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  1. New York Jets 2018 Season Outlook

    He *should* but I ultimately think the financial gymnastics will prove too much for both teams. The Vikes will probably go for continuity and stick with Keenum, while the Jags will either roll with Bortles or bring in a low-cost vet who's allergic to turnovers (Tyrod Taylor, Sam Bradford, or Teddy Bridgewater).
  2. Denver Broncos 2018 Outlook

    Taylor is mediocre and Lynch is a bust. If either one of them sees the field in a Broncos uniform next season VJ and Elway need to be canned instantly.
  3. Denver Broncos 2018 Outlook

    So who's gonna be Broncos QB next year, Cousins or Mayfield?
  4. Jarvis Landry 2018 Season Outlook

    Maybe Landry would be a good fit for the Cowboys? I could see him meshing well with Dak. He'd be a great upgrade over Cole Beasley
  5. New York Jets 2018 Season Outlook

    I don't think Cousins is a bad player at all. I think he's a solid QB and with the right team could be a winner. I just don't think he's what the Browns are looking for. Ultimately I think the teams with the best shots at him are the Broncos and then Jets (though I personally would prefer the Jets have him and my Broncos draft Mayfield). John Elway is amazing at free agency.
  6. New York Jets 2018 Season Outlook

    Browns definitely aren't signing Cousins. They want someone they can mold, someone with upside, that has his fate tied to the franchise. Cousins is already what he is and can't be changed. I think Dorsey wants to make a splash this year, especially with such a deep quarterback crop and a bevy of high picks this year.
  7. Martavis Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    If anyone should be interested in him, it should be the 49ers or Cowboys. Could Martavis be a WR1 on another team? I feel like he has the talent
  8. E. Sanders for T. Taylor (NFL Team Trade)

    Siemian is not a starting-caliber QB, he's not gonna start for the Bills no matter how good their O-Line is. I wanted him to be, truly, but he's just not.
  9. AJ McCarron 2018 Season Outlook

    If he goes to Cleveland, Dorsey will still draft a QB at 1 though. McCarron probably knows this too. He'll have to weigh being a temporary starter with a familiar system & solid supporting cast VS starting opportunities elsewhere under a new system and flawed supporting casts generally everywhere except MIN and MIA. McCarron has 2 options: He could come right out of the gate looking for a big payday and the bright lights, or he might look to Hue as an easy opportunity to bolster his resume before he really hits the market. It ultimately depends on his own confidence in himself as a starter and how much he's willing to bet on himself.
  10. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm starting to question Elway with decisions like these. Why would you replace a 1000-yard rusher with a JAG? And get rid of your two best receivers too when the rest of the group has also shown next to nothing? Elway looks like he's going for a full rebuild, but you actually have to be able to draft for that, and he's had more misses than hits as of late. Also, didn't like the Joseph hire from day 1 and he only validated it more every week after week 3. Totally incompetent
  11. Kenyan Drake 2018 Season Outlook

    We saw Ajayi produce as well though. How do we know there won't be a slump?
  12. Adrian Peterson 2018 Season Outlook

    Could AP be another Patriots retread, possibly? They do love their vets. Or maybe Seahawks?
  13. Kenyan Drake 2018 Season Outlook

    Can I ask how? I regrettably made this very decision last year and it sunk my team. I like Drake but I want assurances as to why I won't get Ajayi 2.0
  14. Indianapolis Colts 2018 Season Outlook

    That's a good point. No RBBC for the Eagles could have a major fantasy impact. I'm all for Ajayi bouncing back this year
  15. Chad Kelly 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm not so sure. Those 3 QBs aren't exactly top-notch competition. If Kelly has even a smidge of talent he can easily surpass at least one of them on the depth chart. If he can't make the roster over any of them, he doesn't deserve to be on any roster at all