (Dorsey is historically not good with the cap so maybe this is him smartening up, or I could be talking out of my brown eye, who knows, I’m a Browns fan so obviously I’m not too bright). I have a million other thoughts about this team but will hold back because my thumbs hurt and there will probably be more moves this week that will make me eat my words...
  15. While this is my rookie season in FB, I don't think so. Although I'm in a 12 team. I think he still needs to find his rhythm after being out so long, if he can't get it together soon though I would maybe consider it.