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  1. Where's the AL love? Yankees: The Yanks sign Craig Kimbrel to spite the Red Sox and he closes the door on the Sox in the wildcard game. Red Sox: Rafael Devers puts it together in the 2nd half in a big way and delivers 34 home runs with a 285 average after a brief stint in the minors. Jays: Aaron Sanchez goes the Moises Alou route, peeing on his hands pregame, and finishes with a 3.05 era for the year. No one gives him a high 5 Ray's: Tyler Glasnow never figures out his mechanics and struggles, horribly Orioles: No Orioles players find themselves selected in the first 12 rounds next year Indians: Jake Bauers hits 32 home runs and steals 16 bags and wins you a league Minnesota Twins: Byron Buxton finds a way to burn you AGAIN, and you still draft him next year. White Sox: Reynaldo Lopez has a 16 win 2.6/1.1 season with 225 k's en route to a cy young Royals: Junis gives up 40 home runs this year Tigers: Miguel Cabrera has a terrible season, and later reveals he played through entire season hurt and ponders retirement Astros: Altuve returns to form and posts a 320-19-42 line Athletics: Luzardo gives Vlad a sombrero to solidify himself as ROY. A's knock Red Sox out of the wildcard after red Sox lose to Yankees. Mariners: Felix Hernandez has the best era on the team after altering his pitch usage. Rangers: Joey Gallo hits .249 Angels: The Angels install a dart board in the dugout. Mike Scioscia gets good at it and Buttrey closes from June through the end of season.
  2. That Phillies prediction had me laugh so hard I cried a little
  3. Why not just take Judge at 7 if you want him so bad? Like it's silly. 6 to 18 is soooooo interchangeable this year. 6 leagues is a lot dude, how do you keep up? I like 2, occasionally 3. And auction is a good way to get Judge on your roster.
  4. At one time I believed in Glasnow. I slowly steered away from him because of the mechanics. The fact he's trying to change them means he's STILL going to have to learn how to repeat them. Wtf is he thinking.
  5. I would suspect he starts the year in the pen in a 2-3 inning fireman role. I think he'll end up a starter with maybe 120 innings as the year progresses. Was literally writing this when your post popped up cole
  6. How many Cubs/Cardinals closers are you gonna salivate about drafting this year and then not... Over/under 3 A special thank you to the Dodgers for wasting that park and division on 7 guys pitching 120 innings. Way to go Phil's. You took Harper when u so badly need 3B. The first and last rookie to ever come through for Toronto that isn't post hype : Vlad. Here comes a healthy year from Miggy and a breakout year from Buxton after getting burned. And I'm just gonna get this out of the way now: f--- you Mike Sciosia.
  7. So you're buying potential over JoRam who is basically Judge + 30 sbs value wise, that's not even mentioning JoRam hit 290 plus for his entire career sans the last two months when he pressed. Don't forget Judge probably struck out 100 times more. Arenado who is a lock for 40-120-300 and JDM who was probably the most productive player on a per at bat basis last year. You're not going to win a league because Judge added 5 home runs to his output because those guys your not taking are still hitting 40 home runs while still adding sb's or average. You win leagues by drafting floors in the early rounds and ceilings as early as round 7. You need to get average or stolen bases with power in the first round. I can see a case for maybe 10th to 14th range.
  8. Why do you need growth. Be happy with your 40-120-300 give or take at #5 and be done with it. There's no way drafting Arenado loses you a league.
  9. He can but there isn't room for growth in average unless he changes. And that's generally a process. Not a thing where you wake up one day and everything is roses. You're betting on HR and Runs. Isn't he hitting #2? And the best leadoff they have is an already hurt Hicks or DJL? He's probably going to have the best OBP team on the team and is undoubtedly their best hitter so you can't really argue with him in that slot.
  10. I have at least one of those stories every year dating back from Kershaw, arenado upon callup, even ubaldo ******** Jimenez, lincecum upon callup, Stanton upon callup, all the way to JoRam a few years ago, Ray, Suarez, hoskins, clevy... let's not forget Trevor Williams! And soon to be Winker and Lopez. When people laughed at me for reaching I created a dynasty of Miggy Utley Arenado Stanton Upton Kershaw 10 years ago in a 16 team dynasty that could trip into gold. Find ten more Snell's and come talk to me. Judge isn't gonna hit 50 home runs just because he's having a good spring. Let's remember that there are AA pitchers pitching right now as well as guys tinkering with stuff who aren't quite in midseason form. Geez dude I picked Machado last year end of the 2nd with about as much profit as you're going to get picking Judge at the turn. That's even conceding that everything goes right... And assuming that there isn't a bad pick from 5 to 20. I dare you to pick Judge over JoRam, Arenado, or JDM at #5. Because guess what? I can pick Davis in the 4th or 5th and lose 15 points of average?
  11. Winker He played hurt past 2 or 3 years. Still hit well. Even started hitting for power before being shut down last year. His eye is about as good as Votto's. He has Votto Suarez, and Puig behind him in one of the best hitters parks. He might lead the NL in runs and might even flirt with 20 home runs.
