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  1. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    I disagree, Yeldon had a great YPC in Fournette's absence and looks way more explosive/effective than in the past. Looks like he bulked up a bit. it has the makings. team coming off a decisive victory over last years conference champion... star runningback (likely) coming back... facing a Titans squad that has disappointed, with a hobbled starting QB. Blaine Gabbert was born for this. The Jaguars are f*****.
  2. thanks fellas! I'm going to stand pat because I feel ok at receiver, and Yeldon and Ekeler seem like solid lottery tickets if the starter goes down.
  3. Drop Royce for Breida?

    hmm... sure who not? i wouldnt feel great about it though. who would be your 2nd option to drop?
  4. Ingram for Breida 0.5 PPR WHIR

    I like Brieda, but I trust Ingram more. If you're confident you can make playoffs, I prefer Ingram.
  5. hey guys 10-team league with 2QB. I like having 4 QBs, and intend to trade one when a desperate team comes calling - but I'm not totally opposed to dropping Carr. Anyhow, my leaguemates are sleeping on Keelan Cole, who is sitting unowned (filthy casuals!). I'd like to add him, but unsure whom to drop. would you drop any of these players? TY Yeldon might seem like the guy, but it's tough to give up Fournette's handcuff, whom I own as well. 10 team league with .5 PPR, 2QB. Here is the squad:
  6. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    you forgot the most important part! his 'best comparable: I think his value is hard to pinpoint right now. There was a point last year when he was a must-start. He never wowed me with explosiveness or anything, but seemed to get the job done. I'm content to hold and see how it plays out. But I'm in no rush to start him this week. Honestly I'd feel more comfortable starting a guy like Austin Ekeler.
  7. Moves that made or broke you this year?

    Redraft: adding Gennett in a 12-teamer early on (everyone and their mother was screaming for regression, as evidenced by the fact he was on waivers) Dynasty: acquiring Ronald Acuna for a 4-player-package of Pollock, Clevinger, JoMart, and Ian Anderson... while Acuna was injured EDIT: also, keeping the faith and never giving up on Luis Castillo and Michael Conforto.
  8. Moves that made or broke you this year?

    might sound like your league is a weird anomaly, but I had a similar experience. in a $50 league someone dropped Gerrit Cole within the first few weeks (I don't even think he was pitching poorly) such an inexcusable move, and the most stacked team happened to have the highest waiver claim. I put a passive-aggressive message in the chat, then pouted silently in the corner and pretty much checked out of that league, aside from setting my lineup each week. you'll never guess who is going to win 1st place.
  9. Deshaun Watson 2018 Outlook

    overreactions galore. I think he'll be fine. Cheap DFS play this week. Yes please.
  10. thanks. did I mention I'm playing the team with AJG and Dalton? Fun times.
  11. got a feeling Dalton is about to do his best Derek Carr impression
  12. reminds me of the few times I've gone fly fishing
  13. ughh. last year in my two leagues, 1st rounders were David Johnson and Odell Beckham. This year my squad has Fournette, Davante, Mixon, Mariota, and Marquise Goodwin. This $hit is way more stressful than I signed up for.
  14. response to the notion that Mixon shouldn't have busted outside: in his defense, the D-line completely busted through. He would have been eaten alive if he'd followed the script. his instinct kicked into action, and he was a saving-tackle away from a TD. I don't fault him.
  15. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Something is different with Yeldon. Looks more confident and explosive. He is only 24, maybe we wrote him off too soon. I traded for him in a league where I don't even own Fournette. Just think he's a good lottery ticket. #1 waiver wire add of the week imo, where Kittle is owned.