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  1. My bad that wasn't directed at you but at the haters here clinging to overall ranking who needs the D
  2. Same here and I am starting to think last year was a fluke. He hasn't been fantasy relevant in two months.
  3. I was thinking the opposite because of the team's pace and ****tiness, one of the best settings to produce. However now any change would probably do him good, minimal involvement with the Hawks jeez.
  4. Wow a block. That makes up for his sub-par numbers everywhere else, the logic on this forum
  5. It's been a roller coaster ride. Start off posting top 5 value then the brutal slump; came back to tease us with 2 great games then injured. Currently I don't know if the injury is still lingering or what but don't you miss the guy carrying our assists department? Where do you think he ends up finishing the season?
  6. Recent post LBJ injury productions won't sustain. Unfortunately everyone knows that so can't even sell high. SMH
  7. Getting really hard to hold. No trade value either. I'll grind it out till Bron's back and see how he does.
  8. This guy forgot how to score below 30. 3rd 50 pt game this season even before the ASB. WOW
  9. I'd go with Middleton side because I like his ROTS upside and Lamb is a solid kicker. You lose in assists but gain in every other category.
  10. Desperation move with minimal impact. They just gotta beat the Bulls at home tonight. Agreed with the above comments on LBJ n Rondo being crucial for McGee's fantasy value.
  11. Just don't get the shutdown theories. It's not up to the players to decide whether he plays or not and If he'd like to declare himself Kobe he has a lot of proving to do. Injuries happen. Not using every opportunity to develop your top talent because of injury risk IS how you get hate. Suns fan: "Let's go see the most exciting player on the team play." Suns: "Sorry no we tanking"
  12. A hidden rule among the Nets team: Russel and Din can never both play a decent game. If one shines, the other has to suck. They are strictly following this rule.