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  1. Max Muncy 2018 Outlook

    He is a legit stud, just going through a rough stretch. Gonna bounce back soon and put on a power display.
  2. (Additionally, how did you acquire them, what do you think about them?)
  3. Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

    Shrewd offer on his part, and disciplined of you to turn it down. I think it's likely he's just a flat out stud, although some adjustment period may be coming, particularly if pitchers start testing his patience with more breaking stuff. I haven't been this smitten with a rookie in a long time... his skills and tools almost make 25-25 seem like a baseline - (no pressure, Ronald!)
  4. Luis Robert - OF - CHW

    I just watched his rehab training and realized he is more raw than I thought. Great tools but needs to keep weight back on stance/swing, also more potential contact issues than I thought. That 30-25 mark is insanely ambitious and I jumped the gun there. Let's see a 15-20 season first and go from there. I don't think he is Lewis Brinson, but he also isn't Ronald Acuna.
  5. Luis Robert - OF - CHW

    Robert's tools are off the charts. He is getting ranked almost favorably, but still a bit underrated imo. Could be a 30-25 guy by his third season. So explosive. But controlled. "Woah!" video game tools and I think the hit tool is good enough. Could become Mike Cameron worst case scenario, but I think he'll be more Carlos Gomez stats-wise. With a bananas ceiling of .285-100-30-90-30
  6. Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

    that 2-run single was absolutely laced. Any loft and that ball is 390+ feet. this guy oozes so much talent it's unreal.
  7. Keep 1: Davante Adams or Joe Mixon

    thanks everyone! much appreciated.
  8. Hi all. I play in a casual keep-1 league. Standard settings (no PPR). Options are Adams (round 5) or Mixon (round 5)... seems like Adams is a lot safer, but I'm a huge Mixon fan and think he has transcendent talent. In league #2 we can keep two players... I am definitely keeping Deandre Hopkins in round 6, and trying to choose between Keenan Allen (round 4) or Deshaun Watson (round 12). In a regular league Allen would be the obvious choice, but this league is 2QB and having a stud QB in round 12 is golden. He also would stack with Hopkins. Right now I'm like 55-45 in favor of Deshaun... is that the right choice? I can still try to draft Allen, if possible. Thanks for your help. Post a link and I will help in return.
  9. Ronald Acuna 2018 Outlook

    agreed. not to put too much pressure on the guy, but he is the most naturally gifted young player I've seen in quite a while. A lot of guys have elite athleticism and wicked bat speed, but lack the baseball skills to be effective or elite (think Keon Broxton, Drew Stubbs) but Acuna has that rare combo of rare athleticism combined with A-caliber natural hitting ability and great speed. In dynasty leagues, I'd be willing to offer a massive package (that seems like an overpay) in exchange for his services.
  10. Elehuris Montero 3b STL

    is anyone else getting an Andujar vibe here? Strong, physically built doubles machine with good power/contact combo, and unclear plate discipline ability.
  11. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    arguably the smoothest swing in the game, with eaaaasssy power. I will never give up hope. His upside is in the clouds.
  12. Alex Bregman 2018 Outlook

    at this rate, where do you folks see Bregman going in next year's drafts? Seems like a superior version of Benintendi (at 3B), and an OBP league slayer.
  13. Connor Joe - LAD (3B)

    Old for his level at age 25, Joe has been stellar in the Minors. Despite being unranked among the Dodgers 30 best prospects on Pipeline, Joe's .308/.423/.573 slash line is about as good as you could hope for. He is coordinated and relatively athletic... I don't see why he can't become a better version of Chris Taylor (offensively), or a homeless man's Kingery (without the speed boost). Joe has a unique stance - as seen here - but once he gets loaded, it comes together smoothly Here he smacks a triple to straightaway center What are your thoughts? Can Connor Joe become a quality big leaguer, despite having two first names?
  14. Jeff McNeil - 2B, NYM

    I added him in dynasty a month ago. Doesn't possess otherworldly tools, but the numbers don't lie, and he's got a nice smooth lefty swing. From what I've seen, he could potentially be a Neil Walker kind of player, with upside for more if his hit tool and pop play up in the bigs.
  15. Max Muncy 2018 Outlook

    THE unforeseen breakout player of 2018. Wow. This guy straight mashes. Slugging Percentage well over .600. 20 homers. 44 BB to 53 K. odds are slim that he's the next J.D. Martinez... but I think we've got a real beast on our hands.