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  1. "The Carlton" - 1 HR game "The Fresh Prince" - 2 HR game
  2. Max Muncy 2018 redux - the agony!
  3. I'm holding both but only have a DL spot for one of them. Who is the better drop?
  4. I'm in the same boat - a bevy of high draft capital high-K guys who are prone to blow-ups and seem unable to collect W's.
  5. Picked him up to stream today and he produced another quality start - has been lights out this year at least for ERA, maybe not so much WHIP, and he's not missing many bats - very average K/IP ratios. That said, the W's and ERA are much appreciated. A keeper?
  6. One of the dumbest rules in sports... Such nonsense.
  7. Serviceable line... 7/13 .538 2/2 1.000 1 17 6 3 3 1 2
  8. I'm going to be rolling him out this week. No particular reason, objectively. Just a lack of better options for my WR2 slot (Zay Jones, Josh Reynolds) and a subjective sense that he could have a decent week, bordering on stubbornness. I'm fine with KG being my hill to die on.
  9. If you take away Nick Chubb's 90 yard+ rushing touchdowns, as well as his receiving touchdowns, as well as his arms and legs, he is probably only good for 9-10 fantasy points.
  10. I effectively traded Adam Thielen for Ertz after Week 3 (Rex Burkhead and Devonta Freeman were also involved), and, for one week at least, I feel as though I was not completely taken advantage of. *CSB Advisory in Effect*
  11. Started him as my flex this week and am glad that I did. With MJ potentially out next week with the knee injury or limited, even as the only option on a bad offense KG is still a good option.