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  1. ryan.broadstreet@gmail.com thanks!
  2. ryan.broadstreet@gmail.com I am definitely interested, and would be SUPER interested if the buy-in were to go up
  3. New $100 Dynasty League

    Are there contracts or are the rosters indefinite?
  4. Starting a contract/salary-based Dynasty league. Relatively complex salary/contract structure, all included in the constitution. Took some of the best ideas I've seen across the forums and combined them into one! Will be two separate slow snake drafts, one for the 40-man MLB roster and a 20-man Rookie Draft H2H categories (6x6) is the scoring, weekly lineups. Again, all details in the constitution Wanting a $100 buy-in, but willing to make first year free if that's the consensus. These things always have their kinks in the beginning, and folks' money isn't something to mess with Email me Ryan.Broadstreet@gmail.com for details and constitution!
  5. Working on starting up a dynasty league (soon) and new to Fantrax... What combination of settings do i want to use to do the following?: - auction draft with salaries - contracts are renewable each year - salary increases per year by $5 Is this something that can be done with their settings, or would it need to be manual/offline? I am not seeing an option to use progressive, renewable salaries Thanks in advance, will be back soon with league details if anyone is interested! ($100 buy-in, possibly part of a NBA-NFL-MLB conglomerate)