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  1. Ekeler vs. TEN Crabtree vs. NO Josh Gordon at CHI Tevin Coleman vs. ATL
  2. Week 7 Flex Starter PPR

    I have Edelman. Bears weak spot is quick passes. With Freeman out, I'm leaning towards Coleman against the Giants. Thanks for the input fellas
  3. Allison or Cole WHIR

    Allison. Always, always, always consider whose throwing them the ball.
  4. Lamar Miller vs Tevin Coleman

    I feel bad for you if you have Miller. His value is comparable is to a terd that you cant seem to shake from your a**. At least Coleman has upside.
  5. Trade Help 100% WHIR

    I would keep Drake. He's the guy. Coaches just want to teach him to fall forward and to take what the defense gives you. His value at this present moment is rock bottom. Unfortunately you just hold him. His playoff schedule is brutal, but if Gore is getting more ground and pound carries(he's 35), and a tough mofo. But at what point do the Dolphins start giving Drake a 50/50 split on carries and all the receiving work? God forbid Gore gets hurt, and Drake gets it all behind a questionable line. The window to trade Drake is 3 weeks from now. Not, now.
  6. Gordon and Boyd. It's not remotely close.
  7. Evans is a beast dude. You think I'm wrong but he's a top 5 WR right now, maybe even top 3. His per game average is on par with Michael Thomas who is currently the #2 WR. He has no bye week left for this year. You could have straight up kept Eke and the deal would have still been done.
  8. Trade help....he wants Bell

    I wouldn't do it. CMC has a high floor but his ceiling is capped not only by Newton leading that team in rushing TD's, but Olsen is coming back as well for whatever that's worth. It would at least appear that Bell's debut will be in week 8. That's just 2 weeks away! Bell shares CMC's floor, quite a substantially higher ceiling. Your going to take the disadvantage of 7 weeks for 2? You would need an equal upgrade at WR to take the deal. You have Connor already so its not like you're struggling that much. Luck throws the ball as much as anyone in the league, Hilton is a beast, especially in PPR. Counter Bell and Hilton for Evans and MCM
  9. Which side would you rather have in a PPR: Side A: Travis Kelce and Tyler Boyd Side B: Davante Adams, Kyle Rudolph, and Wendell Smallwood PS: Side A already has Aaron Rodgers and Corey Clement on roster WHIR
  10. MCC for Adams/Rudolph WHIR

    f--- this board
  11. PPR His team: QB: Rivers/Dak RB: Gurley/MCC/Sony/Carson WR: Tate/A.Robinson/Funchess/Garcon TE: Watson/McDonald If you had MCC would you accept?
  12. AJ Green for Michel?? WHIR

    Green's next 4 games 32nd pass defense 31st pass defense 30th pass defense 29th pass defense no particular order, not kidding but if you do this trade you will lose in weeks 15 and 16. Drake gonna have a big game in week 7
  13. Start Drake or Corey Davis? WHIR

    Davis Because the Bears defense, first of all, is that good and secondly Davis is the favorite for targets while Drake has the fantasy value of Giovanni Bernard. Unlike the Bucs, the Fins actually have a fairly good secondary. No blowouts here. 17-3 Bears
  14. MCC for Adams/Rudolph WHIR

    thanks Guys. Is it that bad? Cuz I feel like starting MCC/A-Rob/Watson or Carson/Adams/Rudolph is pretty close
  15. Cohen, Miami is not very good at containing the running game.
  16. Boyd has a juicy schedule over the next entire month. Kerryon could be good. still a no. You win the trade value, but it doesn't help your team at all. I would counter for Boyd and Kerryon and whatever you want for your one of your elites. Boyd's next 4 games are against the very bottom 4 teams in pass defense. Yes, you read that right.
  17. 10 Team PPR, QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/FLEX His roster: QB Rivers Dak RB Gurley McCaffrey Sony Carson WR Tate(Bye) Allen Robinson Funchess Garcon TE Watson McDonald My team: QB Newton Brees RB Bell Lindsay Drake Coleman Smallwood WR Evans Adams Edelman TE Rudolph Burton Would you accept either offer for McCaffrey? Offer A: Davante Adams Offer B: Julian Edelman/Kyle Rudolph
  18. His best WR is Tate(bye) with a couple flexes. His tight ends are Watson and McDonald. His RB's are Hurley, mC, Sony, and some other mediocre RB. I offered him edelman, Rudolph, and Drake for mC and Sony. Would you bite?
  19. Kenyan Drake 2018 Outlook

    this isn't baseball Drake's touches have been decreasing each week. Gore even had more carries last week!
  20. 9/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    He's got Wade Miley I look up and see 7-0 after 4 innings. Turns out that was the last out Miley got Meanwhile, down a win and I've got Anibal, Rodon, and Luchessi Bravos 3 outs away from this matchup being decided by whether or not Joey comes up with a W
  21. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Have you actually seen this guy run? He abuses a lead blocker to the fullest. He is very very patient and very very good on reversing runs to the weakside.
  22. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Handing Howard the ball out of the shotgun is not one of Howard's strengths. His strengths come from power football. Something Nagy seems allergic too. Bears O-Line looked great all game long.
  23. Trey Burton 2018 Outlook

    I don't know lol. Looks to me like Trubisky was trying to stay away from SEA LB's all night lol. Geez.
  24. 9/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Go: Luchessi vs. SF Rodon @CLE Blow: Alcantara vs. WSH Anderson vs. CIN I hope Suarez SLAMS home Schebler