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  1. I’m predicting both Chubb and Lindsay will under-perform in relation to their AVe draft price.
  2. Ppr redraft this guy gonna be picked way too soon imo
  3. Once you go auction you will never do snake. one suggestion is to have a non-owner be auctioneer. also use Prime Time Draft software where owner can see the grid on Tv as well as their tablets.
  4. I like Mixon but am very skeptical on DJ and Lindsay due to their QB situations.
  5. this is the mentality that has gotten me to lose in the past. same story every year is you need a top 8 rb preferably top 4. guessing which rb2s will break out is a nightmare. i only play auctions so i can always get a top rb --- this coming year you need at least one of gurley, saquon, zeke, cmc, kamara (or gordon - injury history). even in ppr after the top 15 wrs there are basically all the same or say 2 ppg difference and even the top one (except d hop) can be inconsistent.
  6. The overreaction to downgrade Gurley is crazy. Dude was limited or McVay is an idiot for not using in Super Bowl which isn’t true. Worse case he is 1.03 (zeke, Barkley).
  7. Got a feeling Chubb is going to be overdrafted next year in PPR due to the hype and lack of catching passes. Solid player nonetheless. Tier 1- Gurley Barkley zeke Tier 2- cmc kamara tier 3- gordon (inj concerns) tier 4- Mixon Chubb then drop off to likes of Bell Conner DJ Cook (Kc and GB rb1 possibly) freeman? Etc
  8. After the NFC no call debacle and Roughing passer bs on Brady yesterday I find the SB hard to watch. Next season I’m probably out after fantasy football concludes end Week 16- probably won’t be alone. NFL is becoming a joke with favoritism, bad refs, and silly rules that all favor offense and basically eliminates kickoffs and onside kicks. Sad.
  9. We did our 14 team auction with auctioneer in under 4 hours . If you’re having fun why shorten it being once a year it’s like Christmas in Aug/Sept.
  10. Live in-person auction without question ! It is the fairest way (not even a debate) and way more fun/interactive.
  11. Your RBs gonna stink and no positional advantage TE Flex. Then again I only play redraft auction.
  12. Horrible move. Your 2nd Te actually 2nd player has to flex.