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  1. I haven't been keeping up with acquino. But I'd keep Bellinger JD Bog Mondesi and ride Kershaw into the ground. I've never been a big Bauer guy. Suarez got hurt in 2018 for almost a month so 40-100+ 260 is probably as good a 3b as you'll be able to draft. Then again you could just draft chapmen who might actually be better. I'd probably try to trade Suarez for aroldis or Yates considering the closer landscape
  2. He's definitely starting next year. Dodgers are stretching him out in minors as we speak for a starter role in the playoffs. It's possible he gets a start or two to close out the season. Might wanna check the last 10 game schedule
  3. Thanks for all the input, it's good to see different perspectives. Im not close to deciding. And yes, k:bb is for pitchers. Only locks for me are joram ketel and clevinger for the moment. The league only runs for 3 more years. It's keep 6. Then keep 5... Then 4. And redraft I can probably redraft Suarez, people don't seem to be fond of him for whatever reason.
  4. Elite SP/RP became more valuable. I don't think anyone benches any top ten "ace" against anyone. I rarely bench any SP because I'll just lock up k's/wins and hope for the best in a 16 team H2H
  5. Some guy dropped Laureano inna 16 teamer, keep 6.?.?. Scooped him. Was able to pick up hiura before his first call up. Way to go Brewers. Not. I mean you draft Severino, Stanton and Correa... and complain about injuries? The only thing I had to fix on the wire was strop and Holland Moved Meadows and round 14 for R Iglesias and round 10. Dont feel great about it but I can't keep meadows anyway. Picked up Magill. Bats are still stacked despite joram, Contreras, Laureano, and cano on the shelf. meadows ketel Soler Calhoun winker and Contreras were bats drafted. Salvation because the SPs I drafted are all meh: wheeler, bumgarner(swapped for Hendricks, go Cubs), musgrove, lucchesi, reynaldo, pineda 2.5 back of first 3.5 up on 3rd. 2 weeks til playoffs with byes for top 2. F you Jean Segura
  6. 16 team 6x6 + obp + k:bb Joram Blackmon Suarez Hoskins Ketel Hiura Laureano Clevinger
  7. Max Scherzer is 35 years old. Caleb Smith has the best two seamer in the entire league. Have you watched him pitch? There's a reason he has one of the best swinging strike and k/9 in the league. He starts commanding his pitches better and he's an ace, easily. If he ever throws 200IP he'll flirt with 300 k's.
  8. Drafted Ketel Marte, Jorge Soler, Austin Meadows, and Willie Calhoun while completely whiffing on Wheeler, Lucchesi, Musgrove, and Lopez. Guess which bats are carrying me to a first round bye. Guess how many SP I will roster come playoff time. Answer: Not the 9 SP plus spot starters I'll employ to take wins and k's
  9. Uhh if you drop him someone else will pick him up and scoop him. This guy has a top 5 SP ceiling. I don't know how deep your keeper list is and what not but u should probably ride it out and keep him.
  10. There's nothing wrong with a 30-11-30 290 line in 200 at bats give/take. I drafted, dropped, and scooped him back up a while ago. Don't forget that there was a time he was highly touted for his bat to ball skills... In Arlington
  11. I'd rather him slump now than fantasy playoffs
  12. LeClerc has looked good for the last few weeks up until today. Nothing actionable, but if he blows another my spec add would be Emmanuel Clase.
  13. Some guy dropped Laureano when he got hurt. Scooped him off waivers. There's still 2 and a half weeks before playoffs start for 6 teams and I probably will have a bye. Laureano probably be back within 2 weeks.
  14. Then why r u bashing people that held onto him? He's a full 5 category threat every year. On my current team we had 7 keepers. I never once regretted it, and never made a trade offer past talking to a Cleveland fan to gauge interest. I'll be keeping him again. Ramirez is on a list of what, 3 or 4 players capable of 30/30? You can pencil him in for late first/maybe early 2nd. Only way you win this argument is if JoRam doesn't hit 30/30. Good luck!
  15. For the first half of the season I was in 1st of 16. I've been in 2nd since then. Yes, ramirez totally ruined my season. Anyone whose owned him over the past few years knows that he doesn't get hot for weeks at a time, rather, months. It was a forced hold situation with or without the steals. Is this guy seriously arguing over why people kept JoRam and didn't trade him for pennies or flat out drop him? He walks almost as much as he strikes out. He has nearly as many xbh as strikeouts. He's 30/30 kind of guy. He's what? 26? On a team that probably wins the division. Quit hating.
  16. You can talk all you want, just be mindful that pretty much everyone in the lineup had 3 hits that day against the Orioles. I'll return around around Sept 20ish and I'll either admit I was wrong or laugh at every single one of you that are gauging top30+ on 100-170 at bats
  17. Top 60. He broke out last year and has even improved on those numbers.
  18. Someone started a David Bell 2019 outlook thread. I'm dead
  19. Still waiting on Wheeler to HOU Still waiting on Yates/Smith to ATL/BOS Still waiting on Syndergard to NYY Still waiting for 11PM
  20. Pick him up immediately. He's #1 in HH%. #1 in EV. He had a terrific rookie year before he got hurt and was throwing 93. Now he's throwing 95. Wind was blowing out at Coors and defense was inexplicably bad. You already know there's good chance he's a starter with no restriction in September.
  21. Stammen over Munoz? I find that hard to believe. Munoz throws 100 mph and his slider is filthy. I also don't expect the pods to sell yates. Still has another year. Pods are far more likely to trade some of those surplus outfielders.
  22. I know it's the Marlins but this isn't just one start. If he has that live of a fastball with THAT kind of command of the secondary. Ceiling top 25? No ceiling top 10 or 15. INB4 He could be a Luis Castillo.
  23. Then why are you claiming u want something similar to Hamels deal? There's tons of teams ready to give up a top 50 player and a lottery or 2... for a 3 month rental? That's a pretty good score...
  24. This guy is hilarious. All hail the best hitter on the Giants: Evan Longoria finishing the year with 18 bombs and a 258 average. Tyler F'ing Beede for ROY. The Reds have a better chance of making the playoffs and even that's a bit of a longshot. I can hear the chants now in San Francisco as Posey steps into the box with Herculean batting stats, appearing on the scoreboard, reminiscent of Carlos Zambrano, a pitcher... MVP MVP MVP 👌 Were there any Giants actually drafted in standard leagues besides Bumgarner Posey and Smith? 2 of those guys are past their prime, and the other is having his best year yet. The farm system is terrible. Do the math. This feels like Tom Hanks near the end of Saving Private Ryan firing a handgun at a f'ing tank. BTW I'm not a Dodgers fan. Thank you. The Orioles had the best record in baseball after 2 weeks a couple years ago or something. You gotta believe! The Giants need to get what they can and replenish the farm. Sure it'd be a feel good moment for Bochy but let's not ignore logic and make the Giants bad for a really long time
  25. Gogo Cano! If you're in H2H... See September splits. I challenge you to find a single year where September wasn't his 1st or 2nd best month each season. I'll wait.