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  1. A Khal with no goal line work is no Khal at all
  2. Here's how it went down: REID: "There's a new Sheriff in Town, Williams. Shady. I brought him in to be a fantasy league-winning RB1, with heavy involvement in all facets of the running and passing game." WILLIAMS: (Cries Meekly) SHADY: "That's right. I am going to Win Leagues for people who drafted me." (I am a Shady owner, so possibly a little biased.)
  3. ESPN's Jordan Raanan reports the Giants are planning on Evan Engram "playing a massive role" this season. Advice: Per Raanan, the Giants' passing game is "expected to revolve around" Engram and Saquon Barkley, especially while Eli Manning is under center. Engram barely played this preseason, catching his lone summer target for a nine-yard gain, but Raanan admits the team kept Engram in "bubble wrap" in preparation for his huge year ahead. If he's able to stay healthy, Engram will have a serious shot to be this year's George Kittle as a major breakout candidate who should threaten 90 catches and 1,000-plus yards. More: ESPN.com (Rotoworld.com)
  4. "The Carlton" - 1 HR game "The Fresh Prince" - 2 HR game
  5. Max Muncy 2018 redux - the agony!
  6. I'm holding both but only have a DL spot for one of them. Who is the better drop?
  7. I'm in the same boat - a bevy of high draft capital high-K guys who are prone to blow-ups and seem unable to collect W's.
  8. Picked him up to stream today and he produced another quality start - has been lights out this year at least for ERA, maybe not so much WHIP, and he's not missing many bats - very average K/IP ratios. That said, the W's and ERA are much appreciated. A keeper?
  9. One of the dumbest rules in sports... Such nonsense.
  10. Serviceable line... 7/13 .538 2/2 1.000 1 17 6 3 3 1 2
  11. I'm going to be rolling him out this week. No particular reason, objectively. Just a lack of better options for my WR2 slot (Zay Jones, Josh Reynolds) and a subjective sense that he could have a decent week, bordering on stubbornness. I'm fine with KG being my hill to die on.
  12. If you take away Nick Chubb's 90 yard+ rushing touchdowns, as well as his receiving touchdowns, as well as his arms and legs, he is probably only good for 9-10 fantasy points.
  13. I effectively traded Adam Thielen for Ertz after Week 3 (Rex Burkhead and Devonta Freeman were also involved), and, for one week at least, I feel as though I was not completely taken advantage of. *CSB Advisory in Effect*
  14. Started him as my flex this week and am glad that I did. With MJ potentially out next week with the knee injury or limited, even as the only option on a bad offense KG is still a good option.
  15. The Breida owner in my league dropped over the weekend. I have Number 1 waiver priority. Should I pull the trigger?
  16. Whoever shopped KG might want to hit the "Cancel Trade" button, pronto.
  17. Unfortunately, there are a couple of trends that have all conspired to limit KG's value: 1) Though KG is on the field plenty, the move to a run-first offense has him being used primarily as a blocker for the running game (at which he excels, showing his well-roundedness as a WR, but which unfortunately does little for fantasy owners). There are also less passes to go around generally. This is the biggest problem. 2) Also, disturbingly, the tight ends are seeing more looks from Stafford - this was not the case earlier in the season when KG was effectively serving as a TE. I am still holding in the hopes that something changes as the season progresses. KG has too much upside to drop outright, but can't be started under these circumstances.
  18. Rostering him is a no-brainer if you have an open IR slot, in which case the question is "what better IR-eligible player would you roster."
  19. Yahoo has him projected for zero. Need to give it another week or two.
  20. Added him about an hour ago based on word that Yeldon is nursing an injury - IF Fournette and Yeldon were out, CG would be a must-start. Highly speculative add and will probably drop later this week if LF and/or TJY are cleared to play.
  21. J. RamírezCle - 2B,3B Top 7th , 4-4 3 @ MIN | Due 8th 2/3 2 2 2 1 .667 Pitch to Ramirez and he homers. Walk the dude and he gets a SB. A one man Fantasy Baseball army.