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  1. Trade Help, Albies and ..... WHIR

    Ozzie no question
  2. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    Acuna is finally free. Welcome the new face of baseball
  3. Luis Medina P NYY

    Couldn't agree more picked him up in 2 of my dynasty leagues. Other than Sixto Sanchez he is the most exciting pitching prospect in the game to me.
  4. Christan Pache-OF ATL

    If he just found power then he will be a top 15 prospect really soon.
  5. Noah Trade

    I prefer Noah by a lot over Carrasco, but I understand the risk concern. If Syndergaard is healthy he will finish top 3 in the nl cy young. I think Faria is in line for a good year. Upton is a huge upgrade over Kiermaier. I probably wouldn't do it but if you believe Noah will get hurt then do it
  6. ACUNA BIG trade which side wins?

    Probably A and I'm the biggest Acuna fan there is. Is this a dynasty league? Rizzo is much better than Pham. I think Pham and Taylor will regress. I do like Iglesias though.
  7. Christan Pache-OF ATL

    Ender is locked in at center. Acuna will play a Corner OF spot. If Pache develops he will take over center and the Braves will move Ender. Pache may be the best defensive prospect in the game.
  8. Yea I would grab Ozzie asap. I would try to get both but definitely grab Albies
  9. Startup Dynasty League

    I'm interested email
  10. New to dynasty baseball draft help please!

    Albies and Tatis Jr would be my top 2 targets
  11. Worried about Jake Lamb...should I bail out now?

    I would get rid of Lamb, but what pick would it be in the draft and who could you target there?
  12. Heliot Ramos vs Estevan Florial

    I think Florial will be good, but I'm all on the Heliot Ramos badwagon. Big fan of the kid and pick him up in any league I can.
  13. very interested
  14. Dynasty Trade!! Acuna & Bryant

    No and I'm a big Bryant fan, but in a dynasty format for me Acuna is almost untouchable especially a package with Acuna, Albies and Marte.
  15. Moncada, Contreras, or B.Hamilton?

    Keep Contreras. He is a top 3 catcher in the league and after him there is a severe drop off. I like Moncada a lot, but I don't think he gives you enough value over the next two years.