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  1. some rookie owner in our paid competitive 12 team league traded Lavine for Tatum and Reggie Jackson, then cut Jackson -- this was after Lavine's 2 hot weeks to start and when Jackson wasn't getting much burn. Talk about over reacting to a small sample size. Over the last 30 days in standard Yahoo leagues Reggie Jackson is rated 78th. Lavine is 92nd. Tatum? 41st. Patience is key in fantasy, like most things.
  2. totally different guys. portis is a scorer and rebounder and takes quite a few threes. he's solid on percentages but not great, and mediocre on stocks at best. portis gets good value from being C/PF eligible as well.
  3. well jabari and chicago deserve each other, to put it one way.
  4. Jabari is out of the rotation according to a report that dropped about a half hour ago. Portis is going to be a big beneficiary. He'll probably be getting 28-30 minutes a night on the regular and I can see an average of 12,7,2 with a three or two and a stock or two on fairly good shooting. Not bad for a guy that was probably on most waiver wires earlier this week.
  5. I'm watching this game. Christ maybe Knox and Frank are both fantasy viable now. That said, who knows with this Knicks rotation. Guys come and go.
  6. Reggie quietly putting up top 75 value the last month in standard Yahoo leagues and having a nice night again. This is probably as good as it gets for him so if someone wants to offer you a real asset jump on it but if you got him on the waiver just pat yourself on the back because he's settled into his role in Detroit nicely.
  7. actually I'd say that's a perfect description of Hassan. Loved his pussy a** "I was going to pee" excuse when his mopey a** left the bench the other night.
  8. one god damn injury after another this year for so many owners irl and fantasy.
  9. Honestly doubt it. Dubs are just so careful with injuries. That said, hope he plays. Dude is the ******** anchor for a lot of big man assist based squads. Problem is turf toe is the type if injury that lingers and lingers. Even when he's playing he might not be healthy until the ASB. Dude is injured and suspended too much in general. Helluva asset when he suits up tho.
  10. Portis is a bad team defender and a sub-par overall defender. He gets bullied down low and isn't quick enough to stay with most wings when switched. He hustles and is a solid rebounder so he's not awul but overall he's below average. That said, you don't lose fantasy points for losing your man in transition (or BPM!)... Minutes wise I think the predictions up thread are pretty accurate. Parker isn't a threat as he's a three on this s--- team so at the 4 I'd think Lauri will get 30 and then Portis 18. One of them will probably switch to a small ball 5 for half a dozen minutes a game as well so that's like 34-36 for Lauri and 22-25 for Bobby. And Bobby ain't shy he's going to get up his shots during his 22-25 minutes. Just picked him up. If he's available I would too, he can help you. Better fantasy than real life player at the moment.
  11. I feel sick for him. god damnit man. ******** injuries break your heart every time. he'll be back but not this year.
  12. Thanks for the lecture. My primary big men are Jokic, Draymond, Horford and Turner. Obviously I'm targeting percents, stocks and assists as my primary cats with points and rebounds secondary. I don't target rebounds in the draft as usually, even in a 12 team league, rebounds are freely available from a Tyson Chandler type if you want to try and stream a win on them. That said, Turner is currently ranked 77th overall. It's not just that he sucks on the glass -- it's that he's under performing even pessimistic expectations (like mine) that had him around 60th. I need more points from him. I need him to take more shots so my FG% goes up. It's a long season, still only about 1/5 of the way into the fantasy season so he's got a long a** time to turn it around.
  13. It's pretty incredible he was a "buy low" target for many of us and somehow even if you got him for 5th or 6th round value (I did as well) you're pissed off right now. I appreciate his blocks but the points and boards are killing many owners, especially ones like myself that are not using many traditional big men. One thing I've learned about this new fantasy landscape is that you need a rebounds anchor just like a blocks anchor. Rebounds are getting harder to find with more big men stepping outside and teams don't really crash the glass anymore on either end.
  14. It would be nice if he starts you know, playing regularly. Probably 90% of his buyers this year were ready for this but it's lingered into mid November and I think most of us also probably figured it would be over before now.
  15. Don't blame Dunn blame the Chicago FO. They are clearly slow playing injuries again this year. I'd think Dunn is back three weeks from now. So 1st week of December. Bulls are going to try this tank as long as possible apparently.