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  1. 3 weeks left to go in the regular season. Plenty of owners willing to make trades during the off-season, including major and minor league players. Then bidding for free agents after the New Year.
  2. Team 2(HR Department) is taken. Team 1 still available. Sign up and fill the application on Proboards if interested.
  3. ~Free 10 team Espn league in it's 4th year looking for 2 replacement owners. H2H Cats. scoring, with year round activity. ~Salary cap league with minors. We use real life player contracts, which means when they a free agent in real life, they are a free agent in our league as well. ~Proboards used to track minor league players, salaries and offseason activities. ~Offseason bidding schedule for free agents. ~Each team owns the rights to 3 minors league systems, all players from rookie ball to AAA, and any players those teams drafts in the future. ~Team 1 ~Team2 ~Team 1 owns the rights to NYY, Ariz and Pitt minors league systems ~Team 2 owns the rights to Hou, Det and Sea ~Looking for owners who will stay active year round and check in on a daily basis. ~If you are interested in either team please read the rules, sign up to Proboards and fill out the application and our LM(Brian) will message you the next time he is on.
  4. If you're interested please sign up on Proboards, and fill out the application and Brian will message you the next time he's on. Thanks
  5. This team has 5 of the top 17 prospects in baseball. Future looks bright.
  6. We are in our 4th season in our ESPN head-to-head 10 team dynasty league. We are searching for a new, active owner. Our league is run on a Proboards year-round, as well as conducting fantasy baseball on ESPN during the season. You control both major league and minor league talent. There is a salary cap, trading, free agency bidding, you name it. This is all for free and bragging rights. The team currently available is HR Department. Please visit our site at the following link: Read over the rules and expectations. The single biggest requirement is activity, and we would like you to be able to check-in to the site on a daily basis. If this interests you, please click on the application link and submit an application. Thank you for your interest, and if you have questions, e-mail me at
  7. If you're interested in joining the league, please go on Proboards and fill out the application on the main page.
  8. You gotta set the league to public. Can't view link.