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  1. Looks like he's active today. Need some blocks... seems like a punt play
  2. Maybe not ROS, but he does have 3 more games (MEM-BOS-ORL) this week including a b2b Sat-Sun. Hopefully he can keep it going, it does look like a good week add him
  3. Watched basically the entire game today and the Knicks were just daring him to shoot every time he set a pick. Seems to be really lacking confidence--even when wide open, hesitant to take the shot.
  4. Kevin Love out tomorrow (already announced), and Marquese Chriss is going to be suspended for throwing hands back at Ibaka. Even if Nance returns, Ziz is looking at another chance to produce. Hoping for some stocks tomorrow
  5. Pretty sad this dude's year is done. He was really coming on post ASB and honestly had the best attitude on the whole Laker team.
  6. Run don't walk type pick up with Ingram out ROS?
  7. I dropped him to stream yesterday, there are plenty better options on the wire with all the pick ups these days..
  8. Lowry looks phenomenal with Gasol in the starting line up; he's cutting often and getting a lot more easy shots at the rim Hopefully his back feels aight and is primed to finish the season strong. If Kawhi continues to sit, I can see Nurse rolling with Lowry to make sure they keep homecourt advantage in the semis
  9. Homie was already trending up prior to ASB, in the last two weeks averaging: .569 1.3/1.5 .833 3.3 21.0 1.8 5.8 0.5 1.0 3.3 It was reported that Dragic will be back as well tomorrow. IIRC J-rich was at his best in the beginning of the season when Dragic was healthy. Hoping he ends another season strong
  10. I still can't figure this guy out. He plays D quite well, both man D and help D, and makes really good reads to get his teammates the ball. But he's not aggressive on offense at allllllll, and passes the ball much too early when he has open driving lanes. I thought this was the year I could squeeze some sleeper value out of him and figure out if he's gonna be a good REAL nba player. I stay blueballed for more--both in stats and in his future potential