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  1. Jameson Taillon His walks ballooned last year but he had to recover from cancer His velocity went up a tick as well Don't be surprised if this guy ends up with a 10W 150K's 3.6/1.15 kind of line. You could do worse in for dirt cheap
  2. It won't let me create a topic in bench forums, please move accordingly. It's a 16 team H2H R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OBP W/K/SV/ERA/WHIP/K:BB We keep 8 this year, and one less player every year There is an option to keep a player in the 23rd(last) round as opposed to 8th round... if the player has less than 101 AB's or 41 IP in MLB career(R). Pre-Draft trading is allowed, but draft picks cannot be moved. WHO TO KEEP? I'm pretty set on the following: Blackmon(COL) Ramirez(CLE) Hoskins(PHI) Contreras(CHC) Cabrera(DET) Ray(ARZ) 2 slots left: Buxton(MIN) Martinez(STL) Knebel(MIL) Beltre(TEX) Davis(OAK) Vlad Jr.(TOR-23rd) I will be exploring trades involving possibly Blackmon and any of the 2 slots left for obvious reasons. I will try for Correa/Machado/Bryant/Seager. The Correa and Seager teams would likely welcome a package deal.
  3. schulni's got it. don't keep McCullers. Let that guy's durability be a headache for someone else. Okay for a single year league, but don't cripple yourself with a guy that's going to be healthy once in 3 years.
  4. So let me get this straight Pros 1. This guy has gotten better every year(including the minors) 2. He plays for the Indians who not only have a great lineup but get to prey on the unheralded AL Central pitching. (Hint: The best pitchers in that division not actually on the Indians is Fulmer and Rodon, maybe even Berrios) 3. He just missed 30/20 last year with a 318/370 line 4. He's what, 25/26? Just entering his prime. 5. He carries 2B/3B/OF eligibility and 2B is pretty darn weak. 6. Durability has never been a concern. 7. And he was unlucky last year? Cons 1. He's streaky You could make a case to draft this guy mid to late 1st round... You should draft this guy aggressively the moment the clock strikes Round 2. Charlie Blackmon - 10 home runs = Jose Ramirez
  5. I have had him on any keeper team I've had over the past 10+ years. Last year was painful. It was dreadful. It was beyond frustrating to see him hit a double or a home run over a game or 2 and think: "finally, here we go". Only to watch 0-4's follow. With that said, Miggy is passionate about the game. He was a generational talent and he sure as hell has pride... evidenced by immediate training following his worst season ever. It is not uncommon for players to follow up bad years with a career year. It's a kick in the teeth, it angers them. It's pride of the lions, so to speak. Will he have a career year? Nope, the Tigers suck. I think he will rebound, not to career levels... but he will rebound. If you draft him around 100, I don't think you'll be disappointed. That floor though, is so low, the back is no joke. The last time Miggy had a poor injury-riddled year(2015), he followed it up with a 38-108-316 line in 2016.