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  1. Wondering if he has a source on this as far as Gant closing or if its just speculation. Gant did just get his brains beaten in last time out and CMart has been good in the role before. Don't think this is a given...although I'd add either one if they out there. (I'm a hopeful CMart owner)
  2. I think he's definitely a guy that some contenders will target if he is pitching well. Will probably only cost a marginal prospect and could fill an important role as specialist against RH hitters. Certainly won't be closing anywhere, though, unless its a stray save here or there in a committee situation.
  3. Nick Anderson with the save for the Marlins today. Probably nothing to see for now with Romo likely getting a rest with a heavy workload this week, But the usage, with him getting the ninth and Guerrero the eighth (both gave up runs), could be a clue about what they do if/when Romo is dealt.
  4. Armstrong hasn't allowed an earned run in his last eight appearances and has a 1.62 ERA since joining the O's, so I think you could argue he is better at this point. Converted a save when they briefly banished Givens from the closer role so he has had a mini audition. Would not be surprised to see him get the next chance.
  5. I guess Colome threw 39 pitches on Tuesday, so the speculation was that they wanted to give him an extra day..
  6. Wasn't actually watching the game so just speculation, but the Twins scored three in the eighth to take the lead. Could be that May was already warming to pitch the ninth in anticipation that they would be behind, then Rocco decided to give him a shot since he was already up and hot. I still scooped him up since I'm desperate.
  7. Twins go to May for the save in a one-run game. Allows singles to the first two guys, then gets the next three to lock it down. Interesting....
  8. I already cut bait, but for those considering a stash Jimenez got lit up again tonight. That's runs allowed in his last three appearances and five of his last eight. I know there aren't many viable alternatives when Greene gets dealt, but caution flammable.
  9. So Harper is ahead of May in the pecking order as the right-handed complement to Rogers if Parker falls out of favor?
  10. Of course, Jimenez yanked in eighth tonight after walking a pair, not trusted to protect a six-run lead (with both runners scoring on a Buck Farmer-issued grand slam to Willy Adames). He is making it real hard for me to keep the faith.
  11. How sure is everyone that Jimenez is going to get the gig when Greene is inevitably traded? I know it's been assumed he is the heir apparent for the last couple years but he has never really been effective for any consistent stretches as a major leaguer. Is it possible he could be skipped over for someone else? I have him stashed because I am desperate for saves but too scared to put him in my lineup since he is prone to meltdowns, so he is burning a valuable roster spot.
  12. Cody Allen pitched in the ninth down two runs....interesting
  13. I'm game. You think it's going to fill in the next hour? tfargojr@gmail.com