  12. I can't link from my phone. WHIR
  13. Reyes Urias Taillon Senzel Acuna Luchessi. Not super sold on a month sample on albies
  14. Mets offense is actually decent. Like a B-. The pen is also quite good. I get that the AL central is a joke but Noah is a cy young winner. Guy throws a 94 mph slider dude. Or whatever mph it is. Trust talent
  15. 16 H2H 5x5 + obp + k:bb Keepers: 2B JoRam OF Blackmon 1B/OF Hoskins 3B Suarez SS Segura OF Dahl SP Clevinger Predraft moves: Traded Aaron Hicks(nonkeeper) for 9.3 Draft 8.15 Missed on Wheeler, took MadBum 9.3 Robinson Cano, probably sniped a friend who won't trade me bryant 9.15 Didn't think Contreras was coming back so I nabbed him here 10.15 Austin Meadows 15/15 280, meh 11.15 Jesse Winker, my sleeper of the year 12.15 Joey Luchessi, added a cutter 13.15 Will Smith, yawn Giants closer 14.15 Garrett Hampson go away ian desmond 15.15 Joe Musgrove at least k:bb is nice 16.15 Pedro Strop sadly Morrow didn't make it to next pick. Oh well. Guess I'll be frequenting the closer forums here 17.15 Ketel Marte: I still believe 18.15 Julio Urias: forgotten, albeit low innings cap 19.15 Reynaldo Lopez: my pitching sleeper otyear 20.15 Jorge Soler Had a pretty good year last year for only 60 games. Bb's up too 21.15 Michael Pineda: remember this gopher serving up an 8:1 k:bb and 200 million home runs? 22.15 Willie Calhoun: figured I'd just drop him anyway for the first hot thing I see. Post draft Traded David Dahl for Zach Wheeler Roster C- Contreras kept or drafted quite some time 1B- Hoskins picked up a couple months before callup 2B- JoRam- drafted around 200 heading into what was it 2017 3B- Suarez drafted around 200 last year SS- Segura: traded Ray and Russell for Segura and Morrow early last year OF- Blackmon: originally drafted OF- Winker OF- Meadows U- Cano U- Hampson B- Ketel B- Soler B- Calhoun/ waiver wire hot start SP x 2: Clevinger(drafted back to back last year with Suarez), Wheeler RP x 2: Smith, Strop P x 4: MadBum, Luchessi, Musgrove, Lopez, Pineda, Urias Initial drafted heading into 2016 included Miggy, Jose Fernandez, Charlie Blackmon, Jason Heyward. Ouch.
  16. My 16 teamer is better than your 12 teamer. Rant about that.
  17. 16 teamer keep 7(-1 every year) My friend won't trade me Kris Bryant! It's ridiculous. I've made some rather spicy offers over the past few years, to no avail. I've even stuck to a strict no Mets on my roster cause I'm not a dick (He's a stupid smelly Mets fan). But after 3 gut-wrenching years of no Bryant... Not a counter, not any discussion not anything besides you're not getting Bryant hahaha... I've made some moves. I traded Hicks for a 9th round pick. I chose Dahl and Clevy as last two two keepers in a league that includes obp and k:bb 6x6. That draft pick ended up being a Snipe on Robinson Cano. I also traded David Dahl for Zack Wheeler. He has Degrom and Syndergard already. I like Cano and Wheeler this year as it is. But I relish the fact that he's starting Jed Lowrie at 2B.
  18. Spring Training. I'm excited too, but if you're drafting him for 50 bombs you're probably gonna be disappointed.
  19. Is Murphy hurt? I hope Desmond gets hurt. It's a little ridiculous Black.
  20. Acuna was batting leadoff when he went bonkers in the 2nd half. Acuna has already said he likes leadoff. This should be a no-brainer. Hit Albies or Markakis #4. Who cares. Give your 20 yr old some pitches to hit.
  21. Reynaldo Lopez: his k/9 is going to jump up 2 full k's, maybe even 3. Get him. Matt Strahm: 4 quality offerings Julio Urias: innings cap but the innings he'll give you be top 20 SP variety Michael Pineda: it was not long ago that Pineda was a great pitcher, just had gopheritis on the Yanks. Now he's a Twin in a joke of a division Jesus Luzardo: electric stuff. Big park, good team, what's not to like? Joe Musgrove: division is scary but you gotta trust a guy that has a k-bb% close to 20% And there you have it. A complete staff outside of the first tend rounds. Just pick a couple guys here to round out your staff. PS: Pivetta IS this year's Robbie Ray. His floor is 200 k's. I hate how straight his fastball is. If he throws his curveball more, a lot more, he's in for a special year
  22. It's the weakest division in baseball and it's not close. The Twins are the best bats he's gonna face? Royals White Sox and Tigers are bottom 5 offenses in both leagues. All 3 of his changeup slider and curveball are good pitches. His fastball is average. That's why he doesn't get the credibility. The fastball. Any improvement in command will counterbalance any unlikely regression that won't occur. You can draft this guy as your ace.
  23. He still is. He has two top ten obp guys in front of him and Puig behind him. Strange how his season suffered when Winker went down