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  1. Last slot, keep 7

    There's no way I'm not keeping Hicks in a league that uses OBP. Not only that but he's batting #3 between Judge and Stanton. I suppose you could make the case that he's injury prone, but he's a guy that could conceivably contribute in all 6 cats for this league. He's 29 so he's right in his prime. No worries about a sophomore slump or anything. Maybe I'll try and trade Dahl pre-draft for an extra early pick.
  2. Nick Pivetta 2019 Outlook

    Maybe he should just learn a cutter so lefties don't sit on and tee off his straight fastball.
  3. Daniel Murphy 2019 Outlook

    He's hitting #2 so I wouldn't expect anywhere near 100 RBIs. That could change but hampson would have to completely torch Major league pitching.
  4. Last slot, keep 7

    cats 5x5 + OBP + K:BB 16 teams 2nd to last pick Definitive Keepers: Joram Blackmon Hoskins Suarez Segura Hicks Pick 1: David Dahl Mike Clevinger Luis Castillo I'm leaning towards Clevinger. He's the safe pick and would at least give me something to build on. I'm in love with Castillo. He started using a sinker more in the 2nd half more to keep hitters honest and progressively got better and better as the season went on even if he did alternate bad and good months. There's a good chance I draft him 2nd round at the latest, but that's like 30 picks in. A little more consistency in his mechanics and this guy is a top 50 SP imo. Dahl is kind of scary. I hope the Rockies put him in RF and let Hampson play CF and McMahon or Rodgers at 2B. He has a bunch of fluke injuries in his past, but you gotta like hitting 4th or 5th in that Rockies lineup with the talent he has. His splits are pretty bad though so...
  5. Can the Yanks, Phils, chisox, and Padres figure this s--- out already? I will be sad if the Padres get Machado.
  6. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    The rox have blackmon and Dahl in the outfield, neither of which is a great option at CF. My expectation is he moves to CF. They've already given him half a season at CF. Zobrist is a super fair comp in terms of his role. The rox already mentioned that they'd be shifting the of around on a regular basis. Whose to say hampson doesn't become the starting CF come summertime who spells McMahon or whoever at 2b batting 7th. They have a great lineup. A few pretty good starters and an okay pen. Rox are in a great spot, and so is hampson. But if you think the Rox are going to help you get quality from day one off the Rox at the end of your draft. Just stop right there. It's not happening.
  7. Scott Kingery 2019 Outlook

    I mean I'm more interested in where Machado signs. He's a far better defender at 3b so I don't know what that nonsense is about. Gold Glover wants to play as an average SS? Yanks, Phil's, or chisox is what I'm hoping for him. But back to kingery. If you like kingery he can be had in the last round as a flyer
  8. 2019 Sleepers

    Barrels is a nice statistic, that's what you can take from that. The angles are way off. Anything over 35 degrees is a can of corn unless your khris Davis or judge etc. Looking at any individual statistic even if it's barrels won't tell you as much as looking at ifb, soft, hard, LD, gb, fb, babip, hr/fb. Pitch values. You can't simply say just look at barrels. Fangraphs does a great job of any metric you can dream of. I could sit here and say if the soft is less than 10, draft them but that stat doesn't tell you about adjustments hitters make on a 1-2 count Exit velocity is a terrific statistic to look at. That's bullto think othwise based on an at-em ball. It doesn't matter whether u hit 100 mph into the dirt or into the air, good things are gonna happen, in a vacuum. Barrels doesn't really apply to guys that don't smash homers.
  9. If Harper wanted to be the highest paid player in the mlb he probably shouldn't have mendoza-lined for a couple months, and maybe I don't know, at least be 1st round draft material. Harper ends up a Philly. Machado to the Sox.
  10. Reynaldo Lopez 2019 Outlook

    Coors cleanup hitter vs. top 20ish pitcher tend to be ranked pretty closely. I wouldn't condemn you if you prefer Clevy. They're both gonna get drafted within the same round. Meanwhile there are literally tons of pitchers that can be drafted where I drafted Clevy last year around pick 200... Like Lopez.
  11. Reynaldo Lopez 2019 Outlook

    I'm keeping Dahl as my last of 7 keepers(all hitters). Sorry Clevinger. Lopez is firmly one of my targets. His stuff is electric. He finished strong(H2H) and that entire division aside from Lindor and Joram is average at best. Yes he was wild at times last year, but it doesn't take much of an improvement in that department for him to be more than effective. He has one of the best fastballs in the entire league, a great slider and an decent changeup. Having an incredible fastball is the best place to start if your lab ratting an ace.
  12. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    Let's just ignore the fact that over a full 2 years he basically put up a home run or stolen base every other game. He put up a career high in popups, not uncommon with a high launch angle and lack of strikeouts. I laugh at your joram hitting 250 claim. Guy had 82 k's to 78 HR/SB. Those boppers your talking about that hit 40 home runs strike out twice as much.
  13. 2019 Sleepers

    Jurickson Profar gimme gimme. It wasn't too long ago that he was a can't miss prospect. I wouldn't be surprised if he hit 25 bombs to go along with a dozen sb. Oakland has a pretty good lineup.
  14. 2019 Sleepers

    I like R Lopez in Southside Chicago. He gets better every year and finished strong last year. Dirt cheap draft pick. Plus that division can't hit didly.
  15. Jesse Winker 2019 Outlook

    He doesn't hit lefties as of yet. That's his only wart. Righties not gonna like facing the Reds.