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  1. It's a money making business, and AB sells. Get over it ya lil crybaby b
  2. Who's starting Sony this week against the Dolphins? If so, how confidently?
  3. Come on bro you gotta actually scroll up and read the thread
  4. Most important information in this entire thread. For reference, Hollywood Brown had a 18% snap rate and put up ~30 fantasy points on 5 TGT / 4 REC / 147 YD / 2 TD. Is AB better than Hollywood? Probably. Does he know the playbook as well as Hollywood? Probably not. Is Hollywood considered the Raven's WR1/a top offensive option? Probably/maybe. Is AB considered the Patriots' WR1/a top offensive option? Not this week/not this week--BB most likely won't cave in that quickly. Can AB, at the very least, halve Hollywood's Week 1 production against the Dolphins??? Most likely. Do I personally have faith in him to do so considering other factors such as availability of offensive options, coaching decisions, playbook troubles, etc? Not confidently. Although I think ~20% of snaps is enough for AB to give at least average flex value... I would bench him if you have another considerably strong flex option. Just depends on if you prefer to take the gamble or play it safe. Personally, he's a fade for me this week.
  5. How do ya'll rank DeSean Jackson vs. the hot wideout pickups in Week 1, namely: John Ross Scary Terry Hollywood Brown John Brown (maybe drafted) Jamison Crowder (most likely drafted)
  6. Key points in the article: Cincinnati Bengals receiver A.J. Green has declared himself "way ahead of schedule" as he continues to work his way back after undergoing ankle surgery in late July." "Oh, yeah. Of course. I'm way ahead of schedule to where a normal person would be. I'm only six weeks out and I'm already walking. You never know what the next two weeks or three weeks are going to bring to where I can start back putting on shoes and actually running and doing some on the field stuff. You never know." Green doesn't know exactly when he will be cleared to play, but he seems to have a Sept. 30 showdown against AFC North rival Pittsburgh circled on the calendar. "That's Monday night, too. So that'd be a great game to come back," Green said, per Jay Morrison of The Athletic. "You never know what the next two weeks or three weeks are going to bring."
  7. Bucs were down 3-20 going into the second half and came back with a clear plan to run thru RoJo, especially in the fourth. Put up 75 yards on 13 rushes to keep the game close and would've been a closer game if it wasn't for Winston's 3 interceptions off of bad decisions. Definitely encouraged to see if his role continues to expand into the next few weeks
  8. The real question is... ya'll plan on holding ROS or trading before week 6-8 with the possible return of MG3?
  9. Looks like he's active today. Need some blocks... seems like a punt play
  10. Maybe not ROS, but he does have 3 more games (MEM-BOS-ORL) this week including a b2b Sat-Sun. Hopefully he can keep it going, it does look like a good week add him
  11. Watched basically the entire game today and the Knicks were just daring him to shoot every time he set a pick. Seems to be really lacking confidence--even when wide open, hesitant to take the shot.
  12. Kevin Love out tomorrow (already announced), and Marquese Chriss is going to be suspended for throwing hands back at Ibaka. Even if Nance returns, Ziz is looking at another chance to produce. Hoping for some stocks tomorrow
  13. Pretty sad this dude's year is done. He was really coming on post ASB and honestly had the best attitude on the whole Laker team.