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  1. I highly doubt it. Booker has shown next to nothing in the run game. He's mediocre to average in the passing game. That being said, RB could easily be address later without Barkley anyway. Rashaad Penny, anyone?
  2. Better chance he'll be successful than not. Dude's got a hell of a fire in him. It'll drive him to be successful, it'll drive him to correct his flaws, it'll drive him to do whatever it takes to win, especially with the right leadership. That passion, energy and willpower single handedly brought him from walk-on to Heisman winner. Mayfield's got a historic of production and a winner's mindset, he's gonna go far. I'm all in on him this year, maybe not for fantasy, but definitely in real life.
  3. We know he is now, but did we know then? Was Brees that much more revered in college than Mayfield is now? Mayfield is no slouch, just because Drew Brees has had an amazing career doesn't mean Mayfield can't
  4. I'm bullish on the Dolphins as a dark-horse improvement candidate. I think Drake's breakout was no fluke and he can carry the offense regardless of the O-Line (though we may see it improve via the draft). Also, with either Tannehill or a rookie in the fold the offense should be more consistent than it was under Cutler.
  5. Tbh I think the Cowboys should be trying to sign Crabtree. They need the help
  6. What has Lynch shown that indicates he's worthy of a roster spot?
  7. In regards to Tyrod's replacement, perhaps Keenum could fill in? (And Tyrod to Cardinals?) Thoughts?
  8. I would, Mike Brown is a cheapskate. I didn't see anything from Joe Mixon in the running game that suggested he wasn't a JAG. And he was on one of my teams too. He's good in the passing game but that's not his bread and butter.
  9. What if... Howard traded for Drake straight-up
  10. Why does Gase hate RBs that perform well for him? Here's hoping he trades off Drake somewhere that will appreciate him
  11. With Sarkisian everyone on the Falcons is underutilized
  12. The OL was good enough to allow CJ Anderson to break 1000 yards, so there's that
  13. The free agency version of this sounds like Isaiah Crowell. Potential fit?
  14. Potential fits could be: -Miami -Oakland -Pittsburgh -Baltimore -Green Bay Unlikelier fits include -New Orleans -Jacksonville -Buffalo Some long-shots: -Seattle (if they trade Jimmy Graham) -Atlanta (if they want an upgrade on Hooper